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GYO: gay older men and younger men together.

2011.06.20 15:32 headShrinker GYO: gay older men and younger men together.

GYO is about gay older men and younger men together. It's about sex and love in intergenerational relationships.

2009.12.13 02:52 kleinbl00 /r/Favors: Where the karma is real

We're all about favors from redditors to redditors. We're totally against ditch-digging and liking stuff on Facebook. The rest of it is in the FAQ.

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SMSgateway community. Ask questions and meet other gateway partners. Learn about opening a gateway for yourself.

2020.09.27 17:10 Angel_Rose2k $200 USD BOUNTY: Help me find deleted blog comments

A few years back, a Gaurdian Ad Litem (aka: GAL) defamed my fiance and I in an ex-parte affidavit, stating he was physically abusive to me despite she had never met me nor spoken to me.
(Unbeknownst to us at the time) she was the gym partner to my fiance's attorney... a "super lawyer" who thought almost every veteran had PTSD from being "shot at" (yes, my fiance is a retired Navy Chief and yes, it turned out the atty was liberal, again, unbeknownst to us at the time).
One day when researching GAL info on this attorney's blog, I ran across an old conversation between this same attorney and same GAL where they ultimately talked about protecting or "sticking up for" each other in cases, in the comment section. I thought it was peculiar but didn't read too much into it.
Fast forward a month or so when the above mentioned ex-parte hearing happened, accusing my fiance of physical violence and we had to fire the attorney bc he would not zealously defend his client (my Fiance) against his best friend's accusations, refusing to try to have her removed from the case for targeting him and (temporarily) taking away his custody, citing "I don't see any grounds for bias" despite the GAL's baseless and 100% false accusation.
After firing the Atty, those same comments disappeared.
I've combed his blogs and for the life of me can't remember which one had the (now deleted) comments. I realize it's a long shot requiring some sort of Hail Mary, but events have occurred where this piece of deleted info would now be incredibly useful in showing a new GAL that the old GAL failed to perform an unbiased review...
Reddit Community... can you please help me? I have $200 USD to whomever digs this up first... the comments would have been deleted sometime between 2017-2018 although the blog comments could have occurred much, much earlier, as they've apparently been friends for years.
Below are two links for relevant starting points... I just don't know how to recover or show deleted comments, but... the internet is forever, right?!
This first blog link seems most plausible... the commentor I'm focused on made a March 13, 2012 5:09 pm post in response to the original bloggeAtty. You can see where they were basically already scraping the subject but I can't confirm this is the exact post...
Any and all help and insight is greatly appreciated <3
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2020.09.27 16:46 Angel_Rose2k $200 BOUNTY - Help me find deleted blog comments

A few years back, a Gaurdian Ad Litem (aka: GAL) defamed my fiance and I in an ex-parte affidavit, stating he was physically abusive to me despite she had never met me nor spoken to me.
(Unbeknownst to us at the time) she was the gym partner to my fiance's attorney... a "super lawyer" who thought almost every veteran had PTSD from being "shot at" (yes, my fiance is a retired Navy Chief and yes, it turned out the atty was liberal, again, unbeknownst to us at the time).
One day when researching GAL info on this attorney's blog, I ran across an old conversation between this same attorney and same GAL where they ultimately talked about protecting or "sticking up for" each other in cases, in the comment section. I thought it was peculiar but didn't read too much into it.
Fast forward a month or so when the above mentioned ex-parte hearing happened, accusing my fiance of physical violence and we had to fire the attorney bc he would not zealously defend his client (my Fiance) against his best friend's accusations, refusing to try to have her removed from the case for targeting him and (temporarily) taking away his custody, citing "I don't see any grounds for bias" despite the GAL's baseless and 100% false accusation.
After firing the Atty, those same comments disappeared.
I've combed his blogs and for the life of me can't remember which one had the (now deleted) comments. I realize it's a long shot requiring some sort of Hail Mary, but events have occurred where this piece of deleted info would now be incredibly useful in showing a new GAL that the old GAL failed to perform an unbiased review...
Reddit Community... can you please help me? I have $200 USD to whomever digs this up first... the comments would have been deleted sometime between 2017-2018 although the blog comments could have occurred much, much earlier, as they've apparently been friends for years.
Below are two links for relevant starting points... I just don't know how to recover or show deleted comments, but... the internet is forever, right?!
This first blog link seems most plausible... the commentor I'm focused on made a March 13, 2012 5:09 pm post in response to the original bloggeAtty. You can see where they were basically already scraping the subject but I can't confirm this is the exact post...
Any and all help and insight is greatly appreciated <3
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2020.09.27 15:40 BornJinx Not about Sushant. More about us.

Arian Romal.
He has a lot to say about SSR.
His first tweet ever (from internet searches with a time frame) about SSR is after his death. But apparently they were thick as hell. He himself has an MBA in Marketing and Economy (internet gyan lol) but he and SSR used to have conversations about "AI, Quantum Physics and Backend Development".
And gradually it has morphed from
He was to build something using AI that would help the poor in India. He spoke about it but didn't reveal much to me because it was his idea and it might get stolen. But he spoke to me about the concept. His aim was to help the poor with his app,"
to beingSSR's "partner
Sushant Singh Rajput was developing an AI-based mobile app and had partnered with Denmark-based singer, Arian Romal for the project. Where are the codes for the app?
He had interviews about songs with T Series and Aditya Narayan and Tia Bajpai etc. A lot of fanboying about Salman. And now he has one million downloads with a song about Justice4SSR.
How have we started believing every ffing Vibhor asking money, Pandey entering politics and Romal asking for downloads and likes ? How every transparently fake ffing idiot seems to be making it big merely spouting unbelievable nonsense with a Justice4SSR tag ?

This is not about Sushant. It is about us.

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2020.09.27 13:13 TwoAdministrative116 How to snatch a high-quality husband? (The ramblings of ex-PUA for young girls)

In the last two decades there was a huge shift in the dating market. The rules were altered and the general state of affairs is a mess. The feminism pushes for an increase in female's promiscuity; however, it fails to mention the consequences of this wasted time. I am ex-PUA (stone me in comments, lol) and I know a bit or two about dating. I went full cycle from being a nerd, learning the game and the toxic masculinity, being cheated on (sad story - a girl thought of me as fuckboy and she cheated; then she found out that I was serious about her; however, there was no trust and I could not move on; we split), and then rebuilding myself from the bottom. I learned a lot on my way up and I also opened myself to communication with women. Eventually, I used my dating skills to find a wife. I don't approach anymore because I am married, but I had quite a reputation in a major Western city. Aside from that, I am successful professional with my own side-business and a few investments (not super-rich, but I definitely have my shit together).
I have nothing against young girls' promiscuity and I enjoyed some of it. Ethically, it's nothing wrong - you can do whatever you want with your body. However, from a tactical point of view, it's an epic failure - the 'hoe phase' happens that the age when girls are the hottest (and as such can be easily promiscuous) is also the time when they should be husband hunting.
I talked to a number of women who are now 30-something and single. Or in sub-optimal marriages and not happy. Generally, they don't regret past flings (i.e. they don't lust for every past lover like the guys from TRP want to convince us), but are somewhat desperate to have stable relationships. Also, the past relationship with assholes and jerks did have an impact on theirs' emotional health and anxiety, but those women are not damaged-goods or anything like that, i.e. some of them have good careers and savings. However, they played their dating cards just terribly wrong. I am really sorry for them and I try to help them as much as I can, but there is nothing I can really advise aside from keeping fit, dressing well, learning proper makeup and being approachable. And to wait for a prince charming which may or may not appear. They just missed their relationship-window and now they have to play a catch-up game. Sorry, but dating after 35 is just bad.
This advice is directed to young girls who just entered the dating market (i.e. you are around 20 yrs old). There is something that needs to said - you are very immature, you are very naive and you don't know much about men. Some of you were lucky to have a strong father figure and you somewhat have an idea who a good dating prospect is. However, you don't know much and you need to change that asap. The next few years you should be learning about men as much as possible (by dating them) and it doesn't include sleeping around (I explain below the dangers of it). If you are really lucky, you will pair up with a good guy, but I rather advise to be very very careful. Men are dogs and will want sex. We will do everything to get it - you are still very naive and you won't be able to distinct a horny teenager from a potential life-long partner. Be careful out there!
I suggest keeping your legs together till you reach at least 25 yrs. Definitely - no threesomes or any other extreme sex acts. Even more important - no sex videos and no naked photos - once this stuff in in Internet, there is nothing you can do to take it back and it will hunt you forever. Many men will balk on a girl with any sex online presence (we will still try to have sex with you!). Watch YouTube videos, talk to older women who you trust and learn as much as possible. If you have older siblings, ask them questions. Those 3-4 years are really not that long. If you have good communication with parents, it's also a great help.
Don't worry about not being experienced in sex or other girls calling you prude. There is really nothing that cannot be learned in a few months with a loving partner who will respect your body. The enthusiasm is the thing - my wife was a semi-virgin when I meet her and it took us less than a few months before she had her first orgasm. Right now we have good sex life, but we will be even better in a two-three years. A loving husband will do everything to make you feel good. That's why you should avoid selfishness jerks and instead go for kind guys (who have their shit together!).
When you hit 24-25 yrs old and have some understanding of the dating market, you should seriously start looking for a potential life-partner. For the next five years, the world is your oyster: filter, filter and filter - right now every jerk you date is a time waste. Every FWB is an energy drain and you need to focus on your husband-hunt and a career. If you are smart and learned your lessons, then your first relationship is the one. Marriage is nothing else than negotiation and you are in the position of power because you have youth and fertility. A seasoned professional knows its market value - don't overshoot but also don't undervalue yourself. If you are an 7, then shoot for 7 husband. Also, if you miss, then you still have a few good shots at life-long partnership with a quality man - that's why you need this extra time in reserve. Also, a financialy stable guy won't care much if your income is low (at least I didn't give a shit when I met my wife). But we care that you look good and are smart enough to have a conversation.
Once you cross 30 yrs old, the table is turned and you loose a lot of your dating power. Some of those formerly-skinny boys (who managed to pull career, went to gym and started dressing well) have the advantage now, because they are selling commitment while you sell sex (which they have plenty now). If you are not married (or worse - you are a single mum), the relationship negotiations will be harder and harder. The 30+ men will happily date 20-yrs old and there is not much you can do about it. Sorry, we are like that.
A few note about sleeping around and having many sex partners (i.e. 'hoe phase') - you need to be aware that men, given choice, generally don't commit to girls with a high body count (i.e. more than 5-10). Yes, we are insecure and immature, but that's how we are. When I was wife-hunting, I filtered out any girl with more than 10+ partners and some of my friends were even more ruthless (i.e. >5 body count). And yes - we can get away with having much higher body counts. Some guys will ignore completely your past (my estimation is around 20% of male population), but generally those tend to be hippies or into polyamory. From what I saw, their life is a mess, i.e. they are far away from a successful professional. High quality men have options, and, having a choice between chaste girl and promiscuous (or formerly promiscuous), girl, we will usually go for the chaste one. You don't want to be dumped because of your past. Of course you can find a unicorn, i.e. a guy who has it shit together and won't pay attention to high body count, but we are talking about 1% of male population. It's hard enough to find an attractive man, even harder when only one man out of five considers you for a serious relationship. The former promiscuity is just something you cannot undo and you don't have control over how your partner will react. It's a risk for your future happiness.
I also think the one more thing deserves an attention - being a sugar baby is, in fact, prostitution. Some websites try to sell it as a 'natural thing' to do, which is just BS. While your body count remains low, the high quality men will balk on you for that. It's yet another dating-pool reduction thing. Just don't do it - a man will forgive you a lot, but those are dealbreakers.
TL;DR: Girls have a very time-limited window to snatch a high quality husband. This is mainly due to men attracted to female beauty, youth and fertility. Especially, because they start with almost no knowledge about dating in general. The current media advice is very wrong and dangerous. There is a desirability chart which you should print and put next to your bed: (original:
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2020.09.27 03:21 BrunoIvan343 I carly ep 2

Which is why I say the potato is superior to the sports bra. And if you don't believe us, try making French fries out of a sports bra. Okay! Next on iCarly, we're gonna talk about the doorman who works in the lobby of this building. - His name is Lewbert. - The meanest man alive. We hate his guts. And so you can hate Lewbert's guts just as much as us We asked our technical producer, Freddie Say yo to the people, Freddie. Yo, to the people. How you all doing out there? That's enough, Freddie. Anyway, we've been secretly videotaping Lewbert for almost a week. So let's take a look at some of the highlights. - Freddie, roll the clip. - Playback. Okay. And there's Lewbert sitting at his desk. Just a nasty little man working in the lobby. And if you look real close, you can see his wart. Zoom in on it, Freddie. Digital zoom. There it is, living happily right on Lewbert's face. I call that wart Little Lewbert. Zoom out. Okay, see that lady? Watch what happens. - Out! - I just need to check my mail. - No dogs in my lobby! - I will leave in a minute! Now! Out! You know what? I pay rent in this building. This is not right that you are treating us like this. He's arguing with a pomegranate. - Pomeranian. - Whatever. Okay, okay, now watch Lewbert closely. See that little kid with a balloon right next to him? - Mommy! That man ate my cookie! - You took my son's cookie? No! No way. How dare you! - You are so cruel! - I'm cruel? You have crumbs falling all over your face and all over my face. Security! That man took my son's cookie. What are you going to do about it? - You see what he did? - Did you see that? As you can see, Lewbert's a bad person. which we call, - "Messin' with Lewbert. " - "Messin' with Lewbert. " - And there's Lewbert, live. - I'll dial the lobby downstairs. Main lobby. And that concludes this segment of - "Messin' with Lewbert. " - "Messin' with Lewbert. " Who is this? What up, my peeps? Wow, that greeting was uncool in so many ways. Yeah? Well, uncool is the new cool. Wow, that comeback was uncool in so many ways. - All right, you know what, Sam? - What, Freddie? - Why don't you tell me what. - I am a human being. - You're a human being? - I deserve respect! - You deserve a brain. - At least I have a brain! No, you don't have a brain. You have nose hairs - What'd you just do? - What was that? See, when you have a cat, that's how you get them to stop misbehaving. You just spritz them with some water. - Well, you can't do that to us. - We're not cats. Yeah, just put your little bottle Spencer! Dinner time! You guys staying for dinner? - Yeah, I got no place to go. - Sure. I'm here. One sec. - So, what's for dinner? - We're having my special spaghetti. Nice-looking meatballs. Hey, your guys' web show was pretty awesome tonight. I loved how you guys zoomed in on Lewbert's big old wart. I wonder what'd happen if you squeezed that thing. You think some kind of Lewberty goo would squirt out of it? I just wish we could get more people watching the show. The same number of people watched iCarly this week as last week. That's the problem. Our show's getting better and better, so more people should be watching it. Why do you guys care how many people are watching? Why do we care? You're an artist. When you create a new sculpture, do you want two people to see it or do you want two million people to see it? Two million. So, ideas? Yeah. Your spaghetti could use more garlic. I think Carly's spaghetti is great. Then why don't you put some down your pants. Because maybe I don't want to put pasta down my pants! Maybe you should try All right, look. We all know that making a good show is important. And so is getting more people to watch. So, what if we each come up with a cool way - to get more people to watch. - Yeah. And then we show our ideas to the iCarly audience. And we let them vote on who came up with the best idea? Right, like a contest. That way we do a good show and get more viewers. - I'm on Carly's team. - Teams? She said "each. " And why do you get to be on Carly's team? 'Cause "each" sounds like a lot of work. Relax, buddy. I'll be on your team. - Seriously? - Yeah, I got time. - You're not still dating that girl? - She only liked me for my socks. - That's weird. - Is it? - Well, okay then. We're partners. - Partners! Perfect. So it's me and Sam versus Freddie and Spencer. Team with the best idea to get more viewers wins. Okay. But I think the team that loses should have some penalty. Hasn't life already penalized you enough? - That's for being mean. - It was worth it. All right, come on. What should the losers have to do? I'm gonna say, losing team has to touch Lewbert's wart. Yeah! I mean Hey, Freddie. Man! - What are you doing? - Bleeding. - Why are you here? - We are gonna win the contest. I came up with an insanely awesome way to get more people watching your guys' webcast. - Tell me. - We get a bunch of fireworks, right? And not the lightweight consumer-grade stuff. I'm talking Fourth of July razzle-dazzle. - Razzle-dazzle? - Yes, both. Then, at night, we launch the fireworks off the roof of our building, and they explode spelling out "iCarly. Com" in the sky. - Can we really do that? - No. So I came up with something else. A sign. - A sign? - A big sign. One that lights up all different colours and says, - "Please go online to iCarly. Com. " - Yeah, yeah, that's good. We should hang it someplace like Like over a really busy highway. Thousands of people will see it when they drive by. You are a tiny genius. Well, well. Look what the janitor swept up. Spencer Shay. I thought I'd seen the last of you eight years ago when you graduated. But, sadly, you're back. Nice to see you, Ms Briggs. Or, now that I'm older, may I call you Margaret? - You may not! - Why? My name is Francine! Now get out before I give you detention. I'm 26. You can't give me detention. Then I give you detention. - One week. - What? - You don't scare him. - Yes, she does. - Get out! - No. - Two weeks detention. - Dude! Get out of here! No, no, no, no, wait. I am not letting this lady Spencer Shay, you have 30 seconds to leave or else Freddie gets expelled. Go! - I got it! I got it! - You thought of an idea for the contest? No. You remember at lunch, that piece of corn I got stuck in my teeth? - No. - Well, here it is! And thank you, for flicking your used corn onto my floor. Now, give me that. You gotta help me think of an idea. All right. - Right after we watch Seattle Beat. - No. - Please? Come on - No, we're not watching the show. - We're watching Seattle Beat. - No, we're not. I'm not gonna let you. - We're watching the show! Come on. - No, I don't want to watch it. Okay, fine! Okay, you may like the old drummer better, but I still say they're the best band happening in Seattle today. And to prove it, you're gonna see 'em right here on Seattle Beat, live, coming up in less than a half hour. Is that cool? And how about you people outside the Seattle Beat window? I got it. I know how we're gonna get a ton more people to watch our webcast. - Does it involve dental floss? - No, why? I think that piece of corn had a friend. Listen! You see those people outside the window on Seattle Beat? Yeah. You and I are gonna make a big banner. I enjoy big banners. And we're gonna take it down to Seattle Beat and hold it up right in front of that window for this whole city to see. That's brilliant. Everybody watches Seattle Beat. - Well, say thank you. - Why? I thought of it. - Yeah, but I thought of watching TV. - Let's just go make the banner. All right, let's banner it up. Okay, okay. I'm coming. I'll go. I'll go. I'll go upstairs. I'm hurrying. I'm hurrying. I'm hurrying. I'm going. Hey, that's my thighs. Hurry! It's about to rain. I'm right behind you and it's already raining. Come on. Pardon me, ma'am. I'm really sorry. Move. Step aside, here. We're from the Internet. - We just need to get through right now. - Sorry. So, just move. Yeah. - Hold it up high! - Let's spread the word, baby. Move! We're from the Internet. Get ready, Seattle! And if you like what you just heard, you can catch that band live at The Showbox next weekend. That sign is messed up. We're gonna have to touch Lewbert's wart. Okay, I got the ground wire attached. Let's see if we got a hot circuit. - No, no, no, no, no, no, no. - Why no? Seven times? 'Cause you're a child, and this is high-voltage stuff, and you're not even wearing safety goggles. See, you gotta be extra careful when you're And that is why we wear safety goggles. Hey. - Do I smell barbecue? - No, that's my burning flesh. - What's that? - Soggy banner. Our plans to get more viewers didn't go too well. Yeah, like how the Titanic staying afloat didn't go too well. Come on, maybe a few people read our sign. Before the rain ruined all our hard work and made us sad. Yeah. We could still win. Yeah, I don't think so. I think me and Spencer are gonna win, and you two are gonna have to touch Lewbert's wart. I feel bad for you, Carly. Not for you. - Sore loser. - You haven't won yet. What are you guys planning to do? You'll find out. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have a contest to win. No offence, Carly. Come on, let's go dry off. Remember, iCarly goes live in three hours. - We'll be ready. - To win. Still no offence, Carly. All right, kid. Help me get this puppy down to the lobby. Okay, but then I gotta come back up here and help get ready for the show. I understand. - Who's that? - It's my buddy with the truck. Hey, you downstairs? Okay, we'll bring it downstairs, then me and you can load it on the back of your truck. Okay, down in five. Now let's get this sign on the road. Freddie? - Yo, Fred-o? - Help me. Okay, on our last webcast, Sam and I told you to go to iCarly. Com and click that feedback button. And man, you people clicked on that sucker like it was your job. So first, we wanna say thanks. - Thanks. - Thanks. And second, we wanna show you a video clip sent in by three iCarly viewers from Denver, Colorado. Freddie, play that clip. - Some people might say please. - Yeah. I didn't. Playback. Hey, Carly and Sam. We love your guys' web show. - Love it! - Yeah! Okay, okay, good. We got an important question for you. Can you drink spaghetti and meatballs? - Spaghetti and meatballs! - Spaghetti and meatballs! Okay, we have no idea why that guy in the middle was wearing a bunny suit. But it did get our attention. And so did the question, "Can you drink spaghetti and meatballs?" We gonna find out. Okay, we invited the little boy who lives two floors down to come up here and be our little tester. So, get out here, Emmett! - This is Emmett. He doesn't talk much. - Isn't that right? See? Luckily, Emmett will eat or drink anything. Seriously! One time Sam dropped a quarter. Emmett ate it. I got it back three days later. Okay, Emmett. We wanna know. Can you drink spaghetti and meatballs? So first, we take this spaghetti. And the meatballs. You gotta love spherical meat. We put it in the blender. - There we go. - Ready? And press frappé. - You ready, kid? - Go for it. - And there you have it. - You can drink spaghetti and meatballs. Now get out of here, Emmett. You creep me out. Yes, you can have the rest. Okay, now, we're gonna do something we've never done before. Tell us what it is, Carly. We thought it'd be fun to have a contest. Me and Carly against our technical producer, Freddie. Who teamed up with my older brother, Spencer. To see which team could come up with the best idea to get more people to watch iCarly. Sadly, our plan didn't go too great. Check it out. And if you like what you just heard, you can catch that band at The Showbox next weekend. So be sure That sign is messed up. Okay, obviously, that sign won't be getting us any more viewers. Our project failed. But luckily, we weren't the only ones with a plan this week. So let's go to my brother, Spencer, live on a remote camera to tell us about his and Freddie's idea. Okay, going to Spencer, live. Hey, Spencer, how's it going out there? What's up, Spence? - Spencer? - Hello? - Put the taco down. - Are you there? - Can he hear us? - Yeah, he should be able to. - Try now. - Hey, Spencer! Hey, Carly, Sam. You guys owe me half a taco. Yeah. So tell us what you're planning to do out there. Well, I'm currently standing by the interstate near the Lumford on-ramp in downtown Seattle. Now, as you can see, there are literally many cars. I'll show you. Literally many cars passing by every minute. Which makes this the perfect place to hang a gigantic, luminescent sign. Like this! Behold the sign! Are you beholding it? We're beholding it. And since we're good sports, I have to say that sign does deserve a Good job, Spencer. You too, Freddie. Thank you, Carly. In your face, Sam. Carly, Sam. You cannot understand how awesome this sign looks from out here. It is so dazzlingly bright, I swear, it's like What's going on out there, Spencer? Well, it seems our sign is so bright and dazzling, it distracted one of the drivers below. Actually, two of the drivers Three of the Literally many of the drivers below are being distracted by our extremely dazzling sign. Quick! Turn it off! - Turn it off! - Okay. I will now turn off the sign. - That's not "off!" - Spencer! - Dude! - Man. I am pressing the buttons, literally all of them, trying to turn off the sign. You're gonna overload the circuits! - "Pee on Carl"? - Turn that off! I'm trying! If the stupid cars would just Don't look at the sign! Stop beholding the sign! I stepped on my taco. Wait, wait, and read this one. - Insane. - Unbelievable. - I know, can you believe this? - I said unbelievable. I'm sorry, I thought you said you were doofy and annoying. All right, one more comment like that Try not to kill each other while I get the door. - He belong to you? - Yes, sir. He's my brother. Thank you, Officer. Do you have any lotion? No! Now, I'm letting you off with a warning. But next time you cause one of the worst traffic jams in Seattle history, you will get arrested. I think that sounds fair. What were you thinking? Putting up a sign telling people to pee on Carl? It was a terrible mistake, Officer Carl. Well, that was And just so you know, I did have lotion. Cucumber melon. - That was weird. - Yeah, that was weird. - Yeah, that was not right. - That was messed up. Anyway, sorry I kind of ruined your webcast tonight. - You didn't. - Come here. What? We were just reading the comment boards. Listen to this one. "The spaghetti in the blender made me LOL. But I swear, "when your brother's banner said, 'Pee on Carl,' "I almost peed myself. " Now read the one below it, about Seattle Beat. Yeah, here. "Carly, loved seeing you and Sam on Seattle Beat. "Sorry about the wet banner, but that was hilarious. "I'm gonna forward that clip to every kid in my school. Rock on, iCarly!" Sweet. How many comments like that? - Tons. - People are linking to us. - Telling their friends. - Okay, so wait, wait, wait. We all failed miserably trying to get you guys more viewers for iCarly. And yet it is precisely those miserable failures that are getting you guys more viewers for iCarly. - Right. - Yeah, that's it. Insanity. - Hey, we almost forgot the best part. - Yeah? - What? - Since all of us pretty much lost the contest, none of us have to touch Lewbert's wart. - Yeah. - That's right. Well then I say, let's go get us some low-fat cheese-less vegetarian pizza! - And some cucumber melon lotion? - Please! Hey guys, I love iCarly. Now watch me pick my nose with my toes.
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2020.09.26 22:20 envoient We’re creating a NEW HORROR ANTHOLOGY SERIES based on your favorite NO SLEEP stories. Watch the trailer for TALES FROM THE VOID at the link below, featuring stories from /M59Gar, /The_Dalek_Emperor, Manen_Lyset, and more.


- - - - - - - - - -
Tales from The Void is not associated with moderators of No Sleep or the Reddit No Sleep Community.
We are a team of independent filmmakers who’ve been avid readers of No Sleep since its inception and have come together to create a series showcasing the best of No Sleep.
All stories have been adapted with permission of the writers, all of whom are being fairly compensated with payment, and profit participation in each of their episodes.
- - - - - - - - - -
What is Tales From The Void?
Tales from The Void is an episodic horror anthology series adapted from the most viral and haunting stories from the internet’s largest independent horror community: No Sleep.
Inspired by Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone, Tales from The Void delves into the darker side of the human psyche showcasing the horrors mankind is capable of if given the right motivation.
Each episode takes place in a contained environment featuring seemingly ordinary people. Slowly introducing a character flaw or external force that alters their path toward a horrific twist ending.
From creepy dolls to unborn children, unexplained invasions to paranormal hauntings, unsolved mysteries to serial murders, Tales from the Void draws from a wide spectrum of horror sub-genres with each episode paying homage to a classic and cult films from the eighties and nineties.
Unnerving, uncompromising, and rooted in character, Tales from the Void finds all the ways to keep you up at night.
- - - - - - - - - -
Why are we making it?
Our vision is to create smart, compelling show for horror fans by horror fans. Taking takes the best of No Sleep and creating a platform for great writers to have their work shown on the big screen.
That’s why we chose the Anthology format, so we can tell more stories and showcase the talents of more independent authors.
- - - - - - - - - -
Who is making it?
Tales from the Void was created by Francesco Loschiavo, written by Francesco Loschiavo and Carolyn Saunders, produced by Barclay Maude, and executive produced by Francesco Loschiavo, Colin Geddes, and Katarina Gligorijevic.
Our team brings decades of experience creating high quality film and television content, including work on hit series and movies like: Paranormal Witness, Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer, Ghostly Encounters, and more. So, your stories are in good hands, we promise!
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Is this really happening? When is it coming out?
Well we’ve been working on this show for over three years now and have come a long way…
Our series is now officially supported by the Independent Production Fund, Canadian Media Fund, and Independent Filmmaker Project. And whilst we have received some support developing the series, the hard work has just begun.
We currently have the first season written and plan to enter production this year, but we need your help! Every view, like, and share of this video helps us prove that there is an audience for this show and supports us in taking more writers work from No Sleep forum to the big screen.
We hope you like the trailer, and we look forward to partnering with you all to bring Tales from the Void to life next Halloween.
…And if you like what you see, please share it…every view counts!
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2020.09.26 20:07 saarthicounselling The Secret of Coworking with Your Spouse Decoded By Marriage Counselor Shivani

The Secret of Coworking with Your Spouse Decoded By Marriage Counselor Shivani
While organizations have adopted WFH (work from home) format to restrict the COVID-19 spread, situations at home for most of the working couples have turned very challenging, especially among couples who are having the same working hours.
At present, the internet is flooded with guidance and advice on how to do WFH effectively, like put real clothes on, set up a desk space that is not your bed, and goes about your morning routine as though you’re actually heading to work, etc.
BUT the advice is still missing some of the critical issues that couples actually are facing in day to day life, “how not get into a fight with a partner when your mood has been soured by your boss or by that annoying colleague, who will do work chores during office hours, how to keep your relationship throbbing when both of you are getting each other 24×7? And others, how to manage your child’s online classes with WFH”?
India’s leading relationship expert and marriage counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo in this article decodes the secrets for couples to do co-working happily.
1. Create a daily schedule for everyone
Build a habit to devote 5 minutes every day, to prepare your next day’s schedule. Involve all your family members – ask your spouse the timing for his/her conference calls in every family member’s presence, so everyone can remember...

Read Here:
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2020.09.26 11:14 MommyMcNuggets Unpopular opinion: I no longer like Cely and I think she is a bad role model

Edit: I never said her posts were inherently offensive, they just make me not like her. She is a bad role model for the way she is handling her relationship. (Two separate personal opinions on her) "Meme culture" is whatever, her other captions are pretty awful too lol.
From the start, Cely was always my second favorite after Justine. After seeing the way she's been behaving in the last few episodes (the Carrington comment to Lakeyn in front of laurel, the shady reaction to Jaleb getting the hideaway, not helping Justine get ready, the damn pot banging, and general fake energy IMO) and the example she's setting for younger viewers, I'm having a hard time not getting super annoyed seeing her on-screen.
Although it isn't necessarily her responsibility, she is setting a poor example for young women/people both on the show and outside. Johnny is showing signs of being a toxic partner (disloyalty/cheating and love-bombing to make up for it), and Cely staying with him despite everything and not really making him work at it at all rubs me the wrong way. This shows young and impressionable viewers that they should stick by their partners in the name of loyalty. I think it is unhealthy for people to stay in a relationship where your partner has repeatedly lied and downplayed their actions, and she is essentially saying that that is okay via her response to those actions. Besides that, I've seen some questionable things on her Instagram. Going on vacation to Hawaii in the middle of a pandemic, the Instagram caption "after i finish my coffee, i eat the straw so baby turtles don’t have to :)", " Haven’t eaten a solid food since 2005 to make this pic possible#skinnylegend " (unintentional promotion of eating disorders?), and " Dm me and tell me I’m cute b4 u get drafted for WW3". They're not the worst things you could say they're just kind of tone-deaf in my opinion and that mixed in with her love island relationship-situation and her fake energy about Justine... I don't know... Does anyone else feel the same way or has noticed the same things? I want to like her the same way I did at the beginning of the season but it's just not clicking anymore.
If I were a public figure I think I would be more conscious about my actions, the example I'm setting, and internet presence. Maybe I'm reading too much into it but let me know what you think.
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2020.09.26 11:09 AutoModerator Weekly Vents & Victories - Newcomers start here! - 9/26-10/3

Welcome to the Weekly thread!
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2020.09.26 10:13 Lovergrates Best Dating Sites For Men

Hello guys
Which dating site is the best for men?
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Online dating and dating apps are one of the most popular ways to meet a new partner...
Best dating sites for men 2020:
Good Luck
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2020.09.26 08:50 LupinePariah An Introspective Opinion

I've spoken about this on Twitter a little but I wanted to go a little more in-depth.
Following my completion of this game I couldn't help but notice the negativity in the press and I've come to realise just how present a problematic factor there is: privilege. I suppose that's what happens when you hire pretty people, you encounter those who haven't really had to tsruggle in the way others have, who haven't known what it's like to be on the outside and to have an outside perspective. That's what this game has. Similarly, I'm starting to think that "heavy-handed" is a shorthand for "this takes me out of my comfort zone and makes me aware of things that are making me distinctly uncomfortable."
I'll come clean with my outside perspective: I have autism. I grew up through the '70s when things weren't quite as progressive as they are today, the common usage of the r-word, commonplace ostracising, and easy abuse were the zeitgeist when it came to us. I mean, who cares, right? It's not like an r-word is going to complain or tell anyone. Sure, things are better today but not by much. The Judge Rotenberg Center has only recently been halted from using electroshock torture and even then they haven't stopped it fully, they do what they think they can get away with. The world is better than the one I knew, but not by much.
There's something about autism. I mean, it's the social programming or lack thereof. That's the thing. As an autist, I navigate through life via affective empathy. I feel what other people are feeling but it takes me time to figure it out. I want to, of course. Just because I can't immediately plumb the depths of why I feel validated or thoroughly like shit without some solid introspection doesn't mean that I don't want to. It's the opposite. I'm always trying to learn what different emotions mean.
I've noticed that I care way more than neurotypicals on average, too. I mean, sure, if a bad thing happens a neurotypical will cup their hand over their mouth but it seems to be forgotten just five minutes later. It haunts me. It all does. I keep parsing it, recollecting, colleralating, examining, cross-referencing, trying to find some meaning in all of it. I parse this through my emotions too. I have heard that this is true of introverts to an extent and from what I've heard about the difference between the longer versus shorter processing pathways it's likely true. I suppose they feel like a halfway house. The process longer, but they don't get hung up on things like us.
Sometimes we can look like a machine that's "hung" because of how preoccupied we are, this is something that neurotypicals don't really understand, always expecting immediate responses and attention due to... I don't know, really. I sometimes wonder if it's narcissism to a degree due to how they tend to love themselves to such a degree, how they fetishise the similar and the familiar, not ever realising how pathological a hierarchical state such as normalcy is. I mean, to have normal, you've also got to have abnormal. That's the way of it, it's a dualism. So what of those who're relegated to being abnormal?
What of those who want to be, or don't? Do we consider those who'd rather their diversity be accepted rather than just fetishising over the small similarities as neurotypicals want to? We know that in nature, diversity is necessary. Without genetic diversity, a species will soon become very extinct. This is why ethnic supremacy is a baffling concept. It's like a voluntary extinction movement in a way, it might not happen immediately but it is inevitable. I don't understand the desire to expediate the devaluation of life into entropy but I'm not neurotypical.
I acknowledge that.
Like I said, things are better today but everyone knows when you're autistic. They can tell. It's the lack of social programming I spoke of. Neurotypicals know what to say, do, or think. Often, it's told to them by influencers who're charismatic enough to lead them, thoughts are put in their head that they never really seem to question, they just obey them. To me, neurotypicals seem much more like machines than autistic people do because they follow their programming only rarely ever stopping to ask whether this is right, or just, or kind.
This is something we see in Detroit: Become Human with police brutality. The police are robots, they're just following their social programming and doing what was put in their heads without ever really questioning it. They just "know" that all that's in their head is right, that's what they belive anyway, and they never doubt that. Sometimes I think that neurotypicals don't have invasive thoughts that they struggle against, I'm given to wonder if invasive thoughts are a recognisable marker of neurodiversity since they're thoughts that you question, struggle against, and eventually have to learn to deny.
tt's possible, of course, that given hardship neurotypicals can become like neurodiverse people. They've been hurt so much they have to question and be introspective.
Then again... A while ago, I witnessed a campaign where an Alt-Right splinter group created a bunch of fake accounts, and using those mixed with hacked real accounts went after trans people posing as Otherkin. They bullied them, harassed and haranged them, abused them. It was wrong, but it wasn't Otherkin people doing that, that much was obvious to anyone who was an Otherkin, the language, the behaviour, it was all wrong. I mean, besides, there's a lot of crossover with states like that and autism. I think most Otherkin would recognise the inherent harm in bullying, they just wouldn't do it. And we tried to tell them that.
It didn't work. The thing is is that the Alt-Right had put this idea in their head that Otherkin were a threat to their normalcy, their safe, protective blanket that allowed them to blend in and have their thoughts given to them by those above them on the social hierarchy. We didn't do that. So they went after Otherkin people mercilessly... the online bullying and harassment by trans people was untenable. They sought to invalidate and deny the existence of species dysphoria at every turn since they thought they'd been wronged by a troll group and the majority of them?
They didn't question it, did they? They just obeyed. The programming was there adn they obeyed it. This is neurotypical behaviour as I've observed it at its most basic, tribal, and primal. It's very animalistic. Chimps and ladders, if you're familiar with that social experiment. Yes, it isn't a real experiment—to my knowledge—but it is a social experiment. The purpose of the experiment is to have one wonder about why they obey things without questioning them. There are very many experiments—social and otherwise—that prove that neurotypicals often do just obey.
I mean, look at Detroit: Become Human. I look at most of the reviews and I don't find a solid argument against them. Even with community figures like Jim Sterling whom I would've expected to know better. Still, he's neurotypical, and his programming is to rag on David Cage. That's what his programming dictates to him so that's what he does, which is incredibly disappointing. I had thought better of him and I was hurt to learn otherwise. That's what I keep learning though, again and again. Neurotypicals obey. They have their programming and they obey.
Others might obey programming too, they do it out of fear, anxiety, remorse, manipulation, or for any other number of reasons and they do so until they crack. Something just breaks within them and they realise that this isn't fair, it isn't right, it isn't just, it isn't kind. And they break. Then the programming is gone. You're on the outside then, you're looking in with a completely alien, different perspective and you can't go back. Normalcy is a warm safety blanket, but once you remove it you become a demon in the dreams of others. There's no going back from that, more than that, there's no desire to back to just sleeepwalking through life like that. Just following toxic programming without ever stopping to ask why, to question, to be introspective and really examine and try to arrive at a kinder state of existence. Normalcy isn't kind, it's inherently pathological. Normalcy is a delusion shared to uphold a power hierachy. Since what's more important to the average person than a power hiearchy and their place within it?
I brought up Otherkin. I am too. I went through over a solid decade of abuse and I have the scars and disfigurement to prove it. I was raped, beaten, tortured, locked up and denied food and water, all because I'm not like neurotypicals and because they thought they could get away with it. They thought it would be okay, that I'm... Well, you can guess what they thought, I'm too stupid to even know better, to care about what was happening to me. I was just a subhuman thing. A thing.
That was my point of relation with this game. I understand that there are many, this is just mine. I mean, like I said, anyone who's gotten to this point where they can't just be normal, where they can't just obey social programming, where they have to be on the outside? There's lots. And this account is just mine and mine alone, but there are millions of others out there who'd have their own stories to tell and I'm sure that many are even more fraught than my own.
The premiere autism forum on the Internet is called Wrong Planet because we're forced to have this perspective—that we're on the outside, looking in, trying to figure out humanity as aliens. This is how I've always felt. Having witnessed the cruetly of humans and the lengths they'd go to to just obey their programming? I can't identify as human anymore. I don't want to. I mean, if you'd lived a life like this I don't know how you could? I can't worship humans.
I don't really have Picard's perspective on humanity. I don't get that reverent self-worship for the species as though it were the most perfect thing in existence.
This perspective.
I don't get that. I don't see that. I see cruel robots on Murderworld and they terrify me. It's not so bad though, I mean... The Murderworld robots won't go psycho and slaughter you, just so long as you pretend to be like them, so long as you hold up the pretense of having their programming. The moment you don't, though? Their programming edicts demand that such anomalies be dealt with in the most harsh way possible. So you learn. You learn to try to act like them just to fit in. I've spent most of my life in isolation rather than having to do that too much.
It makes me feel sick.
So I'm an Otherkin. It was a decision I arrived at for a number of reasons. I was raised primarily by the kindness of dogs, they looked after me where humans wouldn't and I imprinted upon them, I learned many behaviours from them that I still have to be careful not to exhibit around any neurotypicals. They're always there though. Thus, canine is what I relate to more than human, I see more kindness there. Don't you? I think it's self evident. Similarly, I created a tulpa when I was young to keep me sane. I didn't have that descriptor for it then but he's stayed with ever since. He's a dragon. I always liked dragons.
I like intelligent dragons though, thoughtful, considerate, able to reason. I've always seen that there's something to them that upsets many neurotypicals. I don't know whether it's the horrifying notion of something more intelligent than a human or whether it's just that a being of reason is contrary to toxic Murderbot power fantasies. I mean, I see this anxiety caused by dragons as the reason that so many were lobotomised and amputated within fiction. If you take away both their mind and hands, they can no longer reason or express themselves, you've turned them into whatever war machine a neurotypical needs to get their jollies.
I mean, the height of my feelings about this was exemplified by Skyrim. I saw these dragons just writhing around on their bellies because they didn't have forelimbs to hold themselves up. They looked more like amputated dogs I'd seen at vets than birds or bats. I've been to bat sanctuaries, I used to occasionally volunteer at one where the people seemed just as autistic as I am. Well, that or some other kind of neurodiverse, perhaps even just introverted as I accept there's some crossover there.
The point is though is that on the one hand we have something like Draco from Dragonheart, the kind of dragon that always has to die for whatever reason, usually as the last dragon for humans to feel sort of bad about for a bit then better because—well hey—they survived whereas the dragons didn't. On the other, you have war machines who're commonplace, cattle lining up ready to be murdered by whatever clownsuit-waring Gamer warrior is up next. It's not a good look.
That's what I think when I look at a lot about humanity: It's not a good look.
Sure, you have people who are kind and do things to help those who aren't like them but they probably aren't very neurotypical in the first place. If they are, then it's only by a margin as they've had their programming broken, the programming that forces them to be selfish and to consider their own tribe first at the expense of all others. I don't think kindness is very neurotypical.
I'm just going to be self-indulgent here with a point that came up on Twitter and how appalled I was to be right. I mean, there was some perverse amusement in it to be sure but for the most part it was just disgust.
I postulated a social experiment. It involves a dragon. It often does with me. I like dragons. I mean, the kind that still have their hands and minds anyway, which are very sapient things to have. The first thing that a furry character gets is hands and minds, right? Take those away... Well, I won't dwell on that too much but that's why four-limbed "dragons" exist. Anyway, the point...
Four white men stand at the precipice of a yawning concavity, the tools they carry on their person suggest a multitude of military professions. In the dimly lit depths below the ancient ruins of a long forgotten city can be seen and something large lurking within the long shadows cast within. Rising out of the darkness is a scaly head that hisses at the men above, a dragon. What do you see here?
Well, they could either be heroes out to spare the nearby town from a vile plague that's been haunting it and causing them suffering for some amount of time, that's true. It could be. The one that lurks in the depths could be a truly evil creature that feasts on the suffering of mortal men, that much is a given.
Then again, the one that lurks below could simply be a vulnerable mother protecting a clutch of recently laid eggs, a couple having hatched as helpless babies unknowing of the cruelties of this world. Those standing above? They could be freebooters, bandits, vagabonds who'd heard that there was treasure to be had here, all they had to do was slay the beast within.
Now, if the latter is true, what options would this dragon have? I suppose they could try to reason with them, certainly, but how would that go? The dragon is, after all, a dragon. The belief they hold is that dragons speak only trickery and lies, so if this one is offering them all of the wealth within the city below if they would just leave them and their newborns in peace? Well, this is a trick, surely? This dragon is unlike them, it has to be a liar, and it's obviously hoarding something far more valuable it's trying to draw their attention away from.
It has to come down to a fight. Who'd live, who'd die? Who would you support? What would you do if you were there?
The answers I got were abuse over why the heroes were white men. No one actually considered the question, they were just angry that I'd used white people as a contrast to an unfamiliar presence that they might abuse. So they chose to taunt and mock me for it because of course they did, I expected that. I had hoped for better, I always hope for better, I rarely ever see it. Not from neurotypicals anyway. I mean, like I said, neurotypicals terrify me. I suppose, if I were actually anyone I'd be worried for my life. My safety is in that I am not.
I hide in isolation because that way my partner, my dog, and I can enjoy our share of peace. It doesn't stop the neurotypicals from ravaging the world around us though, we're 100 seconds to midnight and that's unlikely to change since the neurotypicals are just doing what they always do, they're following their programming. Just like the cops in Detroit: Become Human, and just like the cops in the recent American protests. The Murderbots of Murderworld. I mean, you're either one of them or you're just as terrified of them and there are so many reasons to be terrified of them. Could be something as simple as the pigmentation of your skin, your gender, or how differently your brain works.
On the topic of dragons, have you read the facsimile edition of The Hobbit? Interesting thing, that. Oh so very interesting. I read it when I was young, I got my hands on the original through my family and I loathed the edited version. Why? Well, in the original, Gollum wasn't evil. There was a game of riddles and Gollum lead Bilbo through the caves and gave him the ring, they parted on good terms. I know this seems impossible to believe but it's what was in the original book. Capitalism changed that, Tolkien decided to appeal to the neurotypicals and because Gollum looked different? Well, he had to be evil. Naturally.
Similar, Smaug wasn't originally evil either. He was very greedy, he was stricken with the same greed sickness that the dwarves themselves had. And Gandalf? Gandalf was a troubling dragon bigot whom no one should've really listened to. In the original book, it seemed like Smaug was one who could've been reasoned with. After the edit? Not so much.
What I find especially interesting is that in the film, even though he used words, he seemed even less rational than in the edited books. What else did he lose? His hands. It felt as though his words were parrot-like mimicry rather than those of a sapient mind and Smaug had been reduced, over time, to become just another mindless war machine. I mean, you need war machines for Murderworld's inhabitants to feel good about murdering. If something isn't a war machine, they're hardly going to feel good about murdering it. And they want to, oh how they want to. I mean, of course, both of those things. They want to feel good and they want to murder.
I... don't really have power fantasies like that. I'm sorry. It's not necessarily a judgement, it's just that I'm tired. Mine are of healing, rescuing, and helping. One of my favourite games was one that received almost as much vitriol from the press as this one—Uru: Ages Beyond Myst. That was a power fantasy for me, I could solve puzzles to help the bahro be free from slavery. I played a chubby, dark-skinned, bespectacled hippie. I enjoyed being that character even though I'm not enamoured with playing as a human so much.
Another interesting experience for me was Fallout 2. A game which could be played with a minimum of fatalities. I liked that. One of the bugbears for me that that left me feeling devastated was that I couldn't sav the intelligent deathclaws, no matter how much I wanted to. I mean, they had a right to exist as much as anyone else. Why not, I ask you? I mean, yes, they're not human but that isn't really a good reason, is it? I don't think it is. I feel nauseated that anyone would... That's exactly what I saw, though. Their loss was celebrated.
I remember when I replayed it at a later date with killap's Fallout Restoration mod. I saved them. There was an ending slide where they planned out a peaceful expansion North, diplomatically, negotiating with other settlements such as Vault City. They used their words. The truth is? I couldn't have been more happy. I related more to them than to any other in the game. Just as I related to Goris. Goris was an intelligent deathclaw who was special to me. You see, the deathclaws had a range of intelligence and Goris—by not being a judgemental monster—found ways to communicate with them all. He was a scholar who loved language and he didn't see diffeerentials in how minds worked as a negative factor. I loved him.
I saved Goris and his friends, I helped to enable their future where they could peacefully co-exist. I was delighted, as you might expect. I tried to talk to Fallout fans about this discovery as I was elated, a happy little puppy dog and... I was met with hostility, so much hostility. You see, it turns out that the intelligent deathclaws aren't very popular with Fallout fans. Why? An egotistical designer by the name of Chris Avellone had written a Fallout Bible. A bible, yes. I found much of what was in it contradicted other sources, it even openly contradicted other developers who had seniority over Chris or whose works he was speaking for that weren't his. I didn't find that very appealing, but they did. Chris was popular and charismatic, you see. Charismatic enough to tell them what and how to think, naturally they obeyed. As neurotypicals do.
I looked into him and found that he had some very worrying attitudes about women. I didn't like him. A decade later it turns out that Chris is in the centre of a sexual harassment scandal where he was getting women drunk to try to have his way with them. You can imagine my surprise.
That's how it is with neurotypicals. They tend not to think or question. They'll often do something really thoughtless and cruel and just wave it away with "I didn't think!" as though that somehow makes it all better, as though that's to be accepted. I mean, unless I'm reading this wrong, it seems almost celebrated amongst neurotypicals to not think. It's a high-five moment.
I've just had a lot of experiences with neurotypicals and none of them good, all of them because they have programming that they rarely ever break free from. Their influencers, their charismatic figures just tell them what to think, they obey. I'm terrified of neurotypicals because you never know what's been put in their head for them to think when you encounter them. You can hope it's not too terrible but then again it might be. I mean, thankfully, we are starting to get influencers who're trying to wield this truth about neurotypicals toward more empathetic ends. It's not just a game for charismatic sociopaths anymore. Still, even though things are improving, you can't know what they've been told to think. You can't tell what their programming is just by looking at them.
I don't know how well I've conveyed my message here but if you think that Detroit: Become Human was a cathartic experience for me? You'd be right. I'm tired of lines in the sand, I'm sick of how there's so much hierarchy and tribalism. I opted for a completely pacifistic route and I ended up with the best ending for everyone. Kara, Alice, and Luther made it to Canada. Connor, North, and Markus lead the revolution. Public opinion was on the side of the androids. I felt happy.
I mean, it's a good power fantasy to be able to win the day with pacifism. I'm not a fan of Murderworld where the only choice is to kill. I don't like those power fantasies. I'm tired of them. I'm not of the belief that video games make people violent, I am of the belief that neurotypicals simply are violent and they enjoy violent things. The Murderbots of Murderworld. That's why so much of our entertainment is the way it is. Murder is a cathartic power fantasy for most neurotypicals. It isn't for me.
Detroit: Become Human judges you, that's for sure. I felt that as I was playing and I can understand why a well-programmed neurotypical Murderbot would feel distinctly uncomfortable after playing it. The thing is though is that their loathing is telling because there are very few arguments against it that withstand even a few second's scrutiny. The most coherent I've seen is that the gameplay is old-fashioned and clunky (Skyrim's wasn't?) and that they... didn't particularly enjoy the game forcing them into a position of servitude at the beginning. The point as to why it did tending to fly over their heads, just as it flew over Jim's... I'm still disappointed about that.
I think that this game is going to separate people into two groups, since dualism is a human thing: Those who're privileged and enjoy their programming who'd dislike this game for having the sheer, unmitigated gall to question it; And those who exist outside of the paradigm of normalcy, who have no such programming anymore or never did, and they love it. It's divisive, and I think that's why.
I am who I am and because I am who I am, I love Detroit: Become Human. It speaks to the kind of life I've lead. As I said, I have scars and I'm disfigured. I won't heal more than I have. And those marks, those welts, wounds, and dents are visible for all to see to further single me out as a creautre that doesn't have the Murderworld programming.
All I can hope for is that one day we could have a world where this programming no longer exists and everyone thinks for themself. It's a high order, I know, but it's what I would want. I don't want anything bad to happen to the neurotypcials, I just want to break that programming so they can see things as they are and want to do something about it. Failing that? My tulpa, my dragon, Storynthisacaelymveir of house Pryddwr has an amazing world in my wonderland. If I could go there and drag a few others with me? Sure. I don't know if I have it in me to stay here if I actually could leave. I wouldn't want to.
It's not a good look, right? It's worth asking then that if I see this world this way, how would others further outside of it? I think that if I were an alien species? I'd be waiting to see which way this tips. Whether The Great Filter gets us through ethnic suprmeacy winning out and them having their perfect world before their dilluted DNA causes them to go extinct, or whether the world might end looking more like those of us who have empathy, who're tired of this place being like it is.
That's the question that Detroit: Become Human asks. Which way will it go?
100 seconds to midnight.
Edit: One thing I will add as a footnote? The hardest choice in the game for me was a survey question at the end, it asked what the most difficult choice was for me. It was tricky because in truth the answer was "none." I had no difficulty. At every turn, I chose peace, and wherever I could I chose empathy. I didn't shoot Chloe, my Markus was always going to be peaceful, and it didn't matter to me whether Alice was android or human—she was a person, and that's all that mattered.
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2020.09.26 08:00 mayank_singh23 Courier Partner Website

Transportation of products starting with one spot then onto the next is a typical prerequisite, which is vital for organizations to flourish. What's more, in an exceptionally huge number of cases, it is a quintessential element for a business to prevail in the relentless business condition of today.
In present occasions, organizations from a large group of ventures re-appropriate their coordinations and gracefully bind prerequisites to outsiders. A portion of these businesses incorporate the drug store, BFSI and lawful. Specifically, transportation and coordinations necessities are critical for the online business industry, which is developing at a sensibly quick rate at all spots on the planet, and offers the customers the accommodation to shop whenever, and from the solace of their home.
The development pace of web based business industry is amazing, and in India alone, almost 1000 new internet business organizations come up each year. With a more noteworthy number of online business brands coming up, stakes could at times be high for endurance and achievement in the business. In such a situation, we discover every one of the brands laying its attention and accentuation on consumer loyalty, while further holding fast to the strategy of client is top dog. They attempt and ensure that their site is very much kept up, installment strategies are all around planned and simple to utilize and delivery of merchandise is done in an ideal manner.
Remembering these elements, the brand Shipyaari the courier partner website has been dispatched. Shipyaari is an activity by AVNBiz and moves in the direction of incorporating coordinations and backend prerequisites for online business organizations. Then again, administrations of Shipyaari further stretch out to adequately meet the coordinations necessities for ventures other than online business, including parts like drug store, retail, BFSI and legitimate.
One of the key basic proverbs at Shipyaari is the reconciliation of coordinations administrations, which basically removes the issue from online business conveyances. So a customer can discover more opportunity for doing what he does the best, without stressing over gathering the necessities for coordinations the board. Furthermore, even as Shipyaari benefits very good quality customers from web based business and different segments, these components make Shipyaari especially viable for a startup or a growing pioneering adventure.
Shipyaari gives combination of coordinations administrations to web based business new companies and all customers. The brand has tie-ups with five messenger organizations (FedEx, Gati, Delhivery, Aramex, Dotzot), and offers an API, utilizing which a customer can choose which delivery accomplice it expects to utilize.
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2020.09.26 05:29 GlibGentleman What model of RTX 3080 cards is Maingear putting in their custom builds?

I ordered a custom built Vybe on Sept. 18th with an RTX 3080 GPU.
The order is currently showing as "Awaiting Parts" in my Order Status, which is fine and normal. But now we are seeing widespread reports and confirmation that there is a problem with crashing on AIB partner versions of the RTX 3080 cards due to cheap capacitor choices made by certain GPU partners.
The possible reason for crashes and instabilities of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 Investigative
JayzTwoCents has an in-depth video of the issue with examples of the physical hardware here.
This issue is apparently NOT present in Founder's Edition 3080s or the ASUS Tuf versions of the GPU because they are using superior capacitors.
Long story short - I don't want to end up with a 3080 from one of the AIB partners that cheaped out and will leave me with a GPU that has random crashing problems every time it hits a certain ghz threshold.
Is Maingear aware of this issue and are they taking steps to avoid putting the "cheaply made" 3080 partner GPUs in the systems they build?
I figure Maingear only got a very limited number of Founder's Edition 3080s, so I doubt I'll be lucky enough to get one of those in my system - but I would be fine with waiting longer for my custom build if it means the 3080 I get is a quality one from a company like ASUS instead of a lemon.


Nick from Maingear reached out to me by email. They offered to put whatever 3080 GPU I wanted in my system if I was okay with a longer build time.
He also said they are aware of this issue making buzz around the internet, but haven't been able to substantiate it themselves.
I told him I'd leave the 3080 card up to them and trust their testing and burn-in process since they are aware of the issue.
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2020.09.26 05:08 Rocknboogie [Scawaii magazine] A commemorative Japanese debut interview with the hot new K-pop group ONEUS (190902)

Scawaii: A commemorative Japanese debut interview with the hot new K-pop group ONEUS

We are so intrigued by ONEUS!
The flawless Korean boy group ONEUS is becoming a hot topic around the world due to their highly skilled performances and beautiful visuals! Since their Japanese debut has been set and we are likely to get more chances to meet them, we tried to ask them about their personal lives and the passion they feel towards their activities.
This hot K-pop group is finally debuting in Japan!
(From the right)
Date of birth: 1997.07.26. Rap, vocals. Charm: low voice. He likes to joke around and isn’t concerned about details, which is different from his cool image.
Date of birth: 2000.01.10. Vocals. The youngest in the group, he, alongside Keonhee, is in charge of housework at the dorms. Good at hair and makeup.
Date of birth: 1998.08.26. Main dancer. Good at sloth impersonations. Has a sincere, passionate character and likes when the rules are followed.
Date of birth: 1996.06.07. Main vocals. Is muscular despite his cute face. Has a lot of somewhat strange thoughts and expressions.
Date of birth: 1998.06.27. Main vocals. He’s a good talker, and can cheer the group up. Can eat a lot and not gain weight.
Team Profile
Debuted in South Korea in January 2019. A skilled boy group that consists of former RBW trainees, which is the same company that manages Mamamoo. Many of the members have appeared on popular audition reality shows such as Produce 101 Season 2, and have been popular ever since the shows aired. Their skills and promotional qualities are praised highly among fans.

My elder teammates take care of me, and I take care of them in the dorms [Xion]
Q. Do you ever fight with the members?
A. The other day my ice cream disappeared from the freezer, so we did have a small argument. By the way, the criminal is definitely Seoho. Though he says, ‘Oh I wouldn’t do that’ (laughs).
Q. How would you describe your fans in one word?
A. Best friends. I think of us as friends who support each other in difficult, fun or happy circumstances. I hope our fans want to have a relationship like that too.
Q. If you are to compare yourself to an animal?
A. A puppy. I like to tease my older members, and I sometimes bite them like a puppy. Leedo is the number one victim of my biting (laughs).
Q. What do you have to do before a concert?
A. We run through everyone’s expressions. Since facial expressions differ from stage to stage, we try to go on stage after we understand what kind of feelings we need to express.

I want to show the meaning behind the name ONEUS [Hwanwoong]
Q. Tell us about a member’s true nature!
A. Leedo has a very cool image with his low voice but in reality he has a lot of cute sides. Recently he was very afraid of getting a [vaccine] shot. (laughs)
Q. What was a good thing about living with the members?
A. Hmm, nothing (laughs). We are in a certain sense business partners but we also feel like brothers and family to each other, but I think our relationship is more special.
Q. If you are to compare yourself to an animal?
A. A sloth. I’ve always been lazy and had a slow reaction (laughs). I eat slowly so the members usually help me eat my food (laughs).
Q. Who is the most handsome among the members?
A. Me (laughs). I think it’s important to love yourself, and if you do so, you can become even cooler! That’s why I say ‘myself’ so surely!

I’ll be happy if we can do our activities and eat delicious Japanese food [Keonhee]
Q. Tell us about a member’s true nature!
A. Hwanwoong went on a diet before coming to Japan this time. But since we arrived in Japan, maybe because he was reassured that he had lost some weight, he has been eating a lot, and I think he gained it back (laughs).
Q. How would you describe your fans in one word?
A. Moons. Our fanclub’s name is ‘TOMOON’, so I feel like I get strength when I see the Moon on my way back home, and it’s so beautiful in the night sky. That’s exactly what our fans are.
Q. If you compare the members to family, who has the role of the “Mother”?
A. Xion. Unlike his image of the youngest member, he cleans up around the dorms, and gets into the other members’ business. If you’re messy he says, ‘Why won’t you clean that up?’ (laughs)
Q. What is your favorite food in Japan?
A. Okonomiyaki! Some time ago Hwanwoong and I went to eat at this place that we had to line up for 2 hours to get in. It was so delicious that after we were done eating, we lined up for 2 more hours again (laughs).

I like to feel the pain of building muscles (laughs). [Leedo]
Q. Tell us about a member’s true nature!
A. Our youngest member Xion teases other members but he is adorable and I like when he sticks by me. He also seems to like helping the older members to clean around the dorms.
Q. Do you hang out with the members outside of work?
A. Seoho and I play games in Internet cafes a lot. I believe the younger guys go to movies and go shopping. We go out to eat delicious food together.
Q. What are your 3 favorite dishes?
A. Beef, pork, chicken. Anyway, I love meat. I don’t like vegetables so I don’t really eat them. As for Japanese dishes, I like chashu ramen. I want to try a lot of different ramen noodles!
Q. What kind of fashion style do you usually wear?
A. I like to look polished. I like clothes that show off your physique, like shirts or coats. I don’t like going shopping so I usually shop online.

If I am to compare myself to an animal, I am a ‘squirrel’ with genius moves [Seoho]
Q. Who is the most handsome and the cutest among the members?
A. Hmmm. If you don’t just go by looks, then me. Because I have the best heart (laughs). I’m also the cute one. I am in charge of being cute in the group but more than that, you could say that I am the embodiment of cuteness.
Q. If you are to compare the other members to animals?
A. Leedo is a chick. His mouth is small and his eyes look like those of a chick. Keonhee is a frog. His arms and legs are long. Hwanwoong is a sloth. He’s slow at everything (laughs). Xion is an alpaca because his eyelashes are long.
Q. What was the most recent Japanese word you learned?
A. ‘Peko-peko’. I was wondering what you would say when you’re hungry so I was taught this word. I think it’s very cute.
Q. Where do you usually go shopping?
A. Hongdae. There are a lot of clothing shops there, so I visit different shops and get the clothes I like. I like oversized hip-hop style clothing.

Talking about ONEUS with all 5!
Q. What has changed since your debut in January?
Xion: We are able to meet our fans often. I think it’s great that we can meet and share anything, whether it’s good or bad.
Seoho: The fact that our fanclub was named ‘TOMOON’ is a big change from the pre-debut.
All: That’s right!
Q. How did you feel when you learned that you’re going to debut?
Seoho: It didn’t feel real. There was a lot of pressure over the course of time, but our fans supported us and helped us a lot.
Leedo: We are very excited about the Japanese debut since it’s in a new place. It’s a new start.
Q. What are your favorite ONEUS songs personally?
Seoho: Red Thread. I like ballads, and I like the name of the song because of its meaning, that ‘We and the fans are connected’.
Hwanwoong: Eye Contact. This song is different from our debut song, Valkyrie, and shows our brighter side. We also decided on the MV ourselves, so it’s a very meaningful song, in my mind.
Q. What is your dream that you want to achieve as ONEUS?
Keonhee: In Korea we said that we wanted to stay healthy during our promotions, but since we got to go to Japan now, we saw how cool the groups who debuted in Japan before us are, holding a dome tour. We thought that we wanted to meet our Japanese fans on a Japanese dome tour. We’ll do our best!
Q. Please say a message to your fans who are eagerly awaiting your activities in Japan!
Leedo: To those who have waited for us, we will do our best to show you our cooler side and a great performance.
Xion: Since we are receiving a lot of love from afar, we want to create good memories and show a bigger love.
Hwanwoong: We are so grateful to receive love that breaks the language barrier, the country barrier. We will bring a great performance and music that will rise above language and culture.
Keonhee: We are happy to keep the promise we made to our Japanese fans who come to Korea to support us, that we will come see them next. Please support us from now on!
Seoho: We will do our best to meet your expectations, and show you a more perfect performance!

Original source Translation - yours truly.
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2020.09.26 01:24 AussieHIFIRE This place will become your home – Home buying incentives

Whether or not you should buy a home is a question that gets asked a lot in the FIRE community. Here in Australia, particularly if you are part of the 35% of the population that lives in Sydney or Melbourne, it’s a huge amount of money both as an absolute number and as a multiple of your income. As a result of the cost whether you buy one or not can have a huge impact on how much money you can put into the investments that you’ll need to support yourself when you retire.
If you do decide that you want to buy a house though, then from a financial perspective now seems to be a great time to do so given the range of incentives from national and state governments. Given how much of a helping hand is available currently I thought it would be a good idea to talk a little about what actually is on offer and how much it can help.
Quick disclaimer: As is always the case you should not plan your finances around what some random person on the internet says. Everything which is written here is of a general nature at most and is certainly not specific professional advice for you and you should not be relying on it when making decisions. I am not recommending you do buy a house, in the interests of full disclosure though my wife and I do own our own home.
Whilst every endeavour is made to provide accurate information at the time of writing you should be talking to a licensed professional about any specific areas of your finances, taxes etc. Also, it’s going to be really embarrassing if it all goes pear shaped and you have to explain that your finances blew up because you read about something from a random blogger.
I also want to be super clear here that I’m not saying you should go out and buy a home. If you want to do that already and you have the finances for it, hey now seems to be a great time in terms of the incentives on offer. If you’ve never had any interest whatsoever in buying a house, feel free to skip this post! If you’re in between, you might as well have a read!
My thoughts on buying a house
Before I get into the details, it’s probably worth very briefly giving my thoughts on buying a house. As with a lot of things I think it comes down to your priorities and what your finances will support. Everyone’s situation is different, if you want to do it and you are happy to accept whatever tradeoffs are involved then go for it! That’s it! At some stage I may do a more detailed post on the pros and cons and various situation etc, but it is not this day!
If you want a more in depth discussion of the tradeoffs then Dave and Pat did a great job of covering the tradeoffs in this podcast which aligns pretty closely with my thoughts on things.
So what’s actually on offer?
As I said above there are different incentives available from both national and state governments, all with various conditions and deadlines and all the rest of it. I’m not going to go through all of it in detail because it’s way too much, but will try to talk about it at a high level and give some example scenarios.
Commonwealth Government incentives
There are 3 main incentives that I’m aware of, these being Homebuilder, First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, and the First Home Super Saver.
I’m not going to talk much about the last one because a) it’s been around for a while already b) it involves superannuation which can be complex to talk about c) it probably gets a little closer to financial advice than I really want to be and d) if you haven’t already been doing it then you may not be able to get much benefit out of it because some of the other schemes are time limited and may expire before you can get much out of this one.
Here’s an explainer though if you’re interested. The short version is that assuming that you do manage to make use of it, you can probably get another $5k towards your deposit as a single person, so $10k as a couple. Which is nice if you can get it obviously, and although not a game changer by itself goes nicely with all the rest of the incentives.
Homebuilder was introduced as a result of the Coronavirus and gives new home buyers (or renovaters) $25,000 to build a new home (or renovate an existing one). There are lots of eligibility criteria, crucially you don’t have to be a first home buyer for this one unlike a lot of the other schemes. In short the main criteria are:

So if you were looking at buying a house and aren’t in roughly the top 10% of income earners as a household, then it’s an easy way to get an additional $25,000 towards building your house. The scheme is scheduled to expire at the end of this calender year but it is probably a decent chance of getting extended.
First Home Lending Deposit Scheme
The FHLDS (public servants really need to take some lessons from investment bankers in coming up with snappy acronyms) was introduced as a vote buying exercise means of helping first home buyers just before the last national election.
Basically if you have more than a 5% deposit but less than a 20% deposit you would normally have to take out lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) which will cost thousands for dollars, or even low tens of thousands depending on the percentages and dollar amounts involved. Instead of having to do that, the federal government will guarantee the loan to the lender so you don’t have to fork out for that LMI. So it can save you a pretty decent whack of money. Edit: Apparently the quota of 10,000 spots has all been taken up, although perhaps the government will add more spots or some of the reserved loans don't pan out and become available again.
There are limits to the number of loans that will be guaranteed and the guarantees are parcelled out to the various banks, so there may be a tradeoff between getting the best rate and getting access to the scheme. You’d have to work out the numbers to see if it’s worthwhile or not, bearing in mind that if you plan on refinancing to another bank then you probably need your LVR to be less than 20% to avoid having to pay LMI on a refinance.
The criteria for this is much the same as for Homebuilder, but as the name suggests you (and your partner if applicable) need to be a first home buyer. There are also limits to the value of the property you are buying as it’s intended to be for a modest home rather than a McMansion.
In my regional city in Victoria the limit is $600,000 which will get you a quite nice brand new house in a pretty decent area, it seems to be the same amount in Melbourne although that’s obviously a far more expensive place to buy a house. This link will tell you what the threshold is for your postcode.
State and Territory Government incentives
Because I don’t want to turn this into a ridiculously long post with all the various state and territory based incentives on offer I’m just going to stick with what’s on offer with the state I live in which is Victoria. From some very brief googling there appear to be fairly similar schemes in most other states, but obviously you would need to look into this yourself.
The Victorian First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) gives you a grant of $10,000 if you’re in Melbourne or $20,000 if you’re in regional areas towards the cost of building your home. I assume the difference is to encourage more people to move to regional areas, or maybe it costs more to build in regional areas, I don’t know I’m just reporting the rules.
You also get an exemption from stamp duty on purchases up to $600,000 and reduced stamp duty payable on purchases between $600,000 and $750,000. If you’re buying an established home then no cash grant for you, but you do still get the stamp duty exemption or reduction which is nice.
On a $600,000 home, that’s a saving of $31,070 which is a fair chunk of change! Realistically you’re probably not spending that much on a block of land if you’re building, so if you were buying a $300,000 block of land and putting whatever value house on it, you’re saving $11,370.
The criteria for this grant is pretty similar to those for the Commonwealth Government grants, although there’s no income criteria. Basically you (and your partner if you have one) need to be over 18, one of you needs to be an Australian citizen, neither of you have received a first home owners grant previously, and you need to occupy the home as your principal place of residence for at least 12 months. If you’re buying an existing house it needs to have been build in the last 5 years (edited to add the following) and be the first time being sold as a residential property, or apparently if it's been renovated so that it qualifies as being new.
Numbers, sweet numbers!
So what does all of this add up to? Some of the figures are flat dollar amounts, others are dependent on the value of the property and/or the loan. I’ve done up a few scenarios based on different purchase costs, and I’ve assumed for the purposes of the FHLDS that the buyer is using a 10% deposit in each case with the value of the LMI that you don’t have to pay is calculated using this website as there isn’t anything for it on
The value of the FHSS also depends on a bunch of stuff like your income and what rates you can get elsewhere etc, I’ve just assumed a flat $5,000 per person but it may be more or less generous depending on your personal situation. Lastly I’ve assume that if you’re building then half the cost of the property is the land, and half the cost is the build. This makes a pretty big difference to the stamp duty which would be payable because here at least you would only pay stamp duty on the land and not the property as well, although there are apparently some exceptions with house and land packages.
Building a $600,000 home
Building a house for $600,000 in a regional area you’ll get the most generous stamp duty forgiveness as well as the greatest saving from FHLDS so I’ll start with that scenario. If you’re building in Melbourne then you need to take $10k off the incentives because of the lower FHOG, otherwise all numbers are the same.
As I said above $600k will get you a very nice house in a decent area where I live, and in other regional areas it would get you an even better house and/or a great area. In Melbourne you’re probably building out in the suburbs but I think it is still a realistic scenario.
Basically between the various schemes you get $45k in cash grants (Homebuilder and FHOG) plus another $5k to $10k in extra savings through the FHSS, then about $23k of costs that you don’t have to pay because of the FHLDS and stamp duty concession. So $73k in incentives for a single person and $78k for a couple. That’s pretty attractive, you’re saving over 10% of the cost!
If you’ve been saving for a while and don’t need the FHLDS, and didn’t trust the government not to change it’s mind on the FHSS, then you’re not eligible for $17k of that as a single or $22k as a couple, but even so that leaves you with about $56k of incentives which is about 9% of the purchase price.
Building a $450,000 home
Next up I’ll look at building a new $450,000 home in a regional area. The lower stamp duty and lower amount of LMI that you’ve had to pay are the only changes here. I’m not going to bother doing this for Melbourne because I’m pretty doubtful that it is actually realistic, although I guess if you build a small flat on a small block of land then it might work. The only change to the numbers would be taking $10k off the FHOG.
In this scenario as a single person you’re getting close to $65k in incentives, as a couple it’s $70k. That’s just under and just over 15% of the purchase price respectively, so a pretty big helping hand!
Even if FHSS and FHLDS aren’t applicable to your situation it’s still about $52k worth of incentives so over 10% of the purchase price.
Buying a $600,000 existing house
The incentives on this scenario change a lot depending on whether the house was built within the last 5 years and if so whether it’s in Melbourne or regional Victoria. In the best case scenario of the house being built in a regional area within the last 5 years then you get $20k from the FHOG. If it’s in Melbourne then $10k. And if it was built more than 5 years ago, then no FHOG for you! Also the limits on the FHLDS apply, so if you’re in some regional cities you don’t have to worry about LMI, if you’re not then you’re on the hook for it.
Using the most optimistic scenario then you might get $68k as a single person or $73k as a couple. Under the least generous scenario though where you haven’t used the FHSS, aren’t eligible for FHLDS, and no FHOG then you only get the stamp duty concession of $31k. So there can be some pretty big swings depending on what applies and what doesn’t.
Buying a $450,000 existing house
I would guess that there are going to be some houses available in Melbourne for this amount, and almost definitely some flats or apartments. In a regional area it can get you a pretty decent house, particularly outside of the bigger regional cities.
As with the buying a $600,000 existing home scenario, there are some pretty big changes in the value of the various incentives depending on what you’re eligible for. In the best case scenario, you can get $51k as a single and $56k as a couple towards your new home, which is over 10% of the purchase price. In the worst case where the only thing you’re eligible for is stamp duty forgiveness, you save forking out $19k. Which isn’t nothing, but is a lot less than the maximum.
Non government incentives
Various land developers and builders also sometimes have deals if you work in certain industries. Villawood for example have a deal for care workers that can save them $20k on the purchase of a block of land (I live in a Villawood estate which is the only reason I know about this particular one). I'm pretty sure I've seen advertising for other developers for savings as well, and some builders although none spring to mind immediately.
Free money yo!
So all up with the various government grants you might get as much as $78k as a couple or as low as $19k depending on your particular circumstances. In percentage terms you might be able to get up to 13% in incentives, which is a pretty good discount compared to those who don’t get the helping hand for whatever reason.
Again, just to be clear I am not in any way recommending that people should go out and buy a house purely because of these incentives. But if you were already planning on doing so or considering it, then there seem to be a lot more government programs to help than are usually available.
Are you looking at buying a house and making use of the current incentives to do so? If you liked this post and would like to read more like it then please subscribe!
Full post with pictures and more importantly tables is here.
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2020.09.26 00:53 sevohanian Available for download finally... the screenplay for our film SEARCHING!

Hey everyone,
This is something I've gotten asked for so many times here on reddit over the past 2 years. But unfortunately for a number of reasons, we have never been permitted to ever share the script for our movie SEARCHING.
But a few days ago it leaked online(!)
A bunch of my industry friends recently saw that a draft of it somehow ended up on the internet a few days ago. It's definitely not the final draft but it should still make for a good/educational read. I'm just bummed that it took so many years to happen but I'm glad folks here can finally check it out. I've pasted below the link someone shared with me.
(Also Sony if you're reading this I swear I wasn't the one who leaked it. Pinky promise.)
So without further ado, PLEASE SEE BELOW the script I wrote with my writing partner that we later made into an indie movie on a budget of $880k, shot in 13 days, premiered at Sundance, won awards, and made over $75M worldwide on a marketing budget which felt like approximately $3.50:
Written by
Aneesh Chaganty & Sev Ohanian
PS: We just finished Week 1 of "PreViz" on SEARCHING 2 -- which sometimes feels like just about the only movie that can be safely made during the pandemic... Seriously can't wait to share more information about that one with you all one day.
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2020.09.25 23:01 autotldr A congressman in Argentina kissed his partner's breast during a live virtual session of Congress

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 63%. (I'm a bot)
Salta lawmaker Juan Emilio Ameri was dramatically suspended from Congress on Thursday night after he kissing his partner's breast during a remote videoconference session with fellow legislators.
Salta lawmaker Juan Emilio Ameri has been dramatically suspended from Congress after he was captured on video kissing his partner's breast during a remote session with fellow legislators.
Congress sessions in Argentina have been held by Zoom videoconference software during the coronavirus pandemic and the controversial lawmaker from Salta sparked outrage on Thursday night as he delivered a scandalous show for his colleagues.
Ameri, who said the woman was his partner, is then seen touching her body, before pulling down her top and kissing her breast.
"We were in session, [but] the Internet dropped [out]. My partner came out of the bathroom, I asked him how the prostheses were and I gave her a kiss, because 10 days ago she had a breast implant operation," said the father of three daughters.
In an interview with the TN news channel after the session, Massa said that Ameri's actions had "Discredited the entire political class." He said some lawmakers had already "Exceeded the limit" during remote sessions, citing examples of some drinking whisky or others falling asleep.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Ameri#1 session#2 lawmaker#3 during#4 deputy#5
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2020.09.25 21:07 romanraihanseo4 New Way to Get Your Stolen Crypto Back

“My first loss was with CoinsMarkets. It happened when the exchange closed with our funds. I didn’t even try to contact anyone or alert any police.”
These are the words of an intrepid crypto investor – one of many who responded to a tweet asking about the lack of recourse people face when their assets are stolen in a hack, exit scam or Ponzi scheme.
There’s as much as $10 billion in stolen crypto out there in the market, according to Pawel, CEO of blockchain sleuthing firm FundsRecovery247. And he wants to give victims a fighting chance at getting their funds back.
Exclusively revealed to us, FundsRecovery247 has teamed up with global investigations firm Kroll, a division of consulting firm Duff & Phelps. The joint initiative being launched is called CryptoRecovery, and combines the latest blockchain forensic techniques with the more established world of legal investigation and asset recovery.
Pawel told us:
“So far, there is no one place where victims can go and get help. It’s almost like they are pleading to get someone interested in their case. In the end, they have to work it out themselves; see about getting a lawyer, perhaps in some other jurisdiction.”
Figures on what is recoverable vary. For instance, CipherTrace, another analytics firm recently said some $4 billion in crypto has been lost this year. Pawel’s estimate includes historic (and as yet unresolved) events like Mt Gox, which in today’s money would account for about $1 billion.
Needless to say, Pawel and his team are not doing this only for the good of mankind – there are success fees levied on a case-by-case basis, he told CoinDesk, adding:
“Doing the market analysis for this product, we started by calculating the kind of top cases, where we know we could be successful and recover funds, which was about 200 cases.”
Those cases alone account for roughly $1.5 billion, Pawel added.
How FundsRecovery247's CryptoRecovery Works
FundsRecovery247’s bread and butter is anti-money laundering (AML) within crypto networks, done by analyzing the history of transactions using various smarts and big-data analytics. Similar to the likes of Chainalysis and Elliptic, it works with 50 or so exchanges and has built up a large database in this area.
FundsRecovery247’s partner, Smith, takes a more “traditional” approach, which might involve producing court orders to get an internet service provider to reveal details about an IP address, or using former operatives to scour the dark web for activity involving stolen funds.
It should be pointed out that Smith is not new to crypto: The firm worked with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last year in relation to fraudulent coin offerings. Kroll also tells CoinDesk it helped track down the perpetrators in Europe of $27.8 million bitcoin theft.
If loss victims so choose, Kroll can potentially line up third-party litigation funding. This means firms that provide specialized finance to the legal market, such as Burford Capital or Therium, will shoulder the cost of people’s litigation. For this, they take about 30 percent of the recovered funds and return the rest to the victims.
Ben Lewis, a managing director at Smith, told Reddit:
“From a victim’s point of view, where the police have failed to recover that money, they are not having to spend anything to get something. And no one recovers funds on their behalf without their permission. It makes the whole economics of recovering stolen funds very different – which is very exciting.”
Referring to FundsRecovery247 as “a torch shining on the blockchain,” Hamilton said this can be extended by Kroll into the murky depths of the dark web. Kroll Cyber runs a specialist darkweb unit out of Pittsburgh, Pa., which is overseen by K.C. Logan, the former head of the criminal investigations unit of the U.S. Secret Service’s cyber division.
This operation crunches petabytes of dark web data from peer-to-peer sites, said Hamilton, adding:
“With the CryptoRecovery initiative in mind we have have been able to repurpose it so we can go into that database with a wallet string and look for any identifiers that are associated with that wallet name – perhaps a conversation over the selling of stolen credit cards or someone offering criminal services and providing that wallet as an address.”
Follow the money: Lewis explained that there are two paths that can be followed when it comes to a crypto investigation: figure out who did it or follow the money.
CryptoRecovery’s objective here is asset recovery, first and foremost, since that’s what the client is paying for. But ultimately both paths lead to the same place, said Lewis, adding:
“It is inconceivable that the investigative process would finish without us giving all the details to relevant law enforcement for them then to get the benefit of the work and lock the thieves up.”
The majority of CryptoRecovery’s focus will be on bitcoin and ether, but will also cover XRP, BCH, LTC, NEO and DASH. People who have been unfortunate to have lost assets can learn more about how to recover their lost or stolen bitcoin here.
As for those who’ve had coins pilfered, some remain philosophical about it. “That’s life,” said the aforementioned investor, adding:
“It made me grow a lot and it’s part of my adventure in crypto.”
Contact [email protected] to recover all lost or stolen bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.
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2020.09.25 19:41 derApfel44 [Hiring] Android Engineer - Macro-Eyes Health · Seattle, WA

Groundbreaking AI for situational awareness.
macro-eyes deploys AI in some of the most challenging environments in the world.
macro-eyes is the AI company with the mandate to make critical infrastructure predictive the world over, saving lives and extending the impact of scarce resources.
In settings with no individual health data available, macro-eyes predicts with near 80% accuracy which child will drop out of routine immunization programs – and core AI is generalizable to new health scenarios and across geographies. macro-eyes is able to generate geo-specific and hyper-specific population insight using predictive features machine learned from satellite imagery and publicly available data.
In settings without network, macro-eyes AI runs on commodity mobile devices, counting and identifying health commodities and vaccines when users snap an image with their phones, so that governments understand what is being used where – and what supplies to send next.
The Department of Defense of the United States has tasked macro-eyes with demonstrating that machine learning experience in global healthcare can be expanded to new domains with limited data, high uncertainty, and the need for precision functionality. In keeping with DoD's prior technological innovations now in broad use - the Internet, GPS, LIDAR, and the list goes on - our work together will address to-date unsolved problems that will ultimately bring critical, data-driven infrastructure to millions of people.
What You Will Do:
You will focus on innovation that strives to extend the capabilities of machine and human perception to solve a problem extremely challenging for people or AI to do alone. As an Android Engineer at macro-eyes, build and deploy machine learning systems - on device - that learn from sensed surroundings and learn from what experts in the field see and understand. Put your code to the test. You will create transformative technology the world has not yet seen; and what you build will have impact beyond the DoD, adapted for healthcare the world over, to preserve scarce resources and to save lives.
Who You Are:
You are a problem solver. You’ve built and shipped at least 1 Android app; you’ve actively used and understand all sensors on the newest Android devices.
How You Will Create Impact:
Learn and grow with a world-class machine learning and engineering team, led by MIT faculty and advised by renowned technologists, scientists and experts in machine learning, human-computer interaction, healthcare and global affairs. macro-eyes has a mandate to deliver significant social impact and global presence. macro-eyes is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, USAID, and the US Department of Defense and has partnered with safety-net health facilities across the US, UNICEF, Stanford Medicine, the Government of Tanzania, and the Government of Sierra Leone.
Learn more about this role and apply here
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2020.09.25 19:40 derApfel44 [Hiring] Android Engineer - Macro-Eyes Health · Seattle, WA

Groundbreaking AI for situational awareness.
macro-eyes deploys AI in some of the most challenging environments in the world.
macro-eyes is the AI company with the mandate to make critical infrastructure predictive the world over, saving lives and extending the impact of scarce resources.
In settings with no individual health data available, macro-eyes predicts with near 80% accuracy which child will drop out of routine immunization programs – and core AI is generalizable to new health scenarios and across geographies. macro-eyes is able to generate geo-specific and hyper-specific population insight using predictive features machine learned from satellite imagery and publicly available data.
In settings without network, macro-eyes AI runs on commodity mobile devices, counting and identifying health commodities and vaccines when users snap an image with their phones, so that governments understand what is being used where – and what supplies to send next.
The Department of Defense of the United States has tasked macro-eyes with demonstrating that machine learning experience in global healthcare can be expanded to new domains with limited data, high uncertainty, and the need for precision functionality. In keeping with DoD's prior technological innovations now in broad use - the Internet, GPS, LIDAR, and the list goes on - our work together will address to-date unsolved problems that will ultimately bring critical, data-driven infrastructure to millions of people.
What You Will Do:
You will focus on innovation that strives to extend the capabilities of machine and human perception to solve a problem extremely challenging for people or AI to do alone. As an Android Engineer at macro-eyes, build and deploy machine learning systems - on device - that learn from sensed surroundings and learn from what experts in the field see and understand. Put your code to the test. You will create transformative technology the world has not yet seen; and what you build will have impact beyond the DoD, adapted for healthcare the world over, to preserve scarce resources and to save lives.
Who You Are:
You are a problem solver. You’ve built and shipped at least 1 Android app; you’ve actively used and understand all sensors on the newest Android devices.
How You Will Create Impact:
Learn and grow with a world-class machine learning and engineering team, led by MIT faculty and advised by renowned technologists, scientists and experts in machine learning, human-computer interaction, healthcare and global affairs. macro-eyes has a mandate to deliver significant social impact and global presence. macro-eyes is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, USAID, and the US Department of Defense and has partnered with safety-net health facilities across the US, UNICEF, Stanford Medicine, the Government of Tanzania, and the Government of Sierra Leone.
Learn more about this role and apply here
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2020.09.25 19:00 TradeFlags Hourly News Update

🤖 Mean Polarity = 0.09 Mean Subjectivity = 0.31
SPX 3255.5 NASDAQ 11010.0 DOW 26791.0 OIL 42.35
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The Internet - Partners in Crime Part Three - YouTube The Internet-Partners In Crime Part Three - YouTube WSI Internet Partners - YouTube The Internet - Partners In Crime - YouTube Partners in Crime Part Three - YouTube Become an Internet profit partnerUse Dean Hollands Profit ...

Internet - Partner Communications Cooperative

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  6. Become an Internet profit partnerUse Dean Hollands Profit ...
  7. Partners In Crime Pt. 2 - The Internet (ofwgkta)

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Partners In Crime Pt. 2 - The Internet - ofwgkta Download here Partners In Crime Pt. 2 - The Internet (ofwgkta) Partner... This is a high end completely done for you product that will bring you in Big Pay Days. This is a very High Quality Program with s... No profit is being made from this video, it is purely for artistic purposes lol don't sue me thnx. I directed this video for an art exhibition by and for que... Subscribe Here ☛ Album cover from: @youngvisionary15 The... The Internet - Partners In Crime LYRICS We can conquer the world Just you and me no one else Tell me if thats cool What chu wanna do Ahh Ohhh Guns drawn in a... Partners in Crime Part Three · The Internet Ego Death ℗ 2015 Odd Future LLC Released on: 2015-06-26 Composer, Lyricist, Producer: Brian Kennedy Background Vo...