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SIPRI military expenditure data is based on open sources only. Excel file: Data for all countries 1949–2019 (excel spreadsheet) Pdf files: Data for all countries from 1988 – 2019 in constant (2018) USD (pdf) Data for all countries from 1988 – 2019 in local currency (pdf) Data for all countries from 1988 – 2019 as a share of GDP (pdf) According to data from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs national screening program, about 1 in 4 women and 1 in 100 men report that they have experienced sexual trauma in the military.6 As a part of ‘Veterans Employment Program’, the Australian Government is launching a SkillsBuild program for former defense personnel and their families that will offer learning opportunity to participants to gain skills in areas related to cloud administration, Cybersecurity, data management and web development. IBM will offer the SkillsBuild Initiative in advocacy with ‘Soldier On’ […] DoD Personnel, Workforce Reports & Publications. DMDC maintains a DoD Personnel, Workforce Reports & Publications site. Users of this site may view and print DoD Personnel and U.S. Military casualty statistics, as well as, historical DoD procurement reports and data files. What military records does NARA have? The National Archives holds Federal military service records from the Revolutionary War to 1912 in the National Archives Building in Washington, D.C. See details of holdings. Military records from WWI - present are held in the National Military Personnel Records Center (NPRC), in St. Louis, Missouri, See details of holdings. The military expenditure project is fundamentally data driven. At the heart of the project is SIPRI’s unique, freely available, military expenditure database. The database is updated annually, both with new data for the most recent year and with revisions to past data to take account of new information and ensure consistency over time.

Foști comandanți ai unei unități militare din Craiova își recunosc vinovăția la DNA, într-un dosar privind reabilitarea unei cazărmi din Deveselu - [Actualitate][Esențial]

2020.09.29 15:52 niuz-bot Foști comandanți ai unei unități militare din Craiova își recunosc vinovăția la DNA, într-un dosar privind reabilitarea unei cazărmi din Deveselu - [Actualitate][Esențial]

Colonelul în rezervă Daniel Croitoru, la data faptei comandant al UM 02517 Craiova, și locțiitorul său, colonel inginer Vasile Deatcu, au încheiat cu DNA acorduri de recunoaștere a vinovăției într-un dosar în care sunt acuzați că și-au încălcat atribuțiile de serviciu în legătură cu un contract acordat unei firme pentru reabilitarea unei cazărmi din Deveselu, informează Agerpres.
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2020.09.29 15:28 niuz-bot Foşti comandanţi ai unei unităţi militare din Craiova îşi recunosc vinovăţia la DNA - [Justitie]

Colonelul în rezervă Daniel Croitoru, la data faptei comandant al UM 02517 Craiova, şi locţiitorul său, colonel inginer Vasile Deatcu, au încheiat cu DNA acorduri de recunoaştere a vinovăţiei într-un dosar în care sunt acuzaţi că şi-au încălcat atribuţiile de serviciu în legăt...
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2020.09.29 02:35 jormundr Ancient Strategy 33

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Francoise directed Alec on the settings she'd need, trusting the sAI to more quickly shift things for their needs. Alec was already bringing up his own programs to keep tabs on what he'd need. Ever since they'd considered what the league may attempt to do to sabotage them, they'd begun practicing variations of those scenarios. Including drills in case their settings were set to default or plain incorrect and they had a small window in which to change them. The two of them had everything prepared and comfortable for themselves with a full minute still on the clock.
During that minute, Francoise and Alec discussed several plans and fallback options. It would be a tough fight for both sides, the others knew their specialties as well so their would be very little element of surprise either group could pull. Meaning they'd both have to rely on deception to hide the sucker punches.
The game came online and they were given their race, a triped insectoid with multiple, weak grasping limbs and on an arid world. Francoise and Alec agreed on the name "Trike" and got to work. Alec worked on creating a landscape run through with cliffs and canyons, able to run through the terraforming of the planet more easily since he didn't require a physical interface. Francoise created creatures that bored into the earth, predatory moles, mothlike creatures that would drop rocks to hunt its prey, birds that would attack and attempt to overbalance creatures on the cliffsides.
For flat and mountainous areas, Alec and Francoise created ambushing felines and pack hunting canines. Mites and other pests were made to be get into the hard to reach areas of the Trikes, a recycled tactic of a previous game. They increased distrust only a little, there was no need to make them violently paranoid. Then the game clock started.
The cliffs proved perilous to the Trikes, forcing them to cooperate to survive as Alec and Francoise had planned. Because the cliffs and canyons proved difficult for them to easily overcome, their tribes worked together to to build bridges and passes so that they could travel. Predators always aimed to knock them off the cliffsides, lone foragers and hunters never lasted long. Tribal wars were brutal affairs that relied on multidimensional strategizing, pushing the Trikes to think further ahead faster.
Development pushed them to the plains, where they were forced to rely even more on teamwork and each other. Francoise kept tracking their inventions and development, confirming that tool upgrades were heading in the proper direction. Alec tracked the psych and emotional states, constantly attempting to keep them in balance and seeing what causes were. They both spoke quietly when they did so out loud, trying to stick to the sign language they'd developed in case they were overheard.
Space exploration started earlier than usual, the high cooperation among the Trikes contributing to its speed. Further exploration was even faster, the population and colonies able to spread great distances before the stress from it forced groups to break off through war or agreement.
The first test for their strategy appeared when an equal technology race was met, a war loving squid race. They attacked the Trikes several times, before a negotiation could be managed. Oddly, the Trikes seemed untroubled by the attacks, accepting the casualties and fighting on a decently equal footing with them. The more the Squids learned about the Trikes, the less interested they were in fighting. Integration between the species was done in record time, almost less than a century.
They continued to spread ever more and integrated three more species into their race before they met the opponent species. One was a highly militarized peacekeeping group, another was a mercantile group, the last was a highly advanced race focused on research and tech. Alec and Francoise groaned, it would be an uphill battle.
The ship, TESN Watcher, maintained itself in the void on low power. The Terran forces considered it a corvette class, weaponized enough to handle a fight but not necessarily alone. The Conglomerate would put it on a scale closer to a destroyer or cruiser when compared to their own fleets if they ever got the chance to see it. Which they didn’t, despite its presence just outside the gravity bands of a system as it observed a shipyard and a nearby populated planet. The Watcher had removed most of its weapons to take on scanning, probing, and sensor arrays to act as an active scout. Which wasn’t particularly active.
They’d not gone anywhere for weeks now. They’d had scheduled check-ins with command, who kept sending the same orders of “Observe and Record”. Many would think it meant that nobody had anything to do. The crew only wished that was true. They were constantly adjusting for system velocity, predictive flight plans of any ships entering or exiting the system, attempting to better position themselves to spy on the unaware inhabitants. Maintenance was triple and quadruple checking systems, keeping everything in pristine condition. It had been worth it, they’d caught problems before they’d had a chance to make a mess. A burnt out wire because the mineral composition was off, an escape pod that would have had its door jammed open but still launched and kept its inhabitants in vacuum.
The greatest problem they faced was the unwary system population themselves. Despite having literally anywhere else they could go, every ship in the system seemed bound and determined to run into them. A few times they’d had little warning before a ship dropped from hyperspace and they got just out of the way enough to not be detected. They hadn’t been caught only because nobody had looked out of their windows to see the ship in those close calls. If they’d had any windows, that is. Best anyone could tell, it didn’t seem like any Conglomerate military ships had viewports, windows, or any other way to see outside the ship except for their sensors. Some would think it was the enemy trying to force them out of cover, but the Terrans knew better. As the saying went, “If you make a fire, it doesn’t matter where you sit. The smoke is going to blow in your face.”
Navigator Marcia Rico found the thought of not having windows particularly depressing. She had always loved being able to look out of a viewport to see space, to look at the stars and know her way among them. She’d been spending most of her time working with the operations command to try and better position for their sensors and cameras while also keeping their profile low. It was a juggle, there was no doubt, but that was part of the job. The conning officer, an sAI that went by Patch, worked well with her and often let her know any reading the ship was getting before they appeared on her console. Her secondary job was to begin recording and mapping hyperspace currents and record any alt-space traffic. So far, it had been pretty low. Didn’t seem like this was a high traffic hyperspace lane. Most anything coming or going were here for the system itself, it seemed.
She was looking over some of the sensor data in her quarters when she got an alert, *Report to Bridge*. There was no alarm and Patch hadn’t sent her anything on her personal com, so she hoped they just needed her latest repositioning estimates. She put on her uniform and made her way to the bridge. As she walked, she passed by a team of Colveth mechanics stripping and replacing a board. At least two had cigarettes hanging from their mouths as they looked over power couplings, one was shaking its head in disbelief and had covered its eyes in disappointment, while the others were angrily yelling about shoddy work and wringing somebody’s neck for “wasting their time with this shit”.
She entered the bridge and was surprised to see the entire bridge crew of her shift present in addition to the secondary shift. She was part of the primary crew while other shifts were mostly there to keep things maintained. It looked like the secondary crew was composed of the least experienced members, new to the role and still learning to be comfortable with everything. She saw the second for her position look at her and give a sigh of relief as they began moving over to a different seat.
The bridge itself had a view to space, though it didn’t offer much of anything useful at the moment. The Captain’s position was central and everyone else had stations positioned around it, facing either towards the main screens in front or to the multiple specialized screens they needed along a wall. Marcia walked over to her station and waited to get the debrief from Kosit, a male Phenor whose species looked like somebody had brought a pile of rocks to life. Marcia knew that the Phenor only covered themselves in rocks, continuing to do so even as they grew, to protect their otherwise delicate and adhesive skin. But when all you can see of them is rocks, you tend to think of them as rock people.
When Kosit noticed she was waiting for a debrief, he gave a small, subtle, shake of his head. That was concerning to her, not least because Kosit was the most talkative person she knew. She took the primary navigation seat, hit the button letting the captain know she was at the ready, and turned toward the captain hoping to get a debrief from them.
Captain Habersher, a female of what Terrans called Tabaxi due to their feline features, waited until the crew had all faced her. She was a particular stickler for rules and protocols and absolutely refused to start until everyone had completed the proper procedures. “We have received new orders, it appears that command has gotten word of a research station nearby that they want us to investigate. Normally, I’d wait until your usual shift but command has marked this as urgent. Secondary crew will remain as you work, this will be a good time for some of our latest crew to get more comfortable in their positions and continue to learn the roles. This shouldn’t take more than a few hours and I will ensure you get the R&R to make up for it. Gator Rico, I’m sending coordinates to you now. Commo Harrison, keep tabs on any traffic they may be sending and make sure they don’t know we’re leaving or going anywhere. All others, be ready. While we have no reason to believe they know we’re here, it always pays to be prepared.”
A chorus of ayes sounded and Marcia set about plotting a course and determining the best path to make their way. The trip shouldn’t take more than an hour, she extended the time slightly by going on a non-linear path and making stops in a few systems to shake any possible tracking ships. As she worked, she showed Kosit why she chose certain hyperspace currents over others, why certain systems were better than others despite looking the same in the configuration maps, and let him plan out a few routes as well. She only had to correct him once when he tried to choose an exit point that would have them pushing against a hyperspace eddy, it would make them lose the low profile exit they wanted to make. Once they had a route, after getting captain approval, they sent it over to Patch who alerted the helmsman and engineering the start of the path and engine output they’d be needing.
The time in hyperspace was, more or less, uneventful. Engineering reported a fight breaking out between a Colveth and a human, apparently something about a bad replacement job, but otherwise nothing of note. On exiting hyperspace, Marcia began running scans and updates for astrogation. The system was fairly simple, non-inhabitable with low special resource deposits. What she did highlight was a station that had seen a blow out and looked dead. They maintained position for now, keeping an eye on the station itself and observing if anything changed once they were in sensor range. When nothing happened, the captain declared everything was in order and Marcia and the rest of the shift headed out. As she left, she saw pieces of a leftover message from the communications console.
“Station gone dark, no survivors, lack of investigation b-... -can't- ... -at this time, maintain a system- …. -Conglomerate Intelligence-… -Team Seven-…”
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2020.09.27 19:08 biggreekgeek Flatten the Curve. Part 53. IoT Surveillance. Recorded Future can Predict our Future. Petraeus. The Pandemic Era and Environmental Collapse. Oh. Do you Remember All the Dead Elephant's? I Do. And It Gave More Evidence of the Environmental Collapse Cover-up. It's Worse Than They Tell Us.

I'm back. And it's time to get back to work. I know that a lot of you have been refreshing and looking out for my posts, and I'm sorry. Life just got way too busy and left me too tired to write. And even though you probably thought that I'd gone missing, I bet you the Surveillance State didn't. Nope. The all seeing eye knew exactly where I was. And not only me, it knows where you are. It knows where all of us are. And it probably knows us better than we know ourselves.
2010, August 28 • Google, CIA Invest in 'Future' of Web Monitoring. The investment arms of the CIA and Google are both backing a company that monitors the web in real time – and says it uses that information to predict the future. The company is called Recorded Future, and it scours tens of thousands of websites, blogs and Twitter accounts to find the relationships between people, organizations, actions and incidents – both present and still-to-come. In a white paper, the company says its temporal analytics engine "goes beyond search" by "looking at the 'invisible links' between documents that talk about the same, or related, entities and events." The idea is to figure out for each incident who was involved, where it happened and when it might go down. Recorded Future then plots that chatter, showing online "momentum" for any given event. "The cool thing is, you can actually predict the curve, in many cases," says company CEO Christopher Ahlberg, a former Swedish Army Ranger with a PhD in computer science. Source Here
That's so amazing isn’t it? You can actually predict the curve. Well now, let's think, were have we seen that curve terminology before? Population Curve? Nope, that's not right. Curve Your Enthusiasm? That doesn't sound right either. Right, it's Curb Your Enthusiasm. Duh. The Learning Curve? Ugh. I just can't remember, can you? Oh shoot, that's right, it's the Title of My Post's, Flatten the Curve. Ok. Moving on. Let's get back to Recorded Future.
Occupy Wall Street Media Monitoring • In 2011, Recorded Future reported, "... gaining online momentum for the Occupy Wall Street movement. When we look more carefully at influencers in this discussion using our Influencer Map, we find that Iran Press TV is the second largest influencer after the U.S. media!" Source Here
Recorded Future saw online momentum for the Occupy Wall Street Movement. But. But. Does that mean they knew the social discord was going to lead to today's riots? Could they be manipulating police to follow orders without fear of repercussions for the future? Nah. They couldn't have, otherwise police officers wouldn't be going to go jail after violating a citizens rights, right?
2020, June 22 • Police in America’s biggest cities are failing to meet even the most basic international human rights standards governing the use of lethal force, a new study from the University of Chicago has found. Researchers in the university’s law school put the lethal use-of-force policies of police in the 20 largest US cities under the microscope. They found not a single police department was operating under guidelines that are compliant with the minimum standards laid out under international human rights laws. Among the failings identified by the law scholars, some police forces violate the requirement that lethal force should only be wielded when facing an immediate threat and as a last resort. Some departments allow deadly responses in cases of “escaping suspects”, “fugitives”, or “prevention of crime” – all scenarios that would be deemed to fall well outside the boundaries set by international law. Top UN human rights expert urges US to listen to demands of protesters. In other cities, police guidelines failed to constrain officers to use only as much force as is proportionate to the threat confronting them. Source Here
Hmmm. Maybe the militarization of our police is starting to make a lot more sense now, doesn’t it? It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy to know that pretty soon that same police force will be able to track you anywhere.
May 15, 2012 • CIA Chief: We'll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher. It's great that you've got so much new household hardware connected to the internet. Especially for the CIA, whose director wants to spy on you through it. More and more personal and household devices are connecting to the internet, from your television to your car navigation systems to your light switches. CIA Director David Petraeus cannot wait to spy on you through them. SOURCE HERE
What's David Petraeus talking about? The Internet of Things. That same Internet of Things that 5G is being rushed out for. That same Internet of Things that will help usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. That same 4th Revolution that the World Economic Forum is calling the Great Reset. Perfect Plan. Crisis. Crap your pants. Solution. If you think the Surveillance State is omnipresent now, just wait until the infrastructure is built for the next level of control. For our safety, of course. Keep Calm and Carry On. The Not Normal New Normal is going to be very dangerous. And to save us from the Not Normal New Normal they have to keep us safe from Fake News with Fact Checks. Wash Your Hands and Wear Your Mask. Keep your Contact Tracer App Up to Date. Don't gather in large groups, use the internet to keep in touch with friends and loved ones, that way we can data mine those conversations to keep you safe from conspiracy theorists antivax who propagate propoganda.
September 2, 2020 • Although the coronavirus pandemic has altered how people live for some time now, the knowledge that it will have an end is a faint light at the end of a long socially distanced tunnel. But, according to new research, that light may be further than we thought. Infectious disease expert and coronavirus task force voice of reason Anthony Fauci believes we may be entering a “pandemic era.” Because of course we are. Source Here
The Pandemic Era. Line up and get shot, errr, sorry, I meant, line up and get your shots. Don't be an antivaxer. Save Civilization, Get Your Vaccination. Remember, we won't have a second wave, it will just be one long continuous wave. Wait. Hold up. Nope. That's wrong. We are having a second wave. Surf's up so don't wipe out.
His assertion comes from a new report in the scientific journal Cell, whose author David Morens, a medical historian and colleague of Fauci’s at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, predicts that coronavirus might be only the first of a series of worldwide diseases. These types of diseases have been cropping up more and more frequently, according to research. The phenomenon is similar to the exponential growth of climate change, meaning if a “pandemic age,” becomes a reality, it joins humanity’s very real race to doomsday. Neat!
Ah. The Pandemic Era and Environmental Collapse. Amazing! It's the sequel that we've been waiting for! Mad Max and Pandemic Road. And who is causing the upcoming doom? Why us, who else. You see, the enemy isn't at the gates, that Trojan Horse was yesterday's news. The Terrorists that were threatening Western Civilization have been beaten back, only to be replaced by an enemy that can't be seen or heard. The Biological Terrorists. And how are we responsible for the Great Bioterror that needs a Great Reset?
As for the culprit to this acceleration? It’s us, of course. For how humans are causing this acceleration, Fauci and Morens point to deforestation, urban crowding, and wet markets for wild game, which have been wreaking havoc for a century and contribute to environmental degradation around the world.
Us. It's always us. We don't listen. We just Keep Calm and Carry On. But now we're going to have to listen. We won't have any choice, will we? The environment is collapsing. It's our fault. We own the companies. We package small items in big boxes because, marketing. We dump toxic chemical waste that poison people. We make cellphones that are outdated in one year. We're the one's lying about plastic being recycled. What? You actually thought you were doing your part and saving the environment?
2020, September, 21 • The industry's awareness that recycling wouldn't keep plastic out of landfills and the environment dates to the program's earliest days, [NPR] found. "There is serious doubt that [recycling plastic] can ever be made viable on an economic basis," one industry insider wrote in a 1974 speech. Yet the industry spent millions telling people to recycle, because, as one former top industry insider told NPR, selling recycling sold plastic, even if it wasn't true. Here's the basic problem: All used plastic can be turned into new things, but picking it up, sorting it out and melting it down is expensive. Plastic also degrades each time it is reused, meaning it can't be reused more than once or twice. On the other hand, new plastic is cheap. It's made from oil and gas, and it's almost always less expensive and of better quality to just start fresh. As it turns out, less than 10% of plastic has ever been recycled.


Source Here
It's us.. We demand these things. What? Does that shock you? Of course that's why they make our goods disposable, the public demands it. It's not like marketing works and the demand is a manufactured need to increase their profits. Nope. It's us. Our existence is killing the planet. This wouldn't be happening if there weren't so many of us. Because this is obviously the first extinction level event that could be happening because of abrupt climate change.
2020, September, 25 • A New Mass Extinction Event Has Been Discovered, And It Triggered The Rise of Dinosaurs. Source Here
Oh. Six mass extinction events. But it's us isn't it? Just look around. Birds falling from the sky. Fish washing up on shore. Elephant's dying.


Didn't I write about the Elephant's dying? Yep. Flatten the Curve. Part 30 And didn't I say that it was cyanobacteria because I saw a pond that looked like it was outgassing hydrogen sulfide gas in a video I linked to? Yes, yes I did. And guess what? The Greek was right.
More than 300 elephants in Botswana have been killed by toxin-producing cyanobacteria in waterholes, government wildlife officials said Monday. But that explanation doesn't satisfy some conservationists. The deaths, which took place over the course of three months, were first recorded in May and reported in early July. Their cause was initially a mystery; Botswana ordered laboratory tests to be carried out on carcass, soil and water samples as speculation grew over the deaths. Cyanobacteria are routinely found in water, but not all produce toxins. Scientists worry that climate change will trigger the bacteria to produce more toxins as water temperatures rise and conditions become more favorable for the bacteria to grow. Source Here
That doesn't satisfy some conservationists? Really? Worldwide reports of a rotten egg smell. Dogs dying when they jump into cyanobacteria filled waters. Rivers turning red. Nah. The New Normal is our New Normal, until AI turns it into our New New Normal.
Pax Technica • What is the internet of things? This pax will not be dominated by any one state, Howard argues, but by “a special kind of stability in global politics, revealing a pact between big technology firms and government”. The categories of democracy and dictatorship will fall. In their place, he claims, will be data-driven socio-technocracies, built on the intensive reporting of our behaviours, habits, tastes and beliefs, seamlessly transmitted by the devices we use, carry and interact with. We won’t need to express our political preferences and needs: our white goods and driverless cars will express them for us. Source Here By tracking us in intensive and intrusive ways – not only in our homes, but in our vehicles and bodies – data-driven devices can nudge, manipulate and mould our behaviours, habits and preferences, limit our autonomy, and bring quantification, segregation and discrimination to what is currently a political economy held together by social fuzziness.
They'll be able to shape and modify our behavior. And when you put Recorded Future and other companies into the mix, guess what happens? They'll shape and modify our behaviours before they become our behaviours, because they'll already know how we'll behave in the future. Kind of like the shaming of antivaxer behavior before they announce:
Annual COVID-19 Vaccine May Be Necessary. Source Here
Or priming us for AI to save the environment:
According to a recent survey by Intel and the research firm Concentrix, 74 percent of business-decision makers working in environmental sustainability agree artificial intelligence (AI) will help solve long-standing environmental challenges; 64 percent agree the Internet of Things (IoT) will help solve these challenges. As the field of AI develops, so will the potential to protect the environment. From the land and air to both drinking and ocean water, AI is shaping up to be the key that governments, organizations, and individuals can tap to work toward a cleaner planet. Source Here
Do you see where all this is going? The AI and IoT will be everywhere. It will save us from the Collapse, which really means, it will save us from ourselves. Do you see the convergence that's taking place? No? Let me remind you. Because if we are the problem, then we aren't alone.
Coronavirus which is killing and infecting people all over the world was created in a Lab in China's Wuhan, such an idea would have been labelled a conspiracy theory until a few weeks ago. But earlier this week, a Chinese virologist Dr Li-Meng Yan, in an exclusive conversation with WION claimed that the deadly coronavirus was developed in a government laboratory in Wuhan. She also said that Chinese government was aware of the COVID-19 spread. And now Professor Giuseppe Tritto, an internationally known expert in biotechnology and nanotechnology in his book 'China COVID 19: The chimera that changed the world' has said that he believes the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is behind the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), leaving little doubt that this viral “chimera” was artificially created as a bioweapon. Source Here
Researchers claim long-term exposure to air pollution in China killed 30.8 million people between 2000 and 2016. Source Here
We're going to war against China, while they get the security apparatus up for AI in the war against our minds and individuality. For an environmental collapse they blame us for. And they will focus our shame into anger towards China.
The system will be set up. We will go to war with China. And the system will be fully executed by the time the war is done. It will have to be, for our safety, of course. And AI will keep us safe. Right? RIGHT! Wait. So then why are all the elite building Doomsday Bunkers? Almost like the 1% are covering their bases in case AI can't save us.
One of the most insidious things about gaslighting is the denial of reality. Being denied what you have seen. Being denied what you have experienced and know to be true. It can make you feel like you are crazy. But you are not crazy. Dr Robin Stern, associate director at Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and author of The Gaslight Effect says that usually “when people are abused there are signs that you can point to that are much more obvious. Someone who has been hit or threatened for instance – it’s easy to see and understand how they have been hurt. But when someone is manipulating you, you end up second-guessing yourself and turning your attention to yourself as the person to blame”. Source Here
DARVO - Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender. Or, Gaslighting. It's a popular term. It's a great way to make us feel like powerless victims. Gaslighting makes us feel like we need to be saved. When you're searching for answers but only end up finding confusion, it's setting you up to accept any New Normal answer they'll eventually give you. Need someone to blame for the state of chaos? Here's China. They're the problem. We're All In This Together, and You're Either With Us Or Against Us. And there will be people against the war, and therefore against us, so we'll need surveillance to protect us from the enemies within. Because another War will be a necessary evil. World War Three will be the War to save the planet by destroying the planet. Makes sense, doesn't it? And when our planet is worse off than before? Then we'll need the surveillance to help us decide when to have Climate and Pandemic lockdowns. The omnipresent Eye of AI will guide us and safeguard us against Fake News and Not Normal New Normal Narrative disrupting lies. We will have to kill what's left of our privacy because dangerous thoughts are born in secrecy.
We must become a transparent society, because the truth doesn't need to hide. The truth is universal. But who decides what is true? Not us. We can't be trusted. Look what we already did with our privacy, we destroyed our planet. So we have to become dependent upon the system and trust the choices that the system makes. We can't just follow system orders though, we have to become a part of the system, a unified whole working towards the common good of all mankind. But what happens when you question the choices? What happens if your thoughts and actions disrupt the Not Normal New Normal Narrative?
Let's check back with David Petraeus a year later after openly musing about how the IoT will make surveillance ubiquitous in our society.
2012, November 9 • Petraeus Resigns From CIA After Feds Uncover 'Extramarital Affair' Source Here David Petraeus, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, has resigned. Petraeus told CIA employees Friday in a letter that he was stepping down "for personal reasons... After being married for over 37 years, I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. Such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours."
2012, November 11 • How I Was Drawn Into the Cult of David Petraeus. The biggest irony surrounding CIA director David Petraeus’ downfall is becoming a casualty of the very publicity machine he cultivated to portray him as superhuman. I have some insight into how that machine worked. Source Here
2020, November 15 • Now the CIA Is Investigating Petraeus. Anyone who thought the scandal around CIA Director David Petraeus was winding down can think again. Now the CIA is investigating its former leader while some agency veterans whisper that they never liked him anyways. Source Here
Oops. I think David said something that he shouldn't have said about IoT and Surveillance. It's a quick fall from Superhero To Villan when you reveal the Superhero Clubhouse Secrets.
Look. Listen. Think. Question. All the time. The information is out there. So's the truth, even if it's camouflaged. Because the truth is, the big picture is a lot more complicated than thought reducing and behavioral shaping memes. Life isn't black and white. That's why they call it a Grey War. And the Grey War is happening all around us. And in the coming weeks I'll be posting some eye opening stories about the Dark Web, Blockchain, and the current narrative about inequality. About a certain pharmaceutical company and how it's DNA tests are failing the grade. We will dive into the Uighur Minority in China. And most importantly, Cicada 3301, and how it seems to be playing a larger role than most of us realize. And some updates on the current microbial imbalance that is starting to cause havoc on our planets environment. And as if that isn't enough for eye opening revelations, there is a disturbing trend that I've noticed regarding asteroids and impacts. Because why not, after all, 2020 isn't a real party until a Rockstar crashes the party.
I may have been too tired to post lately, but I wasn't too tired to read. Thanks again for all the comments and PM's checking in on me. It meant the world to me, even if I didn't have time to respond.
Heads up and eyes open. Talk soon.
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2020.09.27 17:20 More_Questions_ I would like some help understanding BLM and black america

I'm worried that social media is tearing apart our country. I feel like I'm stuck in a content echo chamber and I don't feel like I'm getting the whole story.
My request: I would like to speak with a couple black leaders in direct messages about a few topics that I am personally struggling with.
- White privilege and white fragility
- Reparation
- The BLM Movement and its goals
- Blacks can't be racist
My hypothesis:
The internet is making me more racist (assuming we all have some fears and bias and no one is beyond racism).
I have asking difficult questions about our current racial claimant and have been accused of racism by white people for doing so (haven't had one black person accuse me, yet, you could be the first!) A little about my position.
  1. I believe there is a broad amount of systemic racism in America
  2. I believe privilege is a very vast and complex mix of things and only a small percent of my own privilege is related to the color of my skin.
  3. BLM has people in it that are taking advantage of the current focus on black rights but I struggle with the larger movements intent, goals, and motivations. (example: is this just another push by Democrats to get elected and BLM will stop trending on google and in our consciousness in January of 2021, like in 2016?)
  4. I'm scared and protectionist of my family, my lively hood, and my safety in this climate. I believe fear breads racism. Our "cancel culture" and fear of challenging the "wrong" things have lead me to withdraw from black Americans, more so then in the past. I want to figure out how to break out of this cycle, I believe we are creating racism.
  5. I believe our prison system is a systemic racism tool
  6. I believe the militarization of the police is a human rights atrocity that directly affects the black community.
  7. We are being feed confirmation data by news, social media, and even our government that pushes us apart and keeps us from resolving anything and makes our world a worse place. Information is Power and a Weapon and its not being used to educate or enhance our society but to hurt us, control us, and oppress us ALL.
I want to address the beliefs above, find perspectives I 'm just not seeing, and figure out where my place is in creating real change and finding peace for us all. I want to some how turn around my growing fear --> that is leading to racial bias and racism.

this is a "throw away account" but it doesn't mean I won't share some specifics about where I come from, my experience or try to mask who I am or deceive you. As I stated above, I fear attacks on me and my family for taking something out of context or me asking a question that offends someone.
I would like to speak directly to black leaders and not participate in an internet troll fest that can get combative. I realize this would take time from someone that chooses to speak to me directly and is a lot to ask from someone who has been clear about some confrontational and hostile opinions and I thank you in advance.
I would like a christian perspective on all this as well if a black christian leader would like to speak with me, even better.
I'm also interested in a young black American perspective as well as someone who is older and has seen the systemic racism for a long time.
I will reply to questions about my intent or background but I'd like our discussions to be private or involving a limited group of invested people to prevent it devolving into anger (on my part too,).
submitted by More_Questions_ to BlackLivesMatter [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 01:07 prodownvoter Esqueci-me e faltei ao dia da defesa nacional

Boas, basicamente o que está escrito no título.
Supostamente tinha que comparecer no DDN este mês, mas nunca mais me lembrei do assunto e agora acho que não consigo arranjar justificação, pois a única que tenho é que me esqueci.
O que eu pergunto é se alguém aqui faltou e se safou e nunca teve chatices ou posso simplesmente aparecer lá noutro dia? (E já agora se posso ligar para lá para tentar remarcar a data).
Muitos dizem que não lhes aconteceu nada para além da situação militar irregular, mas eu não encontro muita informação na internet por isso vim aqui pedir opinião. (É que certamente não quero arriscar pagar multa).
Agradeço a vossa ajuda pessoal.
submitted by prodownvoter to portugal [link] [comments]

2020.09.24 22:35 MyRealNamexd jornalzinho do dia resumidaço

📰 NEWS, Ano 2, Nº 585 🗞
🗺 Notícias do Brasil e do Mundo
🗓 Quinta-Feira, 24 de setembro de 2020
⏳ 268º dia do ano
🌖 Lua Crescente 49% de visibilidade

💭 Frase do dia: Lute com determinação, abrace a vida com paixão, perca com classe e vença com ousadia, porque o mundo pertence a quem se atreve e a vida é muito para ser insignificante. - Augusto Branco

✅ Hoje é dia...
• da Conscientização Para a Eliminação das Armas Nucleares
• Marítimo
• do Mototaxista
• da Fundação da Honda

😇 Santos do dia:
• Nossa Senhora das Marcês
• São Gerardo Sagredo

🎂 Municípios aniversariantes:
Fonte: IBGE
• Cachoeira Alta-GO
• Catanhede-MA
• Coreaú-CE
• Mar de Espanha-MG
• Paraibano-MA
• Santa Mercedes-SP
• São Domingos do Maranhão-MA
• São José de Piranhas-PB
• São José de Ribamar-MA
• Tramandaí-RS
• Urupês-SP

😷 Brasil acumula 4,6 milhões de casos e 138,9 mil mortes por covid-19; Ainda de acordo com a atualização, 493.022 pessoas estão em acompanhamento e outras 3.992.886 já se recuperaram. As autoridades de saúde ainda investigam 2.422 mortes.
✍ Ministro da Economia diz que reforma deve ter tributos alternativos.
✍ Governo lança edital de projeto para reduzir letalidade infanto-juvenil.
✍ Governo e líderes decidem apoiar derrubada de veto à desoneração da folha de empresas.
✍ Governo recorre de decisão que suspende convocação de peritos do INSS.
✍ Presidente Bolsonaro dará palestra para cadetes nesta quinta no Rio.
✒ Eduardo e Flávio Bolsonaro visitam aldeia em Manaus-AM.
✒ Líder diz que base de Bolsonaro no Congresso vai construir alternativa para o Renda Brasil.
✒ Não há 'ambiente político' para discutir nova CPMF, diz presidente da comissão da reforma tributária.
✒ Senado aprova três indicados de Bolsonaro para cargo de ministro do Superior Tribunal Militar.
✒ Alcolumbre diz ver 'sentimento grande' pela derrubada do veto à desoneração da folha.
✒ Senadores da Comissão do Pantanal aprovam cronograma de trabalho.
✒ Câmara instala comissão para reformar Lei da Lavagem de Dinheiro.
⚖ Gilmar Mendes suspende ação contra Alexandre Baldy.
⚖ STF mantém contribuição sobre a folha de pagamentos para o Sebrae.
⚖ TRT propõe aplicação de layoff e reversão de demissões na Embraer.
⚖ Defesa de Flordelis pede ao STF que suspenda ordem sobre uso de tornozeleira eletrônica.
⚖ MP denuncia Alexandre Frota por falsidade ideológica em alteração societária de empresa de publicidade em São Paulo.
⚖ TCU aprova auditoria para apurar falhas na fabricação e distribuição de soro antiofídico.
⚖ Defesa de Witzel volta a pedir suspensão de processo de impeachment ao STF.
⚖ Marco Aurélio envia a plenário virtual recurso de Bolsonaro para prestar depoimento por escrito.
⚖ PDT pede ao Supremo que mande Bolsonaro explicar falas na ONU sobre Amazônia e Pantanal.
⚖ MPF pede que Justiça Federal no DF decida sobre pedido de afastamento do ministro Ricardo Salles.
⚖ STF decide se Brasil pode julgar Alemanha por barco afundado por nazistas.
⚖ Volkswagen faz acordo com MPF para reparar violações dos direitos humanos durante a ditadura.
⚖ Nova fase da Lava Jato investiga se fornecedora da Petrobras pagou US$ 40 milhões em propina por contrato de US$ 2,7 bilhões.
⚖ Operação da PF apura desvios no SUS de mais de R$ 2 milhões.
⚖ PF cumpre mandados na 75ª fase da Operação Lava Jato.
📌 INSS vai aumentar capacidade de atendimento da Central 135.
📌 Enem: estudantes têm até 1º de outubro para inserir foto no cadastro.
📌 Refugiados venezuelanos podem contribuir para desenvolvimento do país.
📌 Bombeiros da Força Nacional vão combater incêndios em Mato Grosso.
📌 Promoção em massa leva 606 procuradores da AGU ao topo da carreira com salário de R$ 27 mil.
🍀 Loteria: Mega-Sena, concurso 2.302: ninguém acerta as seis dezenas e prêmio acumula em R$ 50 milhões; As dezenas sorteadas: 18 - 22 - 25 - 27 - 43 - 44.

🔖 Polícia do Rio faz operação contra quadrilha que frauda bilhete único.
🔖 Alerj aprova admissão de impeachment de Witzel por unanimidade.
🔖 Câmara rejeita pedido de cassação do prefeito de Cubatão-SP.
🔖 Parque Estadual do Ibitipoca-MG reabre para visitação no dia 30 de setembro.
🔖 Fernando de Noronha vai reabrir turismo a partir de 10 de outubro.
🚒 Carretas se chocam e derramam etanol e nitrogênio na rodovia Anchieta em Cubatão-SP.
🚒 Homem cai de laje e é resgatado pelo Águia em Campos do Jordão-SP.
🚒 Carreta tomba e derrama 26 mil litros de combustível na BR-406 em Gonçalo do Amarante-RN.
🚓 Pastor é preso após abusar de menina de 13 anos em Brasília.
🚓 Polícia Federal apreende quase 750 kg de cocaína que seriam levados ao Porto de Santos-SP.
🚓 Elias Maluco morreu por asfixia mecânica, diz atestado de óbito.
🚓 Suspeito de homicídio no Ceará é preso em Santos-SP após postar foto nas redes sociais.
🚓 Pastor é preso após quatro acusações de abuso sexual contra jovens de igreja em Peruíbe-SP.
🚓 Mulher internada para fazer cirurgia some de hospital e é achada morta no Rio de Janeiro.
🐾 Onça-pintada ferida em incêndios no Pantanal é tratada com células-tronco e se recupera.
🐾 Duas aves ameaçadas de extinção são vistas em área de represa entre os municípios de Fronteira-MG e Icém-SP.
☔ Chuva no Rio de Janeiro em um dia supera média do mês.
☀ Setembro termina quente e outubro começa um forno no Brasil.

🗳 ELEIÇÕES 2020 📩
🔰 Ministro Barroso pede que partidos façam campanha contra notícias falsas.
🔰 Capitais têm mais de 24 mil candidatos a vereador aprovados em convenções; nº de registrados deve ser recorde.
🔰 Em reunião, presidentes de partidos criticam cota para negros já em 2020.
🔰 Mesmo com recorde de candidatos a vereador, percentual de mulheres concorrendo não aumenta nas capitais e segue próximo do obrigatório por lei.
🔰 Partido Novo suspende Filipe Sabará e determina interrupção de sua pré-campanha à Prefeitura de SP.
📊 Pesquisa Datafolha: Russomanno lidera disputa para prefeito de SP com 29%, e Covas tem 20%.

🇫🇷 Torre Eiffel é esvaziada em Paris; Não há confirmação se o esvaziamento ocorreu após uma ameaça de bomba, como informaram alguns veículos de comunicação.
🇨🇳 China promete "neutralidade carbônica" até 2060.
🇫🇷 França tem mais de 10 mil novos casos de covid-19 em um dia.
🇺🇸 Celebração do Ano Novo na Times Square, em Nova York, será virtual.
🇪🇺 UE apresenta novo Pacto sobre Imigração e promete reforçar controles das fronteiras.
🇺🇸 Policial envolvido em morte de Breonna Taylor responderá por colocar vizinhos em perigo, decide júri dos EUA; Milhares protestam após decisão.
🇪🇸 Madri pede mais médicos e policiais em meio a aumento de casos de coronavírus.
🇺🇸 Biden conquista apoio de viúva de McCain, e Trump faz comício na Pensilvânia.
🇺🇳 Recorde de frio no Hemisfério Norte, com -69,6°C, é divulgado 28 anos depois do registro.
🇸🇦 Peregrinação muçulmana a Meca será retomada em outubro.
🇧🇾 Lukashenko presta juramento em cerimônia secreta em Belarus.
🇦🇺 Ao menos 380 baleias morrem encalhadas no sul da Austrália.
🇺🇸 Trump diz acreditar que eleições de 2020 vão acabar na Suprema Corte.

💰 Ibovespa fecha em queda e vai ao menor patamar desde junho com exterior; dólar sobe a R$ 5,58.
💰 Federação de Bancos alerta para aumento de fraudes durante a pandemia.
💰 Mais de 1,2 mil municípios aderiram ao sistema de compras do governo.
💰 ANP realiza mais de 7,4 mil fiscalizações no semestre.
💰 Contas externas têm saldo positivo de US$ 3,7 bilhões.
💰 Desemprego subiu 27,6% em quatro meses de pandemia.
💰 Pandemia reduz em um décimo renda mundial obtida com trabalho, diz OIT.
💰 Indústria da construção mostra sinais de recuperação, diz CNI.
💰 Prévia da inflação em setembro fica em 0,45%, diz IBGE.
💰 Caixa paga auxílio de R$ 300 para beneficiários do Bolsa Família.
💰 Com superávit de US$ 3,7 bilhões em agosto, contas externas têm saldo positivo pelo 5º mês seguido.
💰 Em meio à pandemia, gasto de brasileiros no exterior em agosto é o menor para o mês em 16 anos.
💰 Cenário segue desafiador para setor hoteleiro, mas turismo de lazer já se recuperou, dizem especialistas.
💰 Custos industriais caem 1,5% no segundo trimestre.
💰 Itaúsa planeja ir às compras e comprar negócios de até R$ 2 bilhões, diz Setubal.
💰 Ações de bancos caem até 3%; Petrobras tem baixa e Vale sobe 2% apesar de commodities, enquanto Localiza, Unidas e IRB disparam.
💰 Coworkings serão alternativas para flexibilidade do trabalho no futuro, diz head da WeWork.
💰 Membros do Fed prometem manter juro perto de zero e pedem mais ajuda fiscal.
💰 Magazine Luiza é a varejista mais admirada do país, segundo ranking Ibevar-Fia.
📊 Indicadores:
🏦 Ibovespa 95734 pontos 📉
💵 Dólar Australiano R$ 3,952 📈
💵 Dólar Canadense R$ 4,176 📈
💵 Dólar Comercial R$ 5,586 📉
💵 Dólar Turismo R$ 5,88 📈
💶 Euro R$ 6,459 📈
💷 Libra R$ 7,086 📈
💸 Bitcoin R$ 58.002,34 📈
🔶 Ouro (g) R$ 334,05
⚪ Prata (g) R$ 3,9986
⛏ Minério de Ferro 62% US$ 125,73
⛽ Petróleo Brent (barril) R$ 232,13
🐂 Boi (@) R$ 254,20
🎋 Açúcar Cristal (saca) R$ 86,77
💨 Algodão-MT (@) R$ 98,06
☕ Café (saca) R$ 534,51
🌽 Milho (saca) R$ 000
🥚 Ovo (dúzia) R$ 000
🥜 Soja (saca) R$ 143,56
🥖 Trigo-PR (t) R$ 1.152,74
💰 IGP-M a.m. ago/20 2,74%
💰 IGP-M a.a. 2020 9,64%
💰 IGP-M acum. 12m 13,02%
💰 IPCA a.m. ago/20 0,24%
💰 IPCA a.a. 2020 0,70%
💰 IPCA acum. 12m 2,44%
💰 Poupança 0,12% a.m.
💰 Selic 2% a.a.
💰 CDI a.m. ago/20 0,16%
💰 CDI a.a. 2020 2,11%
💰 CDI acum. 12m 3,84%
💰 INCC a.m. ago/20 0,72%
💰 INCC a.a. 2020 3,67%
💰 INCC acum. 12m 4,60%

💓 Médicos creem em revolução no tratamento de câncer em menos de 30 anos.
💓 Covid-19: estudo com 50 mil pessoas aponta segurança da vacina chinesa.
💓 SUS abre consulta pública sobre uso de medicamento para o coração.
🔭 Nasa anuncia programa para levar primeira mulher à Lua em 2024.
🔭 Asteroide chegará mais perto da Terra do que satélites de TV e meteorológicos.
🖱 Facebook elimina contas chinesas falsas com conteúdo relacionado às eleições americanas.
🖱 Facebook, YouTube e Twitter firmam acordo com anunciantes para combater discurso de ódio.
🖱 Pré-cadastro do sistema de pagamentos PIX vira isca para golpes na internet, alerta empresa.
🖱 Instagram Reels, concorrente do TikTok, amplia duração dos vídeos para 30 segundos.
🖱 Jeff Bezos, fundador da Amazon, anuncia escola gratuita de linha montessoriana para crianças pobres.
🖱 TikTok vai à Justiça para tentar evitar bloqueio de downloads nos EUA a partir do próximo domingo.
🖱 Firefox para Android podia ser manipulado na rede Wi-Fi para abrir sites 'sozinho'.
🖱 YouTube lança portal para explicar como sua plataforma funciona.
📊 Somente 1% de adolescentes do sexo masculino vai ao médico; Pesquisa foi feita com 267 estudantes de escolas públicas e privadas de 12 estados brasileiros de ambos os sexos, sendo 170 meninos e 87 meninas.

⚽ Governo de SP mantém jogos de futebol sem público nos estádios.
⚽ Tóquio exigirá testes de covid-19 para atletas, mas não quarentena.
⚽ Observador do Olympique, Jamelli aprova Luis Henrique e segue com a mira para o mercado brasileiro.
⚽ Thiago Mendes reencontra bombeiro e policial que o socorreram em acidente de trânsito em Lyon.
⚽ Palmeiras avança em negociação para venda de Vitor Hugo a clube da Turquia.
⚽ Fifa concede registro provisório de Lucas Fasson, do São Paulo, ao La Serena, do Chile.
⚽ Ex-técnico do Atlético-AC denuncia tentativa de suborno para perder jogo e cita atleta do elenco.
⚽ Justiça dá mais dois meses para Caixa e Corinthians chegarem a acordo por dívida da Arena.
⚽ Com surto de coronavírus, Al Hilal não tem mínimo de jogadores e é excluído da Champions asiática.
⚽ Cazares está em São Paulo para realizar exames médicos e assinar com o Corinthians.
⚽ Lewandowski, Neuer e De Bruyne são os finalistas ao prêmio de melhor jogador da Europa.
⚽ Elias comunica ao Santos que não fica no clube e encaminha acerto com o Bahia.
⚽ Com R$ 110 bi, Faiq Bolkiah, o jogador mais rico do planeta assina com time da ilha de CR7.
⚽ Conmebol muda horário de Peru x Brasil das Eliminatórias por toque de recolher.
⚽ Luis Suárez é novo jogador do Atlético de Madrid.
⚽ Brasileirão: Na estreia de Thiago Neves, Sport vence o Corinthians com gol de pênalti (1x0).
⚽ Maranhense: Sampaio e Moto empatam no primeiro jogo da final (0X0).
⚽ Inglês: Na estreia de Thiago Silva, Chelsea goleia o Barnsley com hat-trick de Havertz e avança (6X0).
⚽ Brasileiro Feminino: Corinthians vence Iranduba fora de casa e lidera (2x0).
⚽ Libertadores: Com gol de Pepê, Grêmio vence o Inter no Beira-Rio e chega a 10 Gre-Nais de invencibilidade (1x0); Com dois gols contra, Athletico vence o Colo-Colo e assume a liderança do Grupo C (2x0); Palmeiras empata com Guaraní e adia classificação às oitavas (0x0); Junior Barranquilla goleia o Del Valle de virada (4x1).
⚽ Copa do Brasil: Ceará goleia Brusque e está nas oitavas de final (5x1); Botafogo segura o Vasco em São Januário e garante vaga nas oitavas (0x0).
🏀 Basquete: Calouro Tyler Herro assombra os Celtics, Heat vence jogo emocionante e abre 3 a 1 na série final do Leste.
🎾 Tênis: Luisa Stefani se garante na semifinal do WTA de Estrasburgo; Marcelo Melo faz 37 anos e comemora com vaga para as quartas de final em Hamburgo.
🏁 Fórmula 1: Projeto mostra uniformes de equipes como se fossem times de futebol.
🏈 Futebol Americano: Astro do Los Angeles Chargers tem pulmão perfurado por médico antes de jogo da NFL.
🏄 Surfe: Campeão mundial Ítalo Ferreira vence competição na França.
🎮 eSport: FIFA 21 será lançado com 17 times brasileiros e o genérico Oceânico FC.

🛐 Gospel Waguinho lança EP com participação de Ferrugem, Cristina Mel e Willian Nascimento - Samba na Harpa.
🛐 Gospel Pedro Henrique divulga novo single - O Meu Clamor.
🛐 Missionários dekasseguis: como imigrantes brasileiros espalham o Evangelho no Japão.
🛐 Papa Francisco: o princípio de subsidiariedade dá esperança num futuro mais saudável e justo.
🛐 Nomeação do Papa: diocese de Rubiataba-Mozarlândia, em Goiás, tem novo bispo.
🛐 “Eutanásia é crime contra a vida”, afirma Vaticano.

🎙 BTS faz discurso na Assembleia Geral da ONU.
🎙 Safadão acusa Mileide de expor o filho a festa de Halloween 'inapropriada'.
🎙 Turnê de Michael Bublê tem novas datas confirmadas para o Brasil.
🎙 Tim Bernardes canta em português no quarto álbum da banda norte-americana Fleet Foxes.
🎙 Silva lança single com gravação de canção de Gilberto Gil ouvida na voz de Gal Costa.
🎙 Aretha Marcos, filha de Vanusa, se emociona ao gravar vídeo em homenagem à cantora.
🌟 Amanda Kloots, viúva de Nick Cordero, faz vaso de cerâmica com cinzas de ator.
🌟 Anderson Di Rizzi sofre acidente doméstico.
🌟 Felipe Neto está na lista dos mais influentes da Time junto com Bolsonaro.
📺 "Sob Pressão: Plantão Covid" estreia dia 6 de outubro.
📺 'Esquadrão Suicida': Peacemaker vai ganhar um spin-off de oito episódios.
📺 Fãs pedem Rowan Atkinson como Hitler em 6ª temporada de 'Peaky Blinders'.
📺 'Supergirl': série vai terminar na 6ª temporada.
📺 SBT com Palmeiras perde novamente para Globo com Corinthians e "A Fazenda.
📺 A Fazenda: JP Gadêlha, Lidi Lisboa e Luiza Ambiel estão na segunda roça.
🎞 Disney altera data de lançamento de 'Viúva Negra' e mais outras produções.

✝ Gerson King Combo, considerado o Rei do Soul no Brasil, de complicações diabéticas, aos 76 anos
✝ Juliette Gréco, ícone da música francesa, aos 93 anos.

• Thurston Moore – 16h (Site oficial)
• Noca da Portela – 19h (YouTube)
• Dua Lipa – 19h (YouTube)
• Sylvan Esso – 19h (YouTube)
• Vitão – 20h (YouTube)
• Onze:20 – 20h (YouTube)
• Sandro DJ (Funk em casa) – 20h (YouTube)
• André Moraes – 22h (Aplicativo BeApp)
• Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – 22h (Twitch)
• Teresa Cristina - 22h (Instagram)

🔎 #FAKENEWS: Não é verdade que Filha (Lolita, de 26 anos) se casou com a mãe (Loreta, de 44 anos) na África do Sul. Fonte:

🎒 Conheça Itajaí-SC: Fazendo parte do Vale Europeu, na foz do Rio Itajaí-açu, no litoral catarinense, Itajaí tem o segundo maior produto interno bruto do estado e a maior renda per capita do estado. Colonos portugueses vindos da Ilha da Madeira e dos Açores instalaram-se na região. A partir da década de 70, Itajaí passou por um processo de dinamização de sua economia. Hoje, possui o principal porto de Santa Catarina, que também é o maior exportador de frios do Brasil. Grandes empresas multinacionais e brasileiras instalaram-se na cidade. No Turismo as praias, entre elas Molhes, Atalaia, Jeremias, Cabeçudas, Morcego, Solidão, Brava e Amores. Ampla área rural e belas paisagens naturais, com uma rica herança cultural de imigrantes alemães, italianos e portugueses. Itajaí também considerado um templo da música eletrônica no Brasil. É por onde passam os melhores DJs do planeta e acontecem as melhores festas do verão catarinense. A praia Brava também é um ponto importante para os amantes do voo livre e do surfe, inclusive a praia recebeu uma etapa do WQS, a divisão de acesso do surfe internacional. Itajaí possui um píer para navio de passageiros que serve de ponto de apoio no litoral de Santa Catarina, alfandegado, dotado de infraestrutura adequada e exclusiva para recepção de embarcação de grande porte, voltado aos cruzeiros marítimos de lazer. Sua estrutura para atracação de navios, conta com cinco Dolfins (dois de amarração e três de atracação), dez metros de calado, 220 metros de plataforma do cais, 945 metros de plataforma em concreto. O destaque é a Marejada, festa portuguesa e do pescado, é a principal festa municipal, mostrando atrações relativas ao mar e ao Açores, que acontece todos os anos durante o mês de Outubro, com uma duração geralmente entre sete e quatorze dias. É a maior festa portuguesa e do pescado do Brasil, Itajaí também é sede do Clube Náutico Marcílio Dias, agremiação esportiva de futebol e remo. Fonte: Guia do Turismo Brasil

...Qual a espessura de uma folha de caderno?
⁉️ De acordo com Silney Szyszko, da Votorantin Celulose e Papel, uma folha de caderno tem a espessura aproximada de 0,074 milímetros. “No entanto, os papéis em geral são avaliados de acordo com sua gramatura, que é seu peso por metro quadrado”, explica. No caso da folha de caderno, ele diz que a gramatura costuma ser de 56, ou seja, seu metro quadrado pesa 56 gramas. Fonte: O Guia dos Curiosos

☑ O Preço do Amanhã, 2011, Ficção científica. 1h49m. Class.:12anos.
☑ Direção: Andrew Niccol. (O senhor das armas, 2005).
🎬 Num futuro não tão distante, a população mundial trabalha e luta exclusivamente por tempo. Will Salas (Justin Timberlake. Alpha dog, 2006) encontra um desconhecido que lhe doa 1 século, por um! Por um descuido de tempo, Will perde sua mãe, fazendo com que lute contra o sistema que tira tempo dos pobres em benefício dos ricos.

Quem não gosta de ouvir uma música, hein?
⌨️ Pode ser para focar no trabalho ou na hora do treino da academia, hoje em dia é muito mais fácil e prático para você ouvir suas músicas preferidas. Segue uma lista dos serviços mais conhecidos: Tidal, Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer. Esqueci de falar, algumas operadoras já incluem esses serviços no seu plano de celular e você nem utiliza!

📖 BÍBLIA: Então Samuel pegou uma pedra e a ergueu entre Mispá e Sem; e deu-lhe o nome de Ebenézer, dizendo: "Até aqui o Senhor nos ajudou". 1º Samuel 7:12 🙏

☕ Que seu dia seja como a vontade de DEUS: bom, perfeito e agradável!! 🥖
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2020.09.23 12:57 finnagains Controversy over Mulan movie used to further Washington’s anti-China agenda

Disney released its latest live-action film remake, Mulan, to general audiences September 4 on Disney Plus, the company’s online streaming platform. Prior to and after its release, the United States and its allies have targeted the movie as part of their anti-China agenda, which is being whipped up under the phony banner of defending human rights.
Within a few days of the film’s release, a campaign was launched to block it, with the hashtag, #BoycottMulan trending on Twitter. Those involved denounced the movie, after noticing that the end credits included “special thanks” to various Chinese agencies, including the Publicity Department of CPC Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomy Region Committee and the Turpan Municipal Bureau of Public Security. Turpan is located in Xinjiang Province and the US applied sanctions to the bureau in question last year, ostensibly in response to the treatment of the ethnic Uyghur population living in Xinjiang.
While most of Mulan was shot in New Zealand, parts were also filmed in Xinjiang, in order “to accurately depict some of the unique landscape and geography for this historic period drama,” said Disney’s Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy, in response to the controversy.
Opponents of Beijing also criticized lead actress Liu Yifei, who plays the film’s titular character, after she posted support on Twitter for the Hong Kong police in August 2019, during the mass protests that were taking place then. Liu shared other pro-police tweets while writing: “I also support the Hong Kong police.”
Washington has seized on the denunciations of the filming location to further ramp up tensions with China. These denunciations are entirely hypocritical. The capitalist regime in Beijing undoubtedly utilizes repressive and police-state measures to silence any opposition to its rule. But US accusations of human rights violations in Xinjiang are highly selective and meant to further Washington’s imperialist interests, as well as provide a pretext for military aggression.
The same is equally true of Washington’s claims to support democratic rights in regions like Hong Kong and Taiwan, where US governments have long supported colonial rule and dictatorships.
The US has focused on Xinjiang in particular, as it has significant natural resources, including oil, and neighbors energy-rich Central Asian republics with whom Beijing is working to develop close economic ties. Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative also passes through the Xinjiang region.
Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who has spearheaded anti-China legislation over Xinjiang, sent a bipartisan letter to Disney, demanding answers as to why the company chose to film in that location. He accused the agencies listed in the film credits of being the “most responsible for committing atrocities—or for covering up those crimes.”
Yet, at the same time, Washington oversees and encourages police and vigilante violence against peaceful protesters in the US; the persecution of whistleblowers and journalists exposing US war crimes, most notably Julian Assange, and runs concentration camps for immigrants. This is in addition to the numerous imperialist crimes Washington has carried out during the 20th century, including supporting military coups throughout Asia.
Washington is also working to “decouple” the US economy from China’s, in order to apply additional pressure on Beijing, driven by Washington’s desire to eliminate a major economic competitor. Washington’s criticisms of Mulan and Disney are meant to ramp up pressure on US companies to either cut ties with China or join Washington’s anti-China maneuvering. This is particularly difficult for US companies, which see a foothold in the China market as a major source of profit.
In July, Attorney General William Barr delivered a diatribe in Michigan against US companies and universities. He demanded that companies like Disney should be devoted to the coming war effort, essentially putting themselves at the disposal of the State Department and the Pentagon, promoting the propaganda of US imperialism at home and abroad.
He stated: “In World War II, for example, the iconic American company, Disney, made dozens of public information films for the government, including training videos to educate American sailors on navigation tactics. During the war, over 90 percent of Disney employees were devoted to the production of training and public information films. To boost the morale of America’s troops, Disney also designed insignia that appeared on planes, trucks, flight jackets, and other military equipment used by American and Allied forces.”
Barr issued a veiled threat against those who fail to toe Washington’s line, saying: “If Disney and other American corporations continue to bow to Beijing, they risk undermining both their own future competitiveness and prosperity, as well as the classical liberal order that has allowed them to thrive.”
This campaign was not initiated with the current film or with Disney. It is part of an ongoing effort to drive divisions between the US and China. This not only involves the film industry, but other technology platforms and companies, such as Huawei and apps, WeChat and TikTok, which the Trump administration has moved to ban in the US.
Washington claims that Beijing uses all these platforms to influence, manipulate, or collect data on US citizens or the citizens of US allies. These statements are couched in anti-communist language, in order to conflate capitalist Beijing with genuine Marxism and discredit criticisms of the US. However, far from defending free speech, Washington’s goal is to assert its control over the film industry, as well as technology and communication platforms, to censor and suppress any material that it views as a threat.
Last October, Vice President Mike Pence criticized US companies like Nike and the National Basketball Association for doing business in China, and supposedly siding with Beijing over Hong Kong. “By exploiting corporate greed, Beijing is attempting to influence American public opinion, coercing corporate America,” Pence stated. “And far too many American multinational corporations have kowtowed to the lure of China’s money and markets by muzzling not only criticism of the Chinese Communist Party, but even affirmative expressions of American values.”
Pence’s provocative language highlights the extent to which the Trump administration and the entire US political establishment is seeking to foment a poisonous anti-Chinese atmosphere to divert rising class tensions at home.
Washington is faced with growing social anger at home, as protests grow against state-sanctioned killings and repression at the hands of the police. Millions of workers are also suffering from the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed more than 200,000 in the US alone. Neither the Republican nor Democratic parties have any solutions to these crises, outside of further militarism and the drive to war.
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2020.09.22 20:50 Gerry-- a satisfying rebuttal for one of the biggest myths

sips tea
So, I think we've all heard about this one specific text. Yes, that text which is commonly known for introducing people to Wehrabooism in the first place.
I'm of course talking about this nice, high-quality piece of journalism by the Washington post - „Their Wehrmacht Was Better Than Our Army“
First off; The author, Max Hastings, is a beloved lad who writes not only for the US market, but also a right-wing British magazine. (Note how he compares the entire Wehrmacht (Germany's entire armed forces) to „our army“ - this is a common amateur mistake). Here is an amazing quote from him, which portrays just how serious you should take this man:
"It was certainly the most professionally managed total defeat the world has yet seen. It takes real professionalism to have the best soldiers, the best officers, the best guns, the best tanks, the best aircraft etc in the world and still end up with your leader blowing his own face off in an underground bunker and your enemies splitting your country between them (and even letting the French get in and pretend to have been in anyway a part of the victory)“
You can read the entire article (don't, because it's a waste of time) but here is a quote:
"German machine-guns, mortars, machine-pistols, antitank weapons and armored personnel carriers were all superior to those of Britain and America. Above all, Germany possessed better tanks. The Sherman, which dominated the Allied campaign, was a superbly reliable piece of machinery. But it was fatally flawed by lack of an adequate gun to penetrate the Tiger and Panther; and by poor battlefield survivability in the face of German tank guns"
Pretty much all wrong. Hastings might be hugely impressed by the high rate of fire of “Hitler’s Buzzsaw” but of all the features of the MG42 copied by others, that rate of fire was rejected. On mortars and machine pistols, the weapons were all pretty equal (they’re so simple it’s hard to get them very right or wrong).
However, interestingly...
A mortar should be light, and the 8cm Granatewerfer 34 weighed 57kg with the lighter, alloy barrel (later 62km when steel was substituted). It should fire a heavy, lethal shell, and the 8cm bombs weighed 3.5kg each. It should have a decent range, and the GrW34 could throw those bombs to 1,200 metres.
Compare to the inferior British weapon, the 3″ Mortar Muzzle Loading, which weighed a burdensome 52kg, firing puny 4.5kg bombs to a mere 2,600m.
So, the British weapon is lighter, fires more lethal ammunition to over twice the range… and that makes it “inferior”, while something heavier, less deadly, and shorter range is “far superior” because… well… it’s German, innit?
Allied antitank weapons were extremely effective - as evidenced by the fact that unlike the Germans, the US and British didn’t have to pull heavy AA guns (rare, expensive and urgently needed for air defence) up to the front lines, to compensate for the inadequacy of their anti-tank guns.
As for MGs - Germany's GPMGs, while bringing a successful idea to the table, were hopelessly flawed and not good in the LMG role at all. The Bren was probably the best machine gun that came out of WW2, although its MG-like long barrel and big size make it less than ideal for war since the mass use of assault rifles (one of Germany's few practical WW2 inventions). However, it's idea - a magazine-fed weapon for squad support, is still around (the USMC only recently replaced one of their belt-fed weapons to a magazine-fed weapon because of this reason).
On tanks, he fails to realise that - when US tanks faced German Panthers - the kill ratio was sharply skewed in the Sherman’s favour! (a point overlooked by those who read comic books instead of operational research and battlefield analysis)
The US Army's Ballistics Research Lab (BRL) conducted operational research of tank-verses-tank fighting in an effort to determine what factors led to battlefield success, studying some 98 separate engagements - every tank vs tank engagement fought by US 3rd and 4th Armored Divisions from 15 August to 30 December 1944. (Specifically, their Report 798)
The most common type of engagement was Shermans defending against Panthers. In 20 engagements, involving 115 Shermans and 98 Panthers, 6 Shermans were destroyed compared to 59 Panthers.
Where Shermans were attacking Panthers, in 7 actions a total of 51 Shermans fought 21 Panthers, losing 5 and taking out 13 Panthers in return.
There were three “meeting engagements” where a total of 22 Shermans encountered 43 Panthers; five M4 losses to 19 Panthers knocked out.
So, top level: 188 Shermans encountered 147 Panthers, in a total of 30 engagements. Overall, 21 Shermans were knocked out compared to 91 Panthers.
This wasn’t confined to the US. For instance, on 9 June 1944, a company of 12 SS Panzer attacked the Canadians defending Norrey-en-Bessin with twelve Panthers: the nine Shermans defending, destroyed seven (plus three Pz IV and a Pz II) and drove the survivors off without loss.
The notion that Shermans were helplessly slaughtered by Panthers, doesn’t survive contact with the evidence: they were very capable of handling their opponents roughly.
This all happened in the West, where Germany stationed all of its best troops to fight the Western Allies. THE BEST - and the Allies still outperformed the Wehrmacht in combat (See Montgomery's brilliant tactics in the Battle of Caen, an advance through France which was faster than the Germans in 1940, crushing Axis defeat in North Africa and Sicily, etc.).
In other words, Germany found themselves outfought by an enemy which had to bring every single bullet, bean, piece of grain and firearm across the channel!
The Atlantic wall, which was prepared over a span of years, failed to stop a decisive British raid on the Kriegsmarine and then also to stop the attacking forces on D-Day (in fact, it lasted minutes).
Now, Hastings is either unaware of this information (which is likely) or has chosen to ignore it - he’s repeating lazy, populist myth to the credulous.
Remember, he’s a newspaper reporter and editor - not a scientist, soldier, researcher or historian.
It's also commonly accepted that the Heer was man for man superior to its enemies. This claim comes from Trevor DuPuy, by many seen as a genius of military mathematics.
In reality, there are many flaws in his (mis)calculations:
1. He was influenced by politics: Being American, he was very obviously not really in favor of the Soviet Union. He conducted that the average German soldier was about 5 times as efficient as his Soviet counterpart. This was politically very welcome in West Germany.
2. Sloppy processing of data: Another point that emerged when DuPuy’s work was picked over to be included in combat models like SIMBAT or FRAN (Force Ratio ANalysis) was that the results weren’t replicable; it turned out that in at least some cases, DuPuy had carefully counted German troops down to platoons and individual support weapons, but had been rather more cavalier in counting Allied units; particularly for British & Commonwealth units, it appears he didn’t grasp the concept of the “battlegroup” (where, for instance, two companies of infantry and a tank squadron are combined to form a composite unit) and had assumed that such a “battlegroup” was actually a full battalion of infantry and a full battalion of tanks - the Germans made much and effective use of Kampfgruppe but it seems DuPuy didn’t allow for the fact that their opponents caught on to and copied a successful idea.
3. Lack of access to Soviet archives: Before the USSR fell apart, no Westerner had access to Soviet casualty claims. As it turned out, Soviet casualties were significantly lower than DuPuy guessed, and German claims.
It’s worth quoting from a participant, who led a platoon of infantry from July 1944 to beyond the end of the war, on the matter:
“It has become the custom for some of our younger military writers to extol the professional ability of the Wehrmacht whilst decrying that of our own fighting arms, particularly our armour and infantry. This has perplexed me because it runs contrary to my experience. My 18 Platoon were better soldiers than any we fought. So was "D" Company and the whole 4th Battalion, The Somerset Light Infantry. Admittedly it was a good battalion but I find it hard to believe that it was unique.
This tendency among writers is understandable. They are too young to have taken part in the operations about which they write and therefore they have had to rely mainly on official records and personal interviews with those who were present. Official documents so often contain "the story for the record". Written after the battle, they are extraordinarily incomplete and sometimes too subjective. Interviews with old soldiers, whatever their rank, can also be misleading. Memory fades or becomes distorted and, particularly with the British, little thought has been given over the post-war years to battles long ago. Sadly, interviews with all but a few ex-infantrymen must necessarily be of limited assistance because very few of them survived long enough to have much to contribute…
…Although they lost, the German soldiers and their families are proud of their exploits, many of which were considerable. It is, of course, very much in their own interest to encourage the theory and myth that, although superior as fighting men, they were beaten only by numerically superior forces and firepower. In my experience this was not so. In many attacks the prisoners we took outnumbered our attacking force and German units who would continue to resist at close quarters were few indeed. Unlike us, they rarely fought at night, when they were excessively nervous and unsure of themselves. Where we patrolled extensively, they avoided it. I can remember only one successful German patrol and not one successful night action.
If our positions had been reversed, I doubt if they would have performed better than we did. Without doubt, some Wehrmacht formations were extremely professionally competent but many were not. Some of the enemy infantry fought with fanaticism but most did not.”
So, we often hear myths of the Heer's superiority but where's the evidence? An embarrassing result from combat modelling - selected results from which had been used to “prove” the superiority of German troops, based on their ability to fight despite being outnumbered and the enemy having air superiority - was when the Battle of Arras in 1940 and of Crete in 1941 indicated that, based on the established input values, the British troops had a much higher Combat Effectiveness Value than the Germans (according to DuPuy's flawed math, and that even though the Germans were heavily favored).
Also, Germany has been preparing for war ever since the 1920s high-command question „Why did we lose WW1?“ and trained tactics/doctrine behind the Entente's backs. When the Nazis took over, the speed of militarization got even faster. In other words, they started the war with an immense advantage of preparation but still failed somehow.
Germany was spending over a quarter of its national income on armaments and the military (and more disguised spending on supporting infrastructure) through the late 1930s.
It is remarkable how a military fighting a war they’d prepared and planned for over two decades, starting from a far better resourced and trained position, choosing when and where to attack their opponents, ended up overwhelmingly and completely defeated - yet gets lauded as “outstanding” for so totally and comprehensively losing the war they had chosen to start, because… well… the shiny jackboots? the rippling muscles and wavy blonde hair in the tight-fitting Hugo Boss uniforms?
Thanks for reading! Anyway, here's Wonderwall
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2020.09.20 13:18 Foox- [REQUEST] What would you describe my Ideology as?

I want a monarchist totalitarian society; The leader is passed on genetically, although if the current emperor wants to choose someone to be the next leader, the chosen person should get into the imperial house and then can be made the next emperor. There would be an imperial cult, a bit like rome, where the emperor(s) is worshipped by the people. The emperor would hold total power, while there would be a council of skilled advisors, like a noocracy/technocracy to help the emperor, and a chancellor, appointed by him and the council togheter. All these people will, togheter, defend, serve and organize the society, who would do everything for the nation and people. The state would be unitary and centralised, with administrative regions being controlled by the government and will have no autonomy, there would be no state law/federal law but only a national law that will be consistent in all parts of the state. Hypersurveillance and data collection would be also inserted and common. Children would be taught what's wrong and what's right, to worship the emperor and will be given good ideas since when they're in school.
This society would be a highly nationalistic one, an ultranationalistic one, where national identity though is based not on race but shared culture, practices, traditions, and beliefs. While they are in school children would be helped discover their own talent, and they would be made work on it so that they can have a good education that they enjoy, as my goal is to create a nation of acculturated people, so intellectuals, artists, writers, of brave soldiers who fight for their people and protect them, who celebrate our military traditions, of workers and buisnessmen who keep our economy and society going. All of them who will be like a bundle of sticks, like a family, that would sacrifice themselves for one another, for the collective, the greater good of the nation. There would be an Isolationist foreign policy where contacts with external nations are limited, especially economic ones, i support autarky.
Traditions and culture will be preserved as much as possible as they make up the national identity, although inherently religious traditions and values would be wiped away as i want a secular state, there would only be some exceptions. Abortion would be legal only in case of rape, if the mother's life is in danger, incest or if the mother is under 18 years. All drugs would be illegal, allowed only for medical reasons. People under 18 who are addicted to those would be sent to re-education camps, while people above 18 would be sent to either also to re-education camps or given death penalty, depends on how serious and bad the addiction is (if it's worse you get capital punishment.) On the other hand there would be complete gender equality, and non-heterosexuals (gays, lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals and asexuals specifically) would be granted the same, and i actually mean same rights as other citizens lol. While trannies and people who identify as a gender that isn't male or female would be sent to re-education camps. Pedos, rapists and murderers would get public execution or labour camps Military traditions would be inserted in the main culture, militarism will be introduced and everyone will be required to do atleast 1 year of military service. Guns would be very restricted and you would be able to get one only if you served atleast 3 years in the military.
I support a social capitalist economy where some means of production are owned by the state, some by workers and some by the employers. There would be strong social nets, minimum wages and welfare, everyone would receive free healthcare and cheap collage and houses (the latter probably wouldn't be achievable, but whatever), stuff like this. Trade unions would be popular to defend workers from dangers of capitalism. Important sectors of the economy would be nationalised, same thing with most big buisnesses, industries, electricity, water and banks. Competition would be encouraged between small and medium buisnesses to bring innovation and profits, although the competition must be fair and respect rules.
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2020.09.18 07:46 SamueleDelPapa Storia

Vai a... Home / Articoli / Governo / Militare / L'onda del triangolo volante del Belgio
Triangolo volante del Belgio Postato da: Antonio Huneeus agosto 26, 2020 0
Trent'anni fa, migliaia di cittadini belgi riferirono di piattaforme misteriose che volavano silenziosamente sui tetti. La Royal Belgian Air Force è stata coinvolta e ha collaborato pienamente con gli investigatori civili. Ad oggi, tuttavia, le origini di queste imbarcazioni rimangono sconosciute.
È difficile trasmettere l'eccitazione causata dall'ondata UFO belga se non stavi seguendo le notizie sugli UFO nel 1989 e all'inizio degli anni '90. All'epoca non mancavano i rapporti sugli UFO e l'interesse per il fenomeno era alto. Gli avvistamenti e le foto da Gulf Breeze, in Florida, hanno dominato la scena americana, i rapporti selvaggi sugli UFO e le storie provenienti dalla vecchia Unione Sovietica hanno ricevuto un'enorme attenzione dei media internazionali e l'ondata di video messicani è decollata nel 1991. Eppure l'ondata belga sembrava avere la meglio tutte queste storie per un po '. I rapporti di questo piccolo paese, quartier generale sia della Commissione europea che della NATO, hanno ricevuto una copertura senza precedenti, arrivando persino alla prima pagina del Wall Street Journal il 10 ottobre 1990, con una storia intitolata "Belgium Scientists Seriously Pursue A Triangular UFO . "
Il classico UFO di forma triangolare descritto da centinaia di testimoni oculari durante l'ondata belga: schizzo del testimone utilizzato per creare la ricostruzione dell'oggetto visto all'inizio della storia. Credito: SOBEPS
Molte erano le ragioni dell'interesse generato dall'ondata belga. Uno era la qualità delle relazioni stesse, la maggior parte delle quali sono state registrate nella regione francofona della Vallonia. Non ci sono stati atterraggi o avvistamenti umanoidi, ma molti avvistamenti dettagliati di più testimoni di piattaforme volanti che si muovevano lentamente e silenziosamente sopra i tetti. Le forme variavano, ma la forma predominante era l'artigianato triangolare oa forma di delta. Alcune delle descrizioni erano così precise che le spiegazioni tradizionali di fenomeni naturali identificati erroneamente o di aerei convenzionali erano escluse. Invece, i caccia stealth e altri aerei militari segreti statunitensi sono diventati le spiegazioni preferite suggerite dagli scettici, ma sono state rapidamente escluse dalla Royal Belgian Air Force (RBAF). Un altro motivo per l'importanza dell'onda è che è stata attentamente studiata e documentata da un'organizzazione UFO locale chiamata SOBEPS (società belga per lo studio dei fenomeni spaziali).
SOBEPS è stata fondata nel 1971 da Lucien Clerebaut, Michel Bougard e altri, e ha costituito un piccolo ma altamente dedicato gruppo di investigatori sul campo. Alla fine dell'ondata nel 1993, SOBEPS aveva raccolto oltre duemila rapporti di testimoni oculari comprendenti ventimila pagine, quattrocento ore di registrazioni audio e seicento indagini complete. Cinquecentoquaranta casi sono rimasti inspiegabili. SOBEPS ha avuto anche l'assistenza di scienziati di prim'ordine, tra cui Léon Brenig, un teorico delle dinamiche non lineari presso la Libera Università di Bruxelles, e il professor Auguste Meessen, un fisico dell'Università Cattolica di Lovanio. Per quanto riguarda il suo lavoro con SOBEPS, il dottor Brenig ha detto, "questa è un'opportunità in cui possiamo applicare il metodo scientifico". Lo stesso Brenig divenne un testimone del cosiddetto triangolo belga durante la guida nelle Ardenne il 18 marzo 1990. L'intero dossier fu infine pubblicato da SOPEPS in due enormi volumi, cinquecento pagine ciascuno, dal titolo Vague d'OVNI sur la Belgique ( UFO Wave ver Belgium), pubblicati rispettivamente nel 1991 e nel 1994. A causa di difficoltà finanziarie, SOBEPS si è sciolta il 31 dicembre 2007, ma alcuni dei suoi membri hanno formato una nuova organizzazione più piccola chiamata COBEPS (comitato belga per lo studio dei fenomeni spaziali) per preservare gli archivi e il lavoro svolto per trentasei anni.
I due volumi pubblicati da SOBEPS intitolati "UFO Wave Over Belgium". Credito: SOBEPS
Un elemento finale e chiave nella credibilità dell'onda UFO belga è stata la partecipazione e la convalida da parte della RBAF, che ha mostrato un insolito grado di apertura. Quando l'ondata belga ha preso piede, il ministero della Difesa belga è stato sommerso dalle domande del pubblico e dei media. Il compito ricadde sul capo delle operazioni dell'aeronautica militare, il colonnello Wilfried De Brouwer, che fu successivamente promosso a maggiore generale e vice capo della RBAF. Ora in pensione dal servizio, il generale De Brouwer ha continuato a parlare dell'onda. È stato uno dei tanti funzionari internazionali intervenuti al famoso evento al National Press Club (NPC) di Washington, DC, nel novembre 2007, organizzato dal regista James Fox e dalla giornalista Leslie Kean. "L'onda UFO belga è stata eccezionale e l'aviazione non è riuscita a identificare la natura, l'origine e le intenzioni dei fenomeni segnalati", ha detto De Brouwer all'NPC. Ha anche tenuto una presentazione dettagliata sull'onda al MUFON International UFO Symposium a San Jose, in California, nel luglio 2008, ed è stato uno dei cinque generali a scrivere un saggio nel nuovo libro di Leslie Kean, UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Vai nel registro.
Sebbene la RBAF abbia lanciato i jet in tre occasioni durante l'ondata, il generale De Brouwer ha spiegato in varie occasioni che non avevano la forza lavoro o le risorse per avviare un'indagine a tutti gli effetti per conto proprio, così invece hanno preso la via insolita di cooperare pienamente con SOBEPS. I dati radar sono stati inviati al Prof. Meessen per l'analisi e il generale De Brouwer ha accettato di scrivere il postface per il primo volume di SOBEPS quando era ancora in servizio. "Devo riconoscere che ho un po 'esitato quando SOBEPS mi ha chiesto di contribuire con la mia parte a questo libro", ha scritto. “In effetti, non sono uno specialista di UFO e, inoltre, è abbastanza delicato per qualcuno che occupa una funzione ufficiale mettere su carta le sue idee personali su una questione così controversa. Tuttavia, ritengo che non sarei stato onesto nei confronti dei SOBEPS se avessi rifiutato. L'aeronautica ha sempre giocato un gioco leale su questo argomento e considero questo postface un elemento complementare all'eccezionale file scritto dal popolo di SOBEPS ".
Sebbene alcuni avvistamenti siano stati segnalati nell'ottobre 1989, il primo incidente importante dell'ondata belga si è verificato un mese dopo, il 29 novembre, intorno alla piccola città di Eupen, che si trova in una regione del Belgio vicino al confine tedesco. Questo caso iniziale ha messo sulla mappa il cosiddetto "triangolo belga" e ha portato all'inizio del coinvolgimento della RBAF. Ci furono avvistamenti sia diurni che notturni, sebbene questi ultimi fossero più lunghi e dettagliati. Il generale De Brouwer ha spiegato nel suo saggio per il libro di Leslie Kean, "un totale di settanta avvistamenti segnalati effettuati il ​​29 novembre sono stati completamente indagati e nessuno di questi avvistamenti poteva essere spiegato dalla tecnologia convenzionale. Il team di investigatori e io stimiamo che circa millecinquecento persone devono aver visto il fenomeno in più di settanta luoghi diversi da diverse angolazioni durante questo pomeriggio e la sera ". C'erano un totale di tredici gendarmi (poliziotti) che hanno visto l'UFO da otto diverse località intorno a Eupen. Il Prof. Meessen ha riassunto il caso nel libro di SOBEPS:
Il 29 novembre 1989, una grande imbarcazione di forma triangolare ha sorvolato la città di Eupen. I gendarmi von Montigny e Nicol lo trovarono vicino alla strada che collega Aix-la-Chapelle ed Eupen. Era fermo nell'aria, sopra un campo che illuminava con tre potenti raggi. I raggi provenivano da grandi superfici circolari vicino agli angoli del triangolo. Al centro della sottostruttura scura e piatta c'era una sorta di "faro rotante rosso". L'oggetto non ha prodotto alcun rumore. Quando ha iniziato a muoversi, i gendarmi si sono diretti verso una piccola strada nella zona sulla quale si aspettavano che l'oggetto volasse. Invece ha fatto un mezzo giro e ha proseguito lentamente in direzione di Eupen, seguendo la strada a bassa quota. È stato visto da diversi testimoni mentre volava sopra le case e vicino al municipio.
Nella sua conferenza MUFON del 2008, il generale De Brouwer ha fornito ulteriori dettagli su questo avvistamento: “L'UAP [Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon] ha emesso ripetutamente e simultaneamente due fasci di luce rossa con una sfera di luce rossa sulla punta di lancia del raggio. Successivamente, le palline rosse sono tornate sul velivolo. " Apparentemente c'era anche un secondo velivolo triangolare, che ha effettuato "una manovra di inclinazione in avanti, esponendo il lato superiore della fusoliera", ha continuato De Brouwer. “Loro [i gendarmi] hanno visto una cupola con finestre rettangolari, illuminate all'interno. Poi è scomparso a nord. " Altri due gendarmi videro uno dei velivoli di un monastero vicino; "Uno è attualmente il capo della polizia in quella zona, era spaventato a morte", ha aggiunto De Brouwer.
Grafico statistico degli avvistamenti belgi tra ottobre 1989 e settembre 1990, con picchi nel periodo novembre-dicembre e un secondo in aprile. Credito: SOBEPS
L'incidente di Eupen fu seguito da molti altri avvistamenti UFO, compresi diversi riportati l'11 dicembre 1989. Uno dei testimoni quella sera era un conoscente personale del generale De Brouwer, il colonnello André Amond, un ingegnere civile dell'esercito belga. Il Col. Armond ha lavorato accanto al generale De Brouwer e ha scritto un rapporto dettagliato per il Ministero della Difesa. Il colonnello Armond stava guidando con sua moglie intorno alle 18:45, quando hanno notato uno strano oggetto con luci rosse lampeggianti. Hanno fermato la macchina e sono scesi per vederla meglio. "All'improvviso, hanno visto un riflettore gigante, circa il doppio della dimensione della luna piena, che si è avvicinato a una distanza stimata di 100 metri", ha scritto De Brouwer, aggiungendo che "la moglie del colonnello era spaventata e ha chiesto di andarsene". Nel suo rapporto al Ministero, Armond "ha accertato che questo velivolo non era un ologramma, un elicottero, un aereo militare, un pallone, un ultraleggero motorizzato o qualsiasi altro veicolo aereo noto".
Varie forme sono state riportate in tutta l'onda, comprese rotonde, rettangolari ea forma di sigaro, ma la maggior parte erano oggetti triangolari. Il generale De Brouwer osserva che le differenze potrebbero essere dovute anche agli angoli di visione dei testimoni oculari. Il ricercatore Marc Valckenaers ha elencato alcune delle caratteristiche degli UFO nel secondo volume di SOBEPS sull'onda, tra cui: spostamento irregolare (zig-zag, cambio istantaneo di traiettoria, ecc.), Spostamento che segue i contorni del terreno; velocità variabili di spostamento (incluso movimento molto lento), volo stazionario (hovering), sorvolo di centri urbani e industriali ed effetti sonori (debole ronzio al silenzio totale).
Ricostruzione dell'incredibile piattaforma volante rettangolare vista da due operai il 22 aprile 1990, descritta come "una portaerei capovolta". Credito: SOBEPS
Uno dei rapporti più strani è venuto da due operai della città di Basècles, a sud-ovest di Bruxelles, che hanno visto un'enorme piattaforma volante trapezoidale (330 x 200 piedi) poco prima della mezzanotte del 22 aprile 1990. L'oggetto si muoveva lentamente e silenziosamente, coprendo l'intero cortile della fabbrica. Nel rapporto SOBEPS, gli operai della fabbrica hanno descritto l'UFO come "una portaerei capovolta". Nonostante la qualità fantascientifica di questo avvistamento, un rapporto quasi identico fu presentato quasi un anno dopo, il 15 marzo 1991, da un ingegnere elettronico ad Auderghem, vicino a Bruxelles, che si svegliò nel cuore della notte quando “sentì un fischio ad alta frequenza appena udibile. Ha guardato fuori dalla finestra e ha visto una grande imbarcazione rettangolare a bassissima quota con strutture irregolari sul fondo ", ha scritto il generale De Brouwer.
Una caratteristica dell'onda belga era quanto vicini gli oggetti volavano sopra i tetti, come mostrato con questa piattaforma rettangolare volante. Credito: SOBEPS
Un'altra vista della piattaforma volante rettangolare sopra il tetto e schizzo che mostra dove l'ha vista il testimone. Credito: SOBEPS
Se gli avvistamenti di testimoni multipli di Eupen del novembre 1989 hanno innescato l'ondata belga, l'incidente del caccia a reazione durante la notte del 30 marzo 1990 ha segnato il picco dell'interesse pubblico e della copertura mediatica globale. L'aeronautica militare belga aveva decentrato i jet in due precedenti occasioni senza risultati positivi. La corsa del 5 dicembre 1989 non ebbe successo; quando il jet ha raggiunto il cielo, l'UFO era sparito. Inoltre, il caso del 16 dicembre 1989 si è rivelato un falso allarme; le autorità hanno rapidamente stabilito che si trattava di una proiezione laser riflessa da uno strato di nuvole. A seguito di questi due fiaschi, la RBAF ha implementato una nuova politica in base alla quale i jet sarebbero stati lanciati solo quando un avvistamento sarebbe stato rilevato sul radar e sarebbe stato visivamente confermato a terra dalla polizia.
Il team SOBEPS in visita alla struttura radar della Royal Belgian Air Force a Glons: nel gruppo centrale, a sinistra, il presidente della Società Lucien Clerebaut e a destra, il fisico Prof. Auguste Meessen, accanto all'ufficiale militare. Credito: SOBEPS
Come riportato in un rapporto preliminare preparato dal maggiore P. Lambrechts della RBAF, intitolato "Rapporto sull'osservazione degli UFO durante la notte dal 30 al 31 marzo 1990", l'incidente iniziò alle 22:50. il 30 marzo, quando la gendarmeria ha telefonato al "controllore principale a Glons" del radar per segnalare "tre luci insolite che formano un triangolo equilatero". Altri gendarmi hanno confermato le luci. Quando la struttura NATO a Semmerzake ha rilevato un obiettivo sconosciuto alle 23:49, è stata presa la decisione di rimescolare due caccia F-16. I jet sono decollati alle 12:05 da Beauvechain, la base aerea più vicina, e hanno volato per poco più di un'ora. Secondo il rapporto del maggiore Lambrechts:
L'aereo ha avuto brevi contatti radar in diverse occasioni, [ma i piloti] ... in nessun momento hanno stabilito un contatto visivo con gli UFO ... ogni volta che i piloti sono stati in grado di fissare un aggancio su uno degli obiettivi per pochi secondi, si è verificato un drastico cambiamento nel comportamento dei bersagli rilevati ... [Durante il primo aggancio alle 00:13] la loro velocità è cambiata in un tempo minimo da 150 a 970 nodi [da 170 a 1.100 mph] e da 9.000 a 5.000 piedi, tornando poi a 11.000 piedi per cambiare di nuovo per avvicinarsi al livello del suolo.
Quando il Col. De Brouwer ha mostrato le immagini radar computerizzate dell'UFO tracciato dal sistema radar di bordo F-16 in una conferenza stampa al Ministero della Difesa l'11 luglio 1990, i media internazionali sono entrati in delirio. Sono state rilasciate anche trascrizioni delle comunicazioni radio tra i piloti di caccia, il capitano Yves Meelbergs, il tenente Rudy Verrijt e il Glons Control Reporting Center vicino a Liegi, che hanno fornito alcuni momenti drammatici. Le trascrizioni dipingono un'immagine dei jet che inseguono echi radar fantasma che appaiono e scompaiono e poi riappaiono di nuovo, ma in nessun momento i piloti sono in grado di stabilire un contatto visivo con i presunti oggetti. L'Electronic War Centre (EWC) belga alla fine ha intrapreso un'analisi tecnica dettagliata dei nastri radar computerizzati F-16, completata dal Col. Salmon e dal fisico M. Gilmard nel 1992, e successivamente rivista dal Prof. Meessen.
Un caccia F-16 della Royal Belgian Air Force come quelli si è arrampicato nella notte tra il 30 e il 31 marzo 1990. Credito: Bernard Thouanel
Sebbene alcuni aspetti di questo caso rimangano ancora inspiegabili, Meessen e SOBEPS hanno accettato l'ipotesi di Gilmard-Salmon che la maggior parte dei contatti radar fossero in realtà echi causati da un raro fenomeno meteorologico. Ciò è diventato evidente in quattro lock-on, ha spiegato Meessen, “dove l'oggetto è disceso a terra con calcoli che mostravano un'altitudine negativa…. Era evidentemente impossibile che un oggetto potesse penetrare nel terreno, ma era possibile che il terreno potesse fungere da specchio ". Meessen ha spiegato come le alte velocità misurate dal radar Doppler dei caccia F-16 potrebbero derivare da effetti di interferenza. Ha sottolineato, tuttavia, che c'era un'altra traccia radar per la quale non vi è alcuna spiegazione fino ad oggi. Per quanto riguarda gli avvistamenti visivi di questo evento da parte dei gendarmi e altri, Meessen ha suggerito che potrebbero essere stati causati da stelle viste in condizioni di "rifrazione atmosferica eccezionale".
Un fotogramma del sistema radar di bordo dell'F-16 che mostra l'aggancio degli UFO durante l'episodio di scramble del marzo 1990, mostrato dalla RBAF in una famosa conferenza stampa nel luglio 1990. Credito: RBAF / Bernard Thouanel
In un'intervista telefonica del 1995, il generale De Brouwer ha riassunto le sue riflessioni su questo caso complesso: “Cerchiamo sempre possibilità che possano causare errori nei sistemi radar. Non possiamo escludere che ci siano state interferenze elettromagnetiche, ma ovviamente non possiamo escludere la possibilità che ci fossero oggetti nell'aria. In almeno un'occasione c'è stata una correlazione tra i contatti radar di un radar a terra e un caccia F-16. Ciò indebolisce la teoria secondo cui tutti i contatti radar sono stati causati da interferenze elettromagnetiche. Se aggiungiamo tutte le possibilità, la domanda è ancora aperta, quindi non c'è una risposta definitiva ". De Brouwer ha preso una visione più distaccata dell'episodio di scramble dell'F-16, tuttavia, nella sua conferenza MUFON del 2008 e nel suo saggio del 2010 incluso nel libro di Kean: "La conclusione dell'Air Force, quindi, era che le prove erano insufficienti per dimostrare che c'erano vere imbarcazioni nell'aria in quell'occasione. "
La famosa diapositiva a colori del triangolo belga fotografata a Petit-Rechain all'inizio di aprile 1990. Credito: © Guy Mossay / SOFAM
Raramente il vecchio detto secondo cui un'immagine vale più di mille parole diventa più vero che nel caso della straordinaria fotografia di un triangolo volante scattata nella piccola città di Petit-Rechain nell'aprile 1990. Questa diapositiva a colori è diventata il simbolo emblematico del Onda UFO belga. È stato pubblicato e trasmesso in programmi televisivi di tutto il mondo, e compare sulla copertina dei due volumi SOBEPS sull'onda belga. È anche una delle foto di UFO più analizzate nella storia dell'ufologia. Durante il mio viaggio a Bruxelles nel 1995, ho avuto l'opportunità di parlare a lungo con Patrick Ferryn, l'investigatore che inizialmente ha studiato il caso e ha scritto il capitolo al riguardo nel libro SOBEPS. Ferryn mi ha fornito copie della foto e campioni di miglioramenti al computer realizzati da Marc Acheroy, professore di elettricità alla Royal Military School, dove l'immagine è stata analizzata dal Signal Treatment Center. I dettagli di come è stata scattata la foto sono abbastanza semplici e diretti.
Il fotografo, P.M. (che vuole la privacy, ma ha collaborato pienamente con SOBEPS), era un operaio di vent'anni, che viveva nella piccola comunità di Petit-Rechain, vicino a Verviers. Era a casa con la sua ragazza la notte tra il 4 o il 7 aprile 1990 (non riesce a stabilire la data esatta), quando la sua ragazza ha notato per la prima volta l'oggetto tra le 23:00 e le 23:30. mentre portava il cane in cortile. Secondo la dichiarazione di P.M. a Ferryn, fu allertato dalla sua ragazza, uscì e "vide l'oggetto praticamente fermo verso sud-ovest, a circa quarantacinque gradi di elevazione. Consisteva di tre luci rotonde bianche su una superficie triangolare appena percettibile. Al centro c'era una macchia lampeggiante dello stesso colore, o forse un po 'più rossastra delle altre luci. " P.M. ha afferrato la sua macchina fotografica, una Praktica modello BX20 con uno zoom da 55-200 mm e un filtro per lucernario "Cokin" 1A da 52 mm. Ha girato gli ultimi due fotogrammi di un rotolo di pellicola per diapositive a colori Kodak 36-200 ASA. L'UFO si è poi spostato lentamente verso Petit-Rechain, fino a quando è stato nascosto dai tetti del villaggio. L'intero episodio è durato circa cinque minuti.
Il rullino è stato inviato per posta a una casa di sviluppo che offre uno sconto speciale e quando P.M. ricevute le diapositive, ha notato che solo il fotogramma # 35 aveva catturato l'UFO; il fotogramma n. 36 era completamente nero. Ferryn ha stimato che "la foto è stata probabilmente scattata con una distanza focale compresa tra 55 e 200 mm e con un tempo di esposizione compreso tra 1 e 2 secondi". P.M. ha mostrato la foto ai suoi colleghi della fabbrica (tutti in seguito intervistati da Ferryn), ma per il resto non ha fatto nulla per analizzare o commercializzare l'immagine. Uno dei suoi colleghi conosceva un fotoreporter locale di Verviers, Guy Mossay, che ha immediatamente visto il potenziale valore dell'immagine. P.M. ha venduto i diritti delle foto a Mossay per una piccola tassa. Mossay ha quindi proceduto al copyright della SOFAM (la società multimediale belga per gli autori di arti visive).
Gli scettici hanno naturalmente indicato la possibilità di una bufala con motivi di profitto. Tuttavia, in tal caso, perché P.M. vendere i diritti a Mossay per una quota minore? Inoltre, gli hoaxer non forniscono mai diapositive originali o negativi per l'analisi scientifica, come è stato fatto da P.M. Dopo aver verificato il suo background, intervistato conoscenti e così via, Ferryn ha osservato che "il racconto dei principali testimoni era coerente". Il generale De Brouwer ha trascorso un bel po 'di tempo a spiegare i dettagli di questo caso durante la sua conferenza al MUFON, dicendo del testimone che, "questo ragazzo è autentico, è un ragazzo che non fingerebbe affatto, te lo posso assicurare . " Ancora più importante, la foto del Petit-Rechain è stata sottoposta a più analisi scientifiche rispetto a praticamente qualsiasi altra foto di UFO nella storia.
Quando la foto del Petit-Rechain è sovraesposta, il contorno triangolare dell'oggetto appare chiaramente. Credito: © Guy Mossay / SOFAM
L'elenco degli esperti e delle istituzioni che hanno analizzato questa foto include il Prof. Acheroy della Royal Military Academy del Belgio; Il Prof. François Louange, esperto di fotointerpretazione di immagini satellitari per l'agenzia spaziale francese CNES; Il dottor Richard Haines, uno scienziato senior in pensione della NASA e rispettato ricercatore UFO; Istituto reale del patrimonio artistico belga; e André Marion, un fisico nucleare del Centro nazionale francese per la ricerca scientifica (CNRS), che ha condotto un'analisi nel 2002 con una tecnologia migliorata. I dettagli tecnici di queste analisi sono troppo numerosi per questo articolo, ma basti dire che non sono mai state trovate prove di inganno fotografico. Inoltre, di diversi tentativi di duplicare la foto utilizzando un modello triangolare di cartone scuro con fori e lampadine, solo uno realizzato dai membri dell'Istituto di astrofisica dell'Università di Liegi somigliava in qualche modo alla foto del Petit-Rechain. Ma la luminosità delle macchie nella replica era uniforme, mentre quelle nell'originale mostravano forme ed effetti spettrali differenti. Il più recente studio del CNRS del Dr. Marion ha confermato l'analisi precedente e ha trovato, come affermato dal Gen. De Brouwer, un "alone attorno al velivolo con struttura modellata", che potrebbe essere stato causato dal "sistema di propulsione" dell'oggetto di "magnetoplasma". dinamico." Marion ha anche affermato che "sarebbe estremamente difficile falsificare una fotografia del genere".
Alla fine, è quasi impossibile garantire l'autenticità di un'immagine di UFO. Ci sarà sempre una divergenza di opinioni, ma il verdetto nel caso Petit-Rechain appare molto favorevole. UFO triangolari sono stati avvistati in tutto il Belgio all'inizio degli anni '90. Sono state scattate dozzine di video sfocati e foto sgranate, ma generalmente non erano impressionanti. Petit-Rechain è stata la grande eccezione.
Nota: dalla stesura di questo articolo, la foto si è rivelata una bufala ammessa.
A causa dell'elevata credibilità della maggior parte dei testimoni dell'onda belga e delle loro descrizioni di un velivolo triangolare silenzioso così preciso, cercare di spiegare l'onda in termini di bufale, fenomeni naturali erroneamente identificati o aerei convenzionali sembrava inutile. Pertanto, un certo numero di scettici e giornalisti dell'aviazione si sono concentrati sul tentativo di dimostrare l'ipotesi di aerei segreti statunitensi che volano sul Belgio. Sono stati proposti una serie di candidati, dall'Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) ai dirigibili segreti, dal caccia stealth F-117A ad altri rivoluzionari velivoli militari segreti statunitensi come il presunto TR-3A Black Manta. Innanzitutto, devi riflettere sul motivo per cui gli Stati Uniti dovrebbero condurre test dei loro aerei più segreti in un'area così popolata come la Vallonia, che non è solo un alleato degli Stati Uniti, ma anche il quartier generale dell'alleanza NATO. Il generale De Brouwer lo ha detto senza mezzi termini in un'intervista del 1991 alla rivista francese OVNI Présence: “Perché gli americani dovrebbero condurre test qui in Europa, senza permesso e con il rischio di avere un incidente che potrebbe creare un incidente diplomatico su scala globale ? Ciò non riguarda solo il Belgio, ma la NATO, dove il suo stesso concetto potrebbe essere messo in discussione. Non credo che gli americani possano correre un tale rischio, è evidente. "
Il maggiore generale (in pensione) Wilfried De Brouwer, che era l'uomo di punta della Royal Belgian Air Force per l'onda UFO, durante il suo viaggio a Washington, DC per partecipare all'evento del National Press Club nel 2007. Crediti: Bernard Thouanel
Guy Coeme e Leo Delcroix, i due ministri della Difesa belgi durante l'ondata, hanno negato enfaticamente la teoria che gli UFO fossero in realtà aerei statunitensi e hanno basato la loro smentita su indagini ufficiali con l'ambasciata degli Stati Uniti a Bruxelles. In una lettera del 1993 al ricercatore francese Renaud Marhic, il ministro Delcroix scrisse: “Sfortunatamente, fino ad oggi non è stata trovata alcuna spiegazione. La natura e l'origine del fenomeno rimangono sconosciute. Una teoria può, tuttavia, essere definitivamente accantonata poiché le forze armate belghe sono state positivamente assicurate dalle autorità americane che non c'è mai stato alcun tipo di volo di prova aereo americano ". Un documento declassificato del 1990 della US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) intitolato "Il Belgio e la questione degli UFO", sostiene la posizione di Delcroix. Dopo aver descritto gli eventi di base dell'ondata che si erano verificati fino a quel momento, il funzionario statunitense senza nome ha scritto proprio alla fine di questo memo: "The [U.S. L'aeronautica militare (USAF)] ha confermato all '[aeronautica belga] e al [ministero della Difesa belga] che nessun aereo stealth USAF stava operando nell'area delle Ardenne durante i periodi in questione. Questo è stato rilasciato alla stampa belga e ha ricevuto ampia diffusione ".
Sono trascorsi trent'anni dall'ondata UFO belga e non sono state prodotte nuove prove significative per dimostrare che gli avvistamenti siano stati causati da aerei militari segreti. I casi segnalati rimangono inspiegabili. Sembra certo che qualcosa di massiccio e tecnologicamente avanzato abbia volato sul territorio belga durante il periodo 1989-93. Perché e chi c'era dietro sono domande a cui resta una risposta. Un'opportuna conclusione, per ora, è ripetere quanto ha scritto il Gen. De Brouwer alla fine del suo famoso postface al primo volume del SOBEPS: “Verrà senza dubbio il giorno in cui il fenomeno sarà osservato con mezzi tecnologici di rilevazione e raccolta che ha vinto non lasciare un solo dubbio sulla sua origine. Questo dovrebbe sollevare una parte del velo che ha coperto il mistero per molto tempo. Un mistero che continua così presente. Ma esiste, è reale e questa di per sé è una conclusione importante ".
L'autore (a sinistra) con il presidente della SOBEPS Lucien Clerebaut presso la sede della Società a Bruxelles nel 1995. La mappa sullo sfondo mostra i luoghi degli avvistamenti in Belgio. Credito: Antonio Huneeus
Una versione di questo articolo è apparsa originariamente nel numero 5 (dicembre / gennaio 2011) di Open Minds UFO Magazine. I problemi arretrati possono essere trovati qui.
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CondividiSalva Precedente: Open Minds UFO Radio Newscast - 21/8/2020 - Ospite speciale: Martin Willis Il prossimo: Open Minds UFO Radio Newscast - 8/28/2020 - Ospite speciale: Douglas Smythe SU ANTONIO HUNEEUS
Il reporter investigativo di Open Minds J. Antonio Huneeus ha coperto il campo degli UFO da una prospettiva internazionale per oltre 30 anni. I suoi articoli sono apparsi in dozzine di pubblicazioni negli Stati Uniti, America Latina, Europa e Giappone. È stato anche co-autore del "Documento informativo sugli UFO - La migliore prova disponibile", finanziato da Laurance Rockefeller, e ha curato il libro "Guida allo studio sugli UFO, fenomeni psichici e paranormali nell'URSS". Huneeus ha studiato francese all'Università Sorbona di Parigi e giornalismo all'Università del Cile a Santiago negli anni '70. Ha tenuto conferenze in dozzine di Conferenze UFO in tutto il mondo ed è stato intervistato da molti media tra cui The Washington Post, Sy-Fy e History Channel, Nippon-TV, ecc. Ha ricevuto il premio "Ufologist of the Year" al National UFO Conference a Miami Beach nel 1990 e il premio "Courage in Journalism" alla X-Conference di Gaithersburg, nel Maryland, nel 2007.
Da qualche parte nei cieli: una giovane voce di verità 4 settembre 2020
Rapporto Rojas - Presentazione: Astronomi e UFO 29 agosto 2020
Open Minds UFO Radio Newscast - 8/28/2020 - Ospite speciale: Douglas Smythe 29 agosto 2020
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2020.09.15 15:33 LilBabyReaper CMV: The USA as a society has clear fascist tendencies, especially compared to other western nations.

I myself am European (Specifically Dutch), so understand I'm writing this from an outsider perspective.
In college, we recently had to read a manifest written by Marinetti, the founder of Futurism. While many consider Futurism to be an art movement mainly, I could not get past the political (fascist) undertone in his manifest. After speaking about it with other classmates and the lecturer (who is actually American), the conversation turned to American politics. Hence this CMV.

I'll be using the 14 criteria for a fascist society by Lawrence W. Britt (Fascism, anyone?, 2003). Any critiques to these criteria are welcomed, but from what I've read it seems fairly accurate. These criteria go as follows:

  1. Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism
  2. Disdain for the importance of human rights
  3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause
  4. The supremacy of the military/avid militarism
  5. Rampant sexism
  6. A controlled mass media
  7. Obsession with national security
  8. Religion and ruling elite tied together
  9. Power of corporations protected
  10. Power of labor suppressed or eliminated
  11. Disdain and suppression of intellectuals and the arts
  12. Obsession with crime and punishment
  13. Rampant cronyism and corruption
  14. Fraudulent elections

First off I'll start with the elephant in the room; Donald Trump. I will not be the first one to call Donald Trump a fascist, nor will I be the last. This CMV however is not about Trump, I mainly wish to discuss the USA as a whole instead of just this administration.
While some people might say these are all symptoms of the Trump Administration, I would argue that many of these problems were already present in pre-Trump USA.

  1. Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism
American nationalism is taught from young age trough for example education and sports.
  1. Disdain for the importance of human rights
Human right voliatons in for example Guantanamo bay.
  1. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause
The nazi's racist policies were inspired by American Jim Crow laws.
  1. The supremacy of the military/avid militarism
I think this speaks for itself.
  1. Rampant sexism
While the USA is on the lower side compared to other western countries, this is not that bad.
  1. A controlled mass media
While there definately exists free press in United States, the nation still ranks very low on the Free Press Index.
  1. Obsession with national security
We have a clear example in the Patriot Act. On the other hand the EU seems to still value privacy. (Although still not enough IMO)
  1. Religion and ruling elite tied together
American politics is quite religious. Though I guess coming from a county as irreligious as the Netherlands any nations politics would seem religious.
  1. Power of corporations protected
I honestly don't know enough about economic policy to comment on this. As far as I know however the USA is known for protecting big businesses. On the other hand the Netherlands are known for being an international tax haven, and Rutte has been criticized a lot recently for giving Shell and other big companies tax cuts.
  1. Power of labor suppressed or eliminated
The USA has a long history of anti-union policies.
  1. Disdain and suppression of intellectuals and the arts
I do not believe either the USA or western European countries are against intellectualism or the arts. While Donald Trump does disregard science this is not a movement unique to the USA.
  1. Obsession with crime and punishment
American society values punishment over rehabilitation.
  1. Rampant cronyism and corruption
While the USA doesn't score very well in the Corruption Perceptions Index, it is still better than France and Spain for example.
  1. Fraudulent elections
As far as I know votes in American elections are generally speaking being counted fairly.One could argue however that the system itself is fraudulent as because of gerrymandering people are not being represented like they should be.

These views are based on what I percieve American society values. I have never lived in the United States however, so these views might very well be wrong. That's why I challenge you to please change my mind!
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2020.09.12 11:23 secretymology “2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti Communitarian Manifesto” by Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich. Prescient Book From 2013 - Communitarianism, Zionism, Agenda 21 etc

“2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti Communitarian Manifesto” by Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich. Prescient Book From 2013 - Communitarianism, Zionism, Agenda 21 etc
Niki Raapana is an independent researcher, co-founder of the Anti Communitarian League (ACL) with Nordica Friedrich, co- author of 2020: Our Common Destiny and co-author of the Anti Communitarian Manifesto.
Read the book here:
Zionist Communitarian control of the anti-Agenda 21 movement
by Niki Raapana APRIL 17, 2013 “In 2000, we identified Communitarianism as the legal system supporting Agenda 21. We identified the "guru" of the Communitarian Network, whose own writings tell us he was a terrorist, a soldier and now a planner in the Zionist takeover of British Palestine. I quickly understood why some Christians would never consider these facts, but I've been trying to understand why so many of the Americans actively opposing Agenda 21 and claiming to be on our "side" avoided discussing Communitarianism and its root philosophy, Zionism, for 13 years.
2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti Communitarian Manifesto (ISBN-13: 978-0-9814519-2-3) explores the history, philosophy, and modern-day implementation of Sustainable Development, Communitarian Law, and Community Policing.
Part-autobiography, part-thesis, and part-guidebook to International Law, this 327-page book introduces Community Law with a mix of personal experiences, field research, and direct quotes from American presidents and international heads of state, domestic and foreign courts, officials, ecclesiastics, gurus, agencies, think tanks, universities and law schools, foundations, conferences, scientific reports, newspapers, and academic journals.
The Roosevelt Neighborhood Plan (Washington) and The Anchorage 2020/Anchorage Bowl Comprehensive Plan (Alaska) are highlighted to show how Local Agenda 21 plans balance individuals, laws, and economic growth. Readers are challenged to consider some of the little-known aspects of Community Economic Development, like mapping and mobilizing human assets, data-mining, innovative militarized policing, mandates for service, global citizenship, the Hegelian Dialectic, and the ancient spiritual foundation for a worldwide, corporate, quasi-religious legal framework.
Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich began publishing in 2000, after they were used as uninformed Human Subjects Research in Seattle, Washington. Their original analysis of Communitarianism reaches an international audience; their work has been referenced and reproduced in books, websites, articles, curriculums and academic papers, including the National Association of Scholars Bibliography of the Communitarian Residence Life Movement.”
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2020.09.09 02:00 DuncnIdahosBandurria ECPay's 27 million users are Globe's nice little "problem" (Wednesday, Sept 9)

Happy Wednesday, Barkada --

The PSE closed up 98 points to 6034 ▲1.7%.

Daily meme Join MB Today's email

COVID Update

WW: 27480958 PH: 238727 

Top 3 MB indices:

 Cement ▲5.41% Power Gen. ▲3.72% D30 Targets ▲2.68% 

Bottom 3 MB indices:

 2020 IPOs ▼1.49% Media ▼0.23% MiddleClass ▼0.24% 

Main stories covered:

  • [NEWS] Globe’s [GLO 2120.00 ▲1.53%] ECPay saw a massive spike in users during Q2 COVID lockdowns... the electronic payments platform logged a 114% increase in users through Q2, with an 18% increase in digital merchant partners to go along with the end-user bump. ECPay now has access to 27 million customers in the Philippines.
    • MB: GLO owns 77% of ECPay, and it’s hard to deny the COVID-resiliency of digital payment platforms. The space is growing rapidly, with tons of margin-building off-shoots like loans, insurance, and inventory credit to merchants, among others. These off-shoots are important, since the per-transaction fees charged by these platforms have been suppressed by competition, and by the incentives to grow user base and platform breadth as fast as possible. The upcoming IPO of Ant Financial, the digital payment super-platform owned by Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group, seeks to raise $30bn in a deal that will probably burn holes in a lot of pockets for properties like ECPay that could be bundled into similar super-platforms. A strong Ant Financial IPO could also encourage GLO to try to spin-off the property and take its digital payment platform public... perhaps to go on a growth/acquisition spree itself. It’s “get big or die” time in the digital payment space.
  • [NEWS] PH economy won’t recover to pre-COVID level until mid-2021, according to "think tank"... the forecast comes from a London-based think tank called Capital Economics that has a history of commenting on our politics and economy. The group says that the backward slide in cases that resulted in the re-imposition of lockdowns in Metro Manila and other large cities in the Philippines “are likely to have scuttled any improvements more recently.” Capital Economics noted that our long and heavy-handed lockdown caused some of the most severe economic damage in the region, and that “the most recent data suggest that it is also experiencing one of the slowest recoveries.”
    • MB: You’ve always got to question the term “think tank”, as that’s usually used to whitewash the vested financial interests that are benefited by the research and media produced by the company. At the same time, all media is biased in some way or another, and the job of the investor is to consume the media and try to incorporate whatever is learned into his/her trading/investing “thesis”. You might not take what Capital Economics has to say about our economy and prospects at face value, but you might use it to confirm a trend that you’ve been seeing in other data, like increasing non-performing loan provisions in banks, continually-decreasing capex budgets in corporations, layoffs, and other industry-specific predictions like those made for airlines (2023/24 recovery). The trick is that it can be difficult to see data that doesn’t fit your thesis or confirm beliefs that you already have, as it’s easy to dodge dealing with non-conforming data by attacking the source (“that’s just a think tank”, or “they’re from London, what could they know?”).
  • [UPDATE] Integrated Microelectrics Inc’s [IMI 6.43 ▲10.86%] ADR IPO for subsidiary worth as much as $100m... as I reported on the previous day, IMI is hoping to sell ADRs for its German subsidiary, VIA Optronics, for listing on the New York Stock Exchange. Well, now we know that IMI is hoping that the deal could raise as much as $100m.
    • MB: It would be fascinating to read a prospectus-type document for an ADR IPO, as there are a few critical terms that investors would need to know, like the number of VIA shares assigned to each ADR share. I’d also like to see whether the deal would end up being a 100% secondary deal, and in that case, what IMI would do with the injection of funding. This is sort of a “general interest” piece for me, since I don’t normally deal in IMI’s space or in the stock in particular.
  • [UPDATE] PH Senate files resolution to prohibit Chinese island-building companies from securing government contracts... when the US blacklisted the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) and 23 other Chinese firms for participating in island-building activities in the West Philippine Sea, the domestic reaction by politicians was fascinating. DFA Secretary Locsin called for the cancellation of all contracts with Chinese companies aiding in China’s encroachment on our sovereignty. Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla sprinted to Facebook to say that development projects should not proceed “at the expense of our national dignity”, seemingly in agreement with Sec Locsin. Remulla then waffled and punted to Duterte, saying the final call was for the President to make. Duterte ignored the US blacklist (and the World Bank’s previous blacklist) and said that the project would go forward regardless of the national security concerns because “we need those investments from China.” Senate Minority Leader Drilon said that the government should immediately break off all contracts with CCCC in particular, given the “hundreds of [other] companies with credible and outstanding track records in airport construction.” Then, yesterday, Senator Ralph Recto filed a Senate Resolution expressing the Senate’s desire to prohibit the government from awarding contracts or doing business “with foreign entities who have engaged in or abetted activities that infringe on the sovereignty of the country...”
    • MB: The CCCC issue seems like a re-cast of the POGO issue, and Duterte doesn’t appear to be interested in doing anything about either, to be honest. The Senate huffed and puffed about POGOs, too, and made law-and-order arguments and national security arguments to support the need for oversight, regulation, and policing mechanisms to reign in the veritable gold-rush in Chinese firms conducting gaming businesses here... and it seems to be the same all over again. Except with the added spicy twist of the worst-kept secret in development banking coming to light, that of the involvement of the CCCC, a company owned and controlled directly by the Chinese Communist Party, was also involved in the rapid militarization of islands in the West Philippine Sea. Of the hurdles that face the Sangley Point International Airport project, this one is probably not of high concern given the President’s willingness to cover for the company. The financial difficulties that MacroAsia [MAC 4.86 ▲3.18%] and CCCC have faced in the bidding process seem more dire.
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2020.09.06 04:19 SUBTOPEWDSNOWW Comprehensive data collection on systemic racism. See comments for more (Reddit only allows 40,000 words in a post).

I feel obligated to give some credit to Rose Wrist. About 30% of the studies listed here were sources I found in their library.
Apologies for any formatting issues. I pasted this from my research document.

Criminal Justice System

Racism in stops, searches, and arrests
- Examination of about 4.5 million traffic stops in North Carolina shows blacks (and latinos) were more likely to be searched than whites (5.4 percent black, 4.1 percent latino and 3.1 percent white).
- Although Black and Hispanic individuals are disproportionately stopped, they are both less likely to be found with illegal possessions compared to whites. (32% white, 29% black, 19% hispanic)
- Although White and Black Americans confess to using and selling illicit drugs at similar rates, Black Americans are HIGHLY more likely to go to prison for a drug offense.
- Blacks are about 3.7x more likely to go to prison for marijunia consumption and marijunia offenses, in spite of similar usage.
- In 2002, studies indicate that black Americans were incarcerated for drug offenses TEN TIMES the rate of white Americans.
- 97% of “large-population counties” have racial biases in their drug offense incarceration.
- “‘Dynamic entry’ and paramilitary police tactics are disproportionately used against Black and Latino people. Most of these raids were on people suspected of low-level drug crimes.”
- “Police militarization does not lead to a decrease in crimes committed or officer injuries, may actually increase both.”
- Militarized police are disproportionately deployed in black neighborhoods and districts, even while accounting for the rate of crime.
-This excessive deployment of militarized police causes higher reported crime and a snowball effect.
- Militarized police and SWAT teams result in general public distrust in law enforcement and police which can cause higher crime rates.
- Five months of data proved that in the DC metropolitan area, despite only having a demographic 25% higher than whites, blacks were stopped over 410% more than whites.
- The incongruity soars to 1465% for stops that led to no warning, ticket, or arrest, and 3695% for searches that led to no warning, ticket, or arrest.
- As can be seen, there is disproportionate stopping of black individuals that far outweigh any discrepancy in rates of criminality.
- Massive study of 100,000,000 traffic stops in the United States
- Study reveals that the requirement for searching black and hispanic’s cars is much lower than that of whites.
- Black drivers are less likely to be pulled over after sunset, when it is more difficult to determine one’s race.
- Disproportionate rates of crime is because of social constructs, and not “genes” that cause them to be more truculent
- There are massive socioeconomic disparities between whites and blacks, and black individuals are subject to being less wealthy due to generational wealth divides, caused by things such as or segregation
- Minorities such as blacks and latinos were incarcerated more often than similarly situated whites.
- Very well sourced Reddit thread by u/Albamc - great read.
- “Found that between 1990 and 2010, state prosecutors struck about 53 percent of black people eligible for juries in criminal cases, vs. about 26 percent of white people. The study’s authors concluded that the chance of this occurring in a race-neutral process was less than 1 in 10 trillion
- Yet another study that documents the disproportionate distribution of police in black neighborhoods and low-income areas
- Remember that inordinate deployment of law enforcement will pick up more crime in area a compared to area b, even if the real crime count is an invariable. This results in a positive feedback system owing to police reports citing high crime rates in the area a.
Bias in Juries and Persecutors
- Immense multivariate regression analysis indicates that black male offenders receive 19.1% longer federal sentences compared to similarly situated whites. The “similarly situated” component takes into account: Past offenses, Socioeconomic status, and more.
- Multivariate regression analysis can be helpful when considering demographic differences in sentencing outcomes because results from more simplistic data analyses that examine only selected demographic factors and sentencing outcomes can be misleading
- Black male drug offenders received sentences that were 17.7 percent longer than White male drug offenders
- Hispanic male offenders received sentences that were 5.3 percent longer than those of White male offenders
- “Black males who do receive non government-sponsored departures and variations still serve 16.8% longer sentences than white males on average.”
- In essence, much of the sentencing discrepancies in similarly situated black and white people stems from the bias of the judge in a jury (judicial discretion), to transgress from the default sentencing regulations.
- Violence in a criminal’s history is, statistically speaking, irrelevant to the extreme disparities in sentencing, as shown in multivariate analysis
- Predecessor to previously linked document
- Also notes that, via multivariate analysis, racial differences were associated with sentencing length to a “statistically significant extent”, even in a controlled environment with similarly situated w e whites and blacks
- With all possible confounding variables controlled, black offenders are 75% more likely to face mandatory minimum sentences, compared to whites committing the same offense.
- In federal courts, the average sentence during 2008/2009 was 55 months for whites and 90 months for blacks
- With the use of quantile regression, it was determined that black arrestees are also disproportionately concentrated in federal districts that have higher sentences in general.
- Even after controlling for these and other prior variables, an unexplained black to white sentence disparity of approximately 9 percent remains in our main sample
- “The disparity is nearly 13 percent in a broader sample that includes drug cases
- A meta-analysis of 71 studies
- “Analyses indicate that African-Americans generally are sentenced more harshly than whites; the magnitude of this race effect is statistically significant but small and highly variable”
- Note that high variability is due to procedural contrast between studies.
- 67,000 first-time felons in Georgia from 1995 to 2002
- Average sentence for white men - 2,689 days
- Average sentence for black men - 3,067 days
- The average for black men was 378 days longer, but light-skinned blacks acquired sentences of approximately three and a half months longer than whites
- Mid-skinned blacks people obtained a sentence of about a year longer
- Dark-skinned blacks acquired sentences of a year and a half longer.
- Federal Black defendants were sentenced to 12 percent longer sentences under the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984.
- Eliminated indeterminate sentencing at the federal level. The act created the United States Sentencing Commission, an independent body within the judicial branch of the federal government and charged it with promulgating guidelines for federal sentencing.
- In a controlled setting, the higher the Afrocentricity of the facial features in a defendant, the harsher their sentencing was.
- Under Greenwald’s simulation, black defendants would receive 2.44 years of sentencing, whereas whites would receive 1.40.
- “It supposes that the probability of the defendant ** having committed the offense is **0.50, that the probability of conviction at trial is 0.75, and that the effect size of implicit bias is r=0.1 at each stage”
- As to be expected, the conclusive evidence points to the fact that implicit bias results in harsher sentencing for defendants with afrocentric characteristics.
- Black defendants with several former convictions are 28% more likely to be charged as a “habitual offender” than other similarly-situated whites.
- As most studies on the matter, the “similarly situated” data is controlled by looking at the crime committed, past offenses, socioeconomic background, etc.
- Assessments of dangerousness and culpability are linked to race and ethnicity, even after offense seriousness and prior record are controlled.”
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2020.09.06 02:57 Throwawayforfun12369 factor

Criminal Justice System
Racism in stops, searches, and arrests
- Examination of about 4.5 million traffic stops in North Carolina shows blacks (and latinos) were more likely to be searched than whites (5.4 percent black, 4.1 percent latino and 3.1 percent white).
- Although black and hispanic individuals are disproportionately stopped, they are both less likely to be found with illegal possessions compared to whites. (32% white, 29% black, 19% hispanic)
- Although White & Black Americans confess to using and selling illicit drugs at similar rates, Black Americans are HIGHLY more likely to go to prison for a drug offense.
- Blacks are about 3.7x more likely to go to prison for marijunia consumption and marijunia offenses, in spite of similar usage.
- In 2002, studies indicate that black Americans were incarcerated for drug offenses TEN TIMES the rate of white Americans.
- 97% of “large-population counties” have racial biases in their drug offense incarceration.
- “‘Dynamic entry’ and paramilitary police tactics are disproportionately used against Black and Latino people. Most of these raids were on people suspected of low-level drug crimes.”
- “Police militarization does not lead to a decrease in crimes committed or officer injuries, may actually increase both.”
- Militarized police are disproportionately deployed in black neighborhoods and districts, even while accounting for the rate of crime.
-This excessive deployment of militarized police causes higher reported crime and a snowball effect.
- Militarized police and SWAT teams result in general public distrust in law enforcement and police which can cause higher crime rates.
- Five months of data proved that in the DC metropolitan area, despite only having a demographic 25% higher than whites, blacks were stopped over 410% more than whites.
- The incongruity soars to 1465% for stops that led to no warning, ticket, or arrest, and 3695% for searches that led to no warning, ticket, or arrest.
- As can be seen, there is disproportionate stopping of black individuals that far outweigh any discrepancy in rates of criminality.
- Massive study of 100,000,000 traffic stops in the United States
- Study reveals that the requirement for searching black and hispanic’s cars is much lower than that of whites.
- Black drivers are less likely to be pulled over after sunset, when it is more difficult to determine one’s race.
- Disproportionate rates of crime is because of social constructs, and not “genes” that cause them to be more truculent
- There are massive socioeconomic disparities between whites and blacks, and black individuals are subject to being less wealthy due to generational wealth divides, caused by things such as
or segregation
- See “Socioeconomic Factors” for further information
- Minorities such as blacks and latinos were incarcerated more often than similarly situated whites.
- Very well sourced Reddit thread by u/Albamc - great read.
- “Found that between 1990 and 2010, state prosecutors struck about 53 percent of black people eligible for juries in criminal cases, vs. about 26 percent of white people. The study’s authors concluded
that the chance of this occurring in a race-neutral process was less than 1 in 10 trillion
- Yet another study that documents the disproportionate distribution of police in black neighborhoods and low-income areas
- Remember that inordinate deployment of law enforcement will pick up more crime in area a compared to area b, even if the real crime count is an invariable. This results in a positive feedback
system owing to police reports citing high crime rates in the area a.
Bias is Juries and Persecutors
- Immense multivariate regression analysis indicates that black male offenders receive 19.1% longer federal sentences compared to similarly situated whites. The “similarly situated” component takes into account: Past offenses, Socioeconomic status, and more.
- Multivariate regression analysis can be helpful when considering demographic differences in sentencing outcomes because results from more simplistic data analyses that examine only
selected demographic factors and sentencing outcomes can be misleading
- Black male drug offenders received sentences that were 17.7 percent longer than White male drug offenders
- Hispanic male offenders received sentences that were 5.3 percent longer than those of White male offenders
- “Black males who do receive non government-sponsored departures and variations still serve 16.8% longer sentences than white males on average.”
- In essence, much of the sentencing discrepancies in similarly situated black and white people stems from the bias of the judge in a jury (judicial discretion), to transgress from the default sentencing regulations.
- Violence in a criminal’s history is, statistically speaking, irrelevant to the extreme disparities in sentencing, as shown in multivariate analysis
- Predecessor to previously linked document
- Also notes that, via multivariate analysis, racial differences were associated with sentencing length to a “statistically significant extent”, even in a controlled environment with similarly situated w e whites and blacks
- With all possible confounding variables controlled, black offenders are 75% more likely to face mandatory minimum sentences, compared to whites committing the same offense.
- In federal courts, the average sentence during 2008/2009 was 55 months for whites and 90 months for blacks
- With the use of quantile regression, it was determined that black arrestees are also disproportionately concentrated in federal districts that have higher sentences in general.
- Even after controlling for these and other prior variables, an unexplained black to white sentence disparity of approximately 9 percent remains in our main sample
- “The disparity is nearly 13 percent in a broader sample that includes drug cases
- A meta-analysis of 71 studies
- “Analyses indicate that African-Americans generally are sentenced more harshly than whites; the magnitude of this race effect is statistically significant but small and highly variable”
- Note that high variability is due to procedural contrast between studies.
- 67,000 first-time felons in Georgia from 1995 to 2002
- Average sentence for white men - 2,689 days
- Average sentence for black men - 3,067 days
- The average for black men was 378 days longer, but light-skinned blacks acquired sentences of approximately three and a half months longer than whites
- Mid-skinned blacks people obtained a sentence of about a year longer
- Dark-skinned blacks acquired sentences of a year and a half longer.
- Federal Black defendants were sentenced to 12 percent longer sentences under the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984.
- Eliminated indeterminate sentencing at the federal level. The act created the United States Sentencing Commission, an independent body within the judicial branch of the
federal government and charged it with promulgating guidelines for federal sentencing.
- In a controlled setting, the higher the Afrocentricity of the facial features in a defendant, the harsher their sentencing was.
- Under Greenwald’s simulation, black defendants would receive 2.44 years of sentencing, whereas whites would receive 1.40.
- “It supposes that the probability of arrest having committed the offense is 0.50, that the probability of conviction at trial is 0.75, and that the effect size of implicit bias is r=0.1 at each stage”
- As to be expected, the conclusive evidence points to the fact that implicit bias results in harsher sentencing for defendants with afrocentric characteristics.
- Black defendants with several former convictions are 28% more likely to be charged as a “habitual offender” than other similarly-situated whites.
- As most studies on the matter, the “similarly situated” data is controlled by looking at the crime committed, past offenses, socioeconomic background, etc.
- Assessments of dangerousness and culpability are linked to race and ethnicity, even after offense seriousness and prior record are controlled.”
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2020.09.04 01:47 RDT_87 Found this pist somewhere. A bit long but interesting...

...''I have been putting off writing this post for quite some time. I do not apologize for the length of this post. I could literally write a book on this subject. So, I have filtered it down as much as possible without sacrificing the bare minimum you would need to understand the situation, we as Canadians, find ourselves in today. You can take the time to read it, or you can ignore it. Its my job apparently to be the one to post this. It’s your job to decide what, if anything, you want to do about it.
I cannot however sit idly by and watch what is going on in our country right now. This is CANADA. How could I look my daughter in the eye later in life without knowing I did everything possible to fight and stop this nonsense.
Canada is under attack. You have to realize this by now. We have been infiltrated at the highest levels of government. Everyone talking to you on the TV, is paid by our infiltrated and/or corrupt government. You are told what to think and you are told what to believe and you are told how to act - and you obey.
Nortel was the most powerful internet company in the world, handling 70% of the worlds internet traffic. They were the jewel of the tech world, and they were Canadian. Starting in 2004, Nortel began being infiltrated by the Communist Government of China. Using all of the Intellectual Property stolen from Nortel, Huawei was born. Hauwei proceeded to bid against every Nortel opportunity, and using their own technology, by 2009, Nortel was bankrupt. Canada was the global leader in technology. Now those billions of dollars and ultimately 100’s of 1000’s of high paid, highly skilled employees, along with world leading Canadian technology, now belonged to China.
Shortly after the bankruptcy of Nortel, in 2010, The director of CSIS, TEN YEARS AGO, in an unprecedented move, came on CBC News and warned us that our government is being infiltrated by hostile foreign nations.
From the very top, our Government has been completely infiltrated by the Communist Government of China. These senior officials are either directly complicit in the motives of China, or are direct agents of the Chinese Government and Communist Party.
Justin Trudeau has sent $100’s of Millions of dollars to China. Under the guise of “climate change” and “women’s health”. When the United States backed out of their membership with the World Health Organization (WHO), Justin Trudeau stepped up and committed the United States near $1 Billion commitment. The WHO is a Communist China controlled organization.
Trudeau has committed our 5G infrastructure and network contract to Hauwei. Yes, the same Hauwei who infiltrated and bankrupted Nortel. Trudeau is literally paying and rewarding China for stealing Canadian technology, stealing billions of dollars from our economy, stealing 100’s of 1000’s of high paying jobs from our country. He’s also submarining other Canadian Tech companies with 5G capabilities (for example Telus or Rogers) and handing these contracts and these jobs and the further technological development, off the backs of Canadian tax payers - to communist China.
As if this is not bad enough, Trudeau is alienating us from our allies. We are the only “5 eyes nations” (security data sharing co-operative) who are allowing Hauwei into our country and allowing Communist China access to all of our data.
As a result, this prompted the US president to threaten to line our borders with US military. Even though the US president has backed off of this threat for now, you must understand that the rest of the world is very well aware Canada is falling to Communist China. No one is going to help us if we allow this to happen
Everyone keeps insisting, that despite all the science, despite all logic and reason, we must listen to the experts. Ok, but, which experts should we listen to? Dr Tam?
Well, how come the last 2 experts who held Dr Tam’s role in Canada, both disagree with her?
So, which “expert” should we listen to? Is Dr Tam more qualified than both her previous predecessors? The answer is of course not. Anyone who has followed my posts, since the very first day of COVID lockdowns, understands I have spoken up loudly against these measures. The science simply does not support it. These are politically motivated actions. These public health policies are Communist China Public Health policies. These public health policies are meant to control a population, and allow a tyrannical government the ability to take over the economy. These ARE NOT Canadian Public Health policies.
A candidate for the Canadian Conservative Party leadership, publicly expressed these concerns re Dr Tam. For his efforts, he was labelled a “racist” and was nearly expelled from the party. Although he refused to apologize, he did later back down from his stance, and indicated he wasn’t questioning Dr Tam’s loyalty to Canada.
Well, I am not Derek Sloan. I will say it loudly. Dr Tam is a traitor and Dr Tam works directly for Communist China. I don’t say this because she is of Asian descent. I say this, because she is a traitor. I love and respect all Chinese Canadians loyal to Canada. I myself am from an off the boat immigrant family. I am loyal to Canada. If someone from my country of origin were a high ranking government official and acting as a traitor, I would also call them a traitor. I would not be racist against myself for saying so. All of the Chinese Canadians I know, are amazing people. They are my friends and my neighbours. I do not know Dr Tam, and I do not want to know her. She needs to resign immediately.
In a similar way, Chrystia Freeland, is also obviously a traitor. She however is white, so, I presume I will be labelled a “sexist” instead of a “racist” in this case? She has been hand picked and placed as the Deputy PM in Canada, and when our current Minister of Finance stepped down as a result of the corruption in our Federal Government, she was also named Canada’s new Minister of finance. She is on PUBLIC RECORD, stating the economy cannot be resumed, unless it is resumed within the framework of her radical environmentalist ideology. Am I the only one asking what Public Health COVID lockdowns have to do with her environmental ideology? Am I the only one asking why the small business and private sector needs to be destroyed over COVID and public health policies, but, cannot be resumed until her flagrant socialist economy, thinly veiled beneath a radical environmentalist ideology is implemented?
Chrystia Freeland is the author of a book called
“Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else in 2012”
It’s ironic that her policies are directly destroying “everyone else”. Small business owners, private sector, etc. The ONLY ones thriving under Dr Tam’s and Chrystia Freeland’s policies, are the new “Global Super-Rich”. If you read Chrystia Freeland’s book, you would understand. It is pure Marxist Rhetoric. Proletariat vs Bourgeois. She is an open Communist, and in all likelihood, either directly an agent of Communist China or willingly complicit in Communist China policies.
We are seeing the impossible happen in Canada. We are playing identity politics at the highest levels of our governments. We are told we are “systematically racist”, thereby justifying the dismantling of our entire system. We are told some of us have inherent “privilege”. We are being divided into groups, and those groups are being turned against each other. We have been locked in our homes, we have been forced to wear masks, we have been forced to mask our children. Our small business sector is being obliterated, and the barriers of entry to start a new business have been massively expanded. A significant percentage of the population has been moved to permanent government assistance. Unemployment is soaring, Debt is soaring and our death rate is soaring (and not from COVID). The only people profiting are our government officials and the largest corporations (who are all turning record profits) - and of course - The communist government of China. We are told this is about “equity” and about “fairness”, but, as these malicious practices have always done, anywhere and everywhere they have been implemented, wealth always moves out of the citizens hands, and back into the hands of the few. There is no one fighting this in Canada. From our most senior politicians right through to our media, they are all beating the same drum.
For Pete’s sake, Chrystia Freeland is openly stating her intention to sink the Canadian energy segment and refuses to re-open our economy from COVID lockdowns, until we implement her environmentalist strategy. And who do you think will provide all that energy and infrastructure for her new “Green” economy. Communist China of course.
We are watching the communist take over of our country - and its not subtle.
The world is watching us. Everyone is very very well aware what is happening in Canada.
Australian Scholar Clive Hamilton, recently published a book called “Hidden Hand”, which chronicles how Beijing uses elites in target countries to extend its influence and control. He says, and I quote
“Beijing’s Promotion of Election Candidates it controls most advanced in Canada”
I searched for the THE MOST CRITICAL REVIEW of Clive Hamilton’s book I could find. You simply cannot accept anything less than is concluded within this review
From the director of CSIS’s public warnings 10 years ago, to Clive Hamilton’s world renowned work being published today, to everything you are watching around you.
Maybe you should ask yourself why the media is doing nothing except talking about infection rates and divisive identity politics. They cant even discuss death rates anymore, as no one is dying - at least not from COVID. So, they switched the narrative to “stop the spread” to keep you scared and compliant. Why do you not know about the massive infiltration by Communist China into our government, when the rest of the world is well aware of this and state it matter of factly?
The Communist Government of China either owns via subsidiaries or by influence, massive chunks of our media. The same media that is funded with our tax dollars. The same media which drives horrific public health policies, has you masking your children and has us playing Marxist and Communist identity politics ideologies against each other
Ask yourself how Canada got here, and so quickly. Ask yourself why Canada is implementing Communist China Public Health Policies. Ask yourself why Canada is outsourcing all of our technology and the upcoming 5G network infrastructure and deployments to Hauwei and Communist China. 5G technology is wonderful and is desperately needed in a country as massive and remotely populated as Canada. You thought Facebook selling data to Advertisers was unacceptable? what do you think China will be doing with ALL of your data? Ask yourself how Canada has spiralled to a $1.2 Trillion dollar debt - owned by, you guessed it, Communist China. Ask yourself why a significant portion of that $1.2T debt was sent to China under the guise of “climate change” or “women’s health”, and now we also owe China that money, plus interest, within our debt. Ask yourself why Canada sold all of our gold and gold mines to Communist China.
Now ask yourself, what happened to Hong Kong?
First thing The Communist Government of China did was infiltrate Hong Kong at the highest levels. Remember their rhetoric? “2 systems, 1 country”.
They than marketed, via their Government controlled mass media, justifications for their Army to be present on Hong Kong soil. Ironically enough, Justin Trudeau, under the FIPA (Foreign Investment Protection Act) signed in 2019, has approved that the Communist Government of China is permitted Security Forces on Canadian soil without requiring CANADIAN “knowledge or consent”. The “validation” is to protect Chinese Government owned assets. Meaning, their Hauwei assets, in Canada. So, effectively, we allowed Hauwei to steal Nortel technology, bankrupt them, sell that technology back to us and now guard those assets on our own soil with their military.
Remember all the brave and powerful and virtue signalling facebook warriors? Remember everyone posting “Free Hong Kong” memes all over Facebook? Well, Hong Kong is effectively gone. All the leaders of the Hong Hong Free Press who would not comply, are gone. They have been disappeared. All of the organizers of the protests are gone. They have been disappeared. This is whats happening in Canada, RIGHT NOW. We will be the next Communist State of China, no different than Hong Kong - and everyone in the world knows this except us.
Communist China does not tolerate freedom. And, although Communists always penetrate with verbiage like “privilege” or “systemic racism” or “diversity and inclusion”, you must understand these are just weapons to seed division, fear and hate. Once they take control, the first thing they do is imprison or kill the groups and ethnicities they do not like. Right now in China, approximately 1 Million Muslim Uygars have been imprisoned in internment camps and are used as slave labour. I am willing to wager that once they implement such attrocities in Canada, all of the professional victim, identity politics idiots running around our country causing havoc today will suddenly realize they weren’t as oppressed as they thought they were. I bet ya they would give anything to get their old lives and old freedoms back.
Now ask yourself, despite all rhyme or reason, despite all science, despite everything Canada stands for, why are you taking orders from people and organizations who are owned and controlled by Communist China? They have no real power today. Even with an infiltrated media, even with infiltrated high ranking government officials. They have no power today. That is why the media keep pumping fear and division down our throats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Do the exact opposite of everything the media tells you to do. Demand elections and clear out these infiltrated traitors from our government. Insist the new government stands up to China. Insist the new Government shows loyalty to our allies and re-aligns with our allies. Ensure our new government kicks Hauwei out of Canada, and works to build up Telus and Rogers to compete with them. Ensure the new government ends the FIPA agreement we have signed with China. Or do you honestly think that the US will protect us once China has soldiers all over our country and once they have occupied and destroyed us like they did to Hong Kong?
Finally - Insist the new Government stops funding our media with our tax dollars. Insist our Government funds independent Canadian media, who will once again operate as the “free press” and dilute the flagrant propaganda Communist China is force feeding you. Why is our tax funded media spending so much time turning us against our US allies? Have you never asked yourself that question? not even once? Why are our media pushing Identity Politics so heavily? Why are our media pushing Communist China Public Health Policies so heavily? Why are they pushing Hauwei so heavily? The Communist Government of China has infiltrated many countries, every country is dealing with this and fighting in their own way and to various degrees. No one is coming to help us. We are on our own. Other countries are fighting back. Canada is not. Are we simply going to surrender?
Take off your masks. You look ridiculous. Stop living your life in fear, because soon, you will be living your life in chains. Many brave hero’s sacrificed everything to allow you and your children to live free.
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2020.09.03 01:26 Kaje26 I’ll put a checklist here so you can see if you’re libertarian or not.

• Do you support militarization of police?
If yes- conservative, if no- libertarian or liberal
• Do you support the right to own a gun, including common rifles like the AR-15 and are you against limiting magazines sizes and against limiting the sale of ammunition?
If yes- libertarian or conservative, if no- (surprisingly in some circumstances) conservative or liberal
• Are you against wars where the U.S. is not directly attacked by an aggressor. I.e. are you for a general isolationist foreign policy?
If yes- libertarian, if no- conservative or (surprisingly) liberal
• Do you support legalization of marijuana including other drugs (MDMA, psilocybin, LSD)?
If yes- libertarian or liberal, if no- conservative
• Are you against ICE, and their practice of border checkpoints, randomly checking green cards and separating families at the border?
If yes- libertarian or liberal, if no- conservative.
• Are you against government surveillance of it’s own citizens internet and phone data etc.?
If yes- libertarian, if no- conservative and (surprisingly) liberal
• Do you support gay marriage?
If yes- libertarian or liberal, if no- conservative (generally)
• Do you support a woman’s right to choose (abortion)
If yes- libertarian or liberal, if no- conservative
• Do you support a taxpayer bailout of large banks?
If yes- conservative or liberal, if no- libertarian
• Do you support police acting outside of their Constitutional limitations?
If yes- Conservative or (I’m probably going to get hate for this one) surprisingly liberal, if no- libertarian
• Do you support a flat tax rather than a progressive one?
If yes- libertarian or conservative, if no- liberal
I think I covered the main ones. Not gatekeeping here, just pointing out that there are serious conflict on the right and left with libertarianism.
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2020.09.02 14:32 tecnico-informatica- CURSO DE TÉCNICO EM INFORMATICA A DISTANCIA EAD

Os Módulos do Curso de Técnico em Informática a Distância EAD

O Curso de Técnico em Informática a Distancia EAD da Arth ThC possui 12 módulos. Cada Módulo equivale a um curso completo sobre o assunto.
Assim, por exemplo, o Módulo 6, chamado Planilhas Eletrônicas, que aborda o Excel, equivale a um Curso completo de Excel para Alunos de TODOS os níveis.
Se você aluno já tem um certo conhecimento de Excel, então, poderá passar rapidamente pelo conteúdo mais básico do curso. Porém, se você é iniciante, terá a sua disposição dentro do seu curso, da sua “sala de aula virtual”, todo material necessário para conhecer e entender os princípios básicos de funcionamento e utilização do Excel. O Curso possui conteúdo disponível para todos níveis de usuários de Excel, do Básico ao Avançado.
O aluno aprenderá o uso do programa Microsoft Excel, criação, gravação e formatação de planilhas. Bem como: fórmulas: Adição, subtração, multiplicação, divisão e exponenciação. Operações com células. Funções: Soma, máximo, mínimo, média, cont.num, somase, se, agora, ano, mês, dia, dia.da.semana, data, hoje, hora, minuto, segundo. Não somente isso, mas também: cont.valores, contar.vazio,, combin, romano, pi, tabelas Dinâmicas, procH e procV. Gráficos, validação, analise de dados, imagens, recibos e formatação condicional. Conteúdo completo para que criem planilhas no dia a dia ou para utilizar no mercado de trabalho.

Muito mais vantagens do que no curso EAD básico!

A “ferramenta” Excel possui muitas vantagens no seu uso. Mas pelo Excel ser uma ferramenta completa, também possui muitas funções, fórmulas e particularidades que podem assustar em um primeiro momento a quem não conhece o Excel. Quando você passa a conhecer o Excel, do básico ao avançado, percebe que seu uso é bastante intuitivo. Ou seja, não é complicado como parece.
Dentre os principais recursos, as Ferramentas avançadas como Tabelas Dinâmicas e Formatação Condicional, presentes no Material Didático do nosso curso, fazem desse curso, portanto, um dos melhores cursos de Excel.
O Excel já foi uma alternativa entre as várias planilhas existentes no mercado, mas, hoje é líder absoluto. Conhecer o Microsoft Excel é ter mais facilidades na criação de tabelas e gráficos. Mais chances no Mercado de Trabalho.

Depoimentos de Ex-Alunos do Curso EAD de Técnico em Informática

DEPOIMENTOS Marlene da Silva Maximiano de Oliveira
Meu nome é Marlene, tenho 32 anos, sou professora de informática, leciono em uma ETEC (Escola Técnica), leciono disciplinas de lógica, projetos de software e programação, moro em Guarulhos SP, sou formada em Tecnologia em Processamento de Dados e Pós Graduação em Tecnologia da Informação. Por trabalhar em uma escola técnica, mesmo tendo boa formação, me faltava um curso técnico, quando eu podia fazer não tinha como pagar, quando podia pagar não tinha como fazer o curso! rs… Com a oportunidade do curso a distância eu a agarrei com muita vontade e procurei fazer o melhor. Estou muito feliz com a conclusão deste curso e certamente farei outros, a minha área exige a atualização e eu procuro me esforçar para atender esta exigência e me manter no meu trabalho. Deixo aqui a minha satisfação com o curso da Arth Informática, que pra mim foi bem elaborado e distribuído, curti cada módulo, aprendi muito, coisas que eu achava que já dominava, vi que poderia fazer diferente e melhor, e assim aconteceu.
Rodrigo Meu nome é Rodrigo, tenho 36 anos, sou Policial Militar do Estado de Goiás há 15 anos; estou residindo na Cidade de Jussara/GO e sou formado como Técnico em Contabilidade.
Com as mudanças enfrentadas no dia a dia, a Sociedade nos cobrando mais aperfeiçoamentos; encontrei está maravilhosa escola nos sites da internet. No início fiquei meio receoso; pois, não conhecia está escola, mas com o passar do tempo e no decorrer dos módulos, aprendi a respeitar e admirar cada profissional, que se empenham a nos trazer matérias didáticas e nos capacitando a cada etapa rumo ao saber.
Devido a uma oportunidade de trabalho em minha Corporação, decidi fazer o curso; pois só assim conseguiria um lugar melhor em meio a Sociedade e a Empresa que trabalho. Gostei muito da acessibilidade do curso; pois, usava sempre meus horários de folga para conseguir estudar.
Espero com a ajuda de meus colegas de trabalho e auxílio sempre que puder da ARTH Informática me tornar um exemplar profissional. Sei que tenho muito a aprender, mas, continuarei os meus estudos e quem sabe no futuro, faça até uma Faculdade.
Fiquem com Deus e Sucesso a todos!
André Hermenegildo do Nascimento Andre ex-aluno Curso Técnico Informática Online Aluno: André Hermenegildo do Nascimento Cidade: Recife Estado: Pernambuco Profissão: Técnico de Suporte e Manutenção de Micros ( T&A SERVINFO ) Sempre trabalhei com informática, porém não possuía um curso que certificasse meu conhecimento técnico na área. Encontrei na ARTH INFORMÁTICA a oportunidade de finalmente me qualificar para o mercado de trabalho. Como não possuía muito tempo para frequentar uma escola presencial, esta oportunidade “caiu como uma luva”!!! O curso mantém uma estrutura muito boa, apostilas atualizadas com frequência e além de possuir um corpo docente competente e entrosado com os alunos. As dúvidas são rapidamente esclarecidas. Em suma, gostaria de agradecer a toda equipe ARTH INFORMÁTICA e um agradecimento especial a Thiago que acompanhou minha caminhada no curso. Agradeço também a minha Esposa por todo apoio e compreensão durante o curso e por sua presença tão especial em minha vida!!!

Mais Informações do Curso EAD – Totalmente Online

Deseja o Certificado de Técnico em Informática em menos de 6 meses?
Certificação por Competência de Técnico em Informática


Este Certificado de Técnico em informática garante seu Futuro Profissional. Faça na ARTH INFORMATICA seu Curso. Técnico de Informatica é uma das profissões mais requisitadas do Mercado. Curso de Técnico em Informatica à Distância. Curso Técnico em Informática a distância é na Arth Informática Conheça seu Curso de Técnico em Informática a Distância (online). Certificado válido em todo Brasil enviado pelos Correios. Totalmente a distância Garanta Hoje seu Futuro Profissional. Faça na ARTH INFORMÁTICA este Curso. Técnico em Informática é uma das profissões mais requisitadas do Mercado. Totalmente a Distância.

Mais informações do Curso de Técnico em Informática EAD

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2020.09.02 00:12 frostbite9613 Vaush on guns?

In his recent AMA a few people touched on Vaush’s views on guns. Personally, I’m not incredibly well-educated on the subject, but I think Vaush should do a longer discussion on the data he uses to support his view. If I have it correct, he thinks disarming the proletariat would be a negative thing; however, I don’t know if the benefits of an armed proletariat outweigh the negative side of the mass proliferation of firearms in our society. While I am willing to move on this point, I think that the amount of guns people own in the US is directly related to components of police brutality. The militarization of police is often justified by a more militarized and dangerous society.
I felt this was a bit of a rambling statement, but I want to know other people’s thoughts. Would anybody be interested in starting a data doc on this subject? I really need more info to fully make up my mind.
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2020.09.01 17:57 finnagains 'The Kill Chain: Defending America in the Future of High-Tech Warfare' by Christian Brose

29 August 2020
The Kill Chain: Defending America in the Future of High-Tech Warfare by Christian Brose is a book with an intended audience within the Pentagon and the arms industry, “Ringing the alarm” for US imperialism’s need to make a rapid and qualitative development of its military in order to achieve its ambition of global hegemony.
Brose, a former staff director of the Senate Armed Services Committee, begins his book describing a conversation he had with the late Republican Senator John McCain on the form that an increasingly likely war between the United States and China would take:
America’s forward bases in places like Japan and Guam would be inundated with waves of precise ballistic and cruise missiles.
[United States] carriers and their escort ships might shoot down some of the missiles, but there would be so many that some could get through and knock the carriers out of the fight by cratering their flight decks, damaging their control towers, or destroying their aircraft before they even got airborne. It is also possible that a hit could be fatal, sending five thousand Americans and a $13 billion ship to the bottom of the ocean...
McCain and I paused and considered the potential scale of this disaster. Thousands of Americans lost in action. American ships sunk. Bases reduced to smoking holes in the ground. Aircraft and satellites shot out of the sky. A war that could be lost in a matter of hours or days even as the United States planned to spend weeks and months moving into position to fight.
Why would such a war break out? Brose writes:
China is becoming America’s peer, and it could become more than that. It is integrated into the global economy and developing its own domestic sources of technological development, not just copycat industries but increasingly innovative and world-leading companies. China has already surpassed the United States in purchasing power parity, and it is projected to have the world’s largest gross domestic product by as early as 2030. The last time the United States faced a competitor, or even a group of competitors, with greater economic power than its own was in the nineteenth century, before our own rise to global predominance. And when it comes to China’s potential to generate even greater power, the United States has never faced a challenge of that scale in its entire history...
The Chinese Communist Party aims to become the dominant power in Asia and in the world, and it believes that for China to win, America must lose. We have to lose the race for advanced technology. We have to lose jobs and influence in the global economy. We have to lose partners who share our interests and values. We have to lose the ability to stand in the way of the Chinese Communist Party’s desire to make more of the world safe for its model of high-tech authoritarianism. And as the balance of power continues to shift out of America’s favor, the Chinese Communist Party will likely become more expansive in its ambitions, more assertive in its pursuit of them, and more capable of getting its way, no matter how much that harms Americans.
Increasingly concerned over China’s economic development and terrified by its rapid technological advances, which put a question mark on the Washington’s “overwhelming” military superiority, Brose and McCain wrote a letter in October 2017 to then-Secretary of Defense James “Mad-Dog” Mattis on the topic of the National Defense Strategy:
“We no longer enjoy the wide margins of power we once had,” the letter argued, because America’s military advantage had “declined precipitously” as great-power competitors, primarily China, were modernizing their forces and eroding America’s military dominance. “We cannot do everything we want everywhere,” it stated. “We must choose. We must prioritize.” And though money was vital, we could not “‘buy our way out’ of our current predicament.” The new defense strategy, McCain wrote Mattis, was “perhaps the last opportunity to develop an effective approach” to China before it was too late.
Brose’s staff met regularly with Mattis’ staff, and the emphasis on preparing and executing a massive overhaul of the US military, with focus on integrating the latest developments in information technology, was a cornerstone of the 2018 National Defense Strategy, which built on the National Security Strategy announced by the Trump Administration in December 2017. The document clearly announced the revival of “Great-Power Conflict,” i.e., preparation for a Third World War, with particular focus on China.
The Defense Strategy calls for building a more lethal force, with emphasis on modernizing key capabilities of nuclear forces, space and cyberspace, missile defense, and in particular, command, control, communications, computers and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR), as well as autonomous systems.
Brose reveals in his book that, over the past several decades, the United States military machine, serviced through a network of defense contractors, lobbyists and Congressmen, has gobbled up trillions of dollars, accumulating an excess of fat rather than muscle. Vast sums were directed into money-pits like the F-35 and incremental hardware upgrades to outdated systems, whereas rival militaries like that of China were utilizing the developments in data-technology to create a “smarter” military, one which can close the “kill chain” at lightning speed.
According to Brose, the kill chain is a military term linked to the “Information Revolution” starting in the 1980s; it means the process of analysis, planning, and execution. Prior to the Information Revolution, the kill chain was localized to single military platforms, for example “the process of understanding where an enemy aircraft was, deciding what to do about it, and then acting against it all occurred within one fighter jet or air defense system.” The Information Revolution, which had as its foundation the development of the integrated circuit, has led to further world-historic developments—primarily the development of the internet and artificial intelligence. What these technologies allow for is “networked warfare”; a network of nuclear missiles, for example, can all be directed under one system, some under autonomous control.
Brose is now the head of strategy for Andruil Industries, which states that it is a tech company composed of “a team of experts from Oculus, Palantir, General Atomics, SpaceX, Tesla and Google exploiting breakthroughs in consumer and commercial technology” specifically for military purposes. While the US military has been slow to integrate the latest developments in data technology and AI, Silicon Valley-based tech firms have been pioneers in this field. Having achieved a high level of centralization, they are moving closer and closer towards the state.
Brose in large part has written the book in order “bring home” the prodigal son; help return Silicon Valley to the US military from which it traces its origins. As historian Margaret O’Mara has observed, “Defense contracts during and after World War II turned Silicon Valley from a somnolent landscape of fruit orchards into a hub of electronics production and innovations ranging from mainframes to microprocessors to the internet.”
Arguing for the military potential of consumer technology, Brose writes:
Many American homes are now fitted with a network of low-cost sensors made by companies such as Nest (owned by Google) and Ring (owned by Amazon) that give one person with a mobile device real-time situational awareness of their most important places, whereas the average US military base is still defended by large numbers of people either standing watch or staring at rows of video surveillance monitors, stacked up like Hollywood Squares. Similarly, many Americans drive vehicles equipped with sensors that tell them everything that is going on around the vehicle at all times, whereas most American military vehicles do not have the same capabilities.
He further notes the increasing monopolization of Silicon Valley:
Over the past fifteen years, major technology companies have bought dozens of technology start-ups: Facebook, for example, has bought Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus VR, among others, while Google has bought far more, including Android, YouTube, Waze, Nest, and DeepMind.
This process has been accompanied by the tech giants’ rapid integration with the US military and intelligence apparatus. Research published on July 7, 2020 by the technology accountability nonprofit Tech Inquiry revealed that the Department of Defense and federal law enforcement agencies, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Federal Bureau of Prisons, have secured thousands of deals with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Facebook, among others.
Microsoft is currently the leader in gobbling up government contracts and has also seemingly won the battle for the $10 billion JEDI contract with the Pentagon, which will overhaul the military’s internet infrastructure. However, this is currently in dispute, as its rival Amazon has obtained a federal court order halting the contract for review. Amazon recently announced the establishment of a space unit called Aerospace and Satellite Solutions, led by former US Air Force Major General Clint Crosier. The unit is responsible for the development of rocket launches, human spaceflight support, robotic systems, mission control operations, space stations, satellite networks and more. Bezos’ space company Blue Origin also has a NASA contract worth $579 million.
The US military has also encouraged smaller startups to get in on the action. The US Air Force has selected 54 smaller companies to “develop, test and integrate new capabilities for the Advanced Battle Management Systems (ABMS).” The ABMS aims to develop an “internet of things” where systems in all domains (air, land, sea, space, cyber, and electromagnetic spectrum) can connect to disseminate information to personnel.
The startup SpaceX, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, recently launched NASA astronauts into space, marking a new era of public-private partnerships. On May 20, SpaceX signed a three-year deal with the US military to test the company’s “Starlink” program, which aims to “build a constellation of small satellites in low-earth orbit that can deliver high-speed communications and data networks to every part of the planet at all times.”
Over the past several years, private US companies have sent numerous satellites into space, with plans to launch tens of thousands more.
Brose writes:
From hundreds of miles away, commercial satellites can see objects on Earth in minute detail, and they may soon be able to identify individual faces. The number of these satellites grows by the hundreds every year. Silicon Valley is largely responsible for soon-to-be thousands of small satellites that will create an unblinking eye over the entire Earth, resulting in more real-time surveillance of the planet than ever before. Indeed, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, a US intelligence agency that currently has a total of 14,500 personnel, recently estimated that it would need more than 8 million people just to analyze all of the imagery of the globe that will be generated in the next twenty years.
Computer generated image of total satellites in space [Credit: James Yoder,]
The data gathered by the sharp mechanical eyes of satellites in space is being increasingly used to surveil the world for the primary purpose of repression and war; the capitalist class has wrapped the Earth in “The Kill Chain.”
The threat of a Third World War
The US military’s plans for “Great-Power Conflict,” primarily with China, have reached an extremely high level. The US ruling class is aware of its inadequacies and, while masses of American workers confront poverty, is spending trillions to prepare for the eruption of World War III.
A simulation called “Plan A” by researchers at Princeton’s Program on Science and Global Security, shows how the use of one so-called tactical or low-yield nuclear weapon could lead to a global nuclear war which would result in over 90 million deaths and injuries within three hours. At our current stage, the outbreak of war will quickly become a world catastrophe. The development of “battle networks” and long range missiles means that weapons capable of leveling entire cities and countries will be deployed in practically a flash.
War will take place on all fronts, from the seas, the earth, and the heavens. With the use of nuclear weapons, over 7.5 billion human beings, themselves the product of billions of years of historical development, could be destroyed in a matter of days.
The true implication of war is never uttered in Brose’s book. He, alongside the capitalist class which he represents, is driven by the imperative of securing US profit interests. They see war as a means to stop China’s economic expansion, exemplified by the “Belt and Road Initiative,” thus removing its main rival and conquering the world market. Meanwhile the Chinese capitalists cannot halt their aims for expansion because they too are driven by the need to accumulate profit. Thus they have resorted to building up their military arsenal to “defend” themselves from the US. However, in the era of nuclear weapons, there is no such thing as defense, simply Mutually Assured Destruction.
The great revolutionary Leon Trotsky delivered a speech in 1926 to the First All-Union Congress of the Society of Friends of Radio, explaining why capitalism is incompatible with the needs of humanity:
I remember a time when men wrote that the development of aircraft would put an end to war, because it would draw the whole population into military operations, would bring to ruin the economic and cultural life of entire countries, etc. In fact, however, the invention of a flying machine heavier than air opened a new and crueler chapter in the history of militarism. There is no doubt that now, too, we are approaching the beginning of a still more frightful and bloody chapter. Technique and science have their own logic—the logic of the cognition of nature and the mastering of it in the interests of man. But technique and science develop not in a vacuum but in human society, which consists of classes. The ruling class, the possessing class, controls technique and through it controls nature. Technique in itself cannot be called either militaristic or pacifistic. In a society in which the ruling class is militaristic, technique is in the service of militarism.
Within little more than a decade, the most terrible bloodbath in history, World War II, began, destroying over 70 million lives. Humanity is now threatened with a war of incomparably greater magnitude.
The National Security Strategy document states, “The Internet is an American invention, and it should reflect our values as it continues to transform the future for all nations and all generations.”
The reality is that the internet and technology in general are a collective product of human labor, which transcends all nations, races, and ethnicities. While the capitalist class advances the politics of nationalism and division, of which war is the most extreme form, the working class must advance the politics of unity, breaking down all national divisions, uniting workers of every country in a common struggle to put an end to capitalism and create a world where science is developed not in service of war, but to ensure peace and prosperity for all.
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2020.08.30 12:16 Samus_ Resumen de r/Uruguay - 2020-08-30

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Military Size Comparison - YouTube Militares (EUA) confirmam Chico Xavier e Data Limite 'Novas' datas das Provas Militares - Por Leonardo Chucrute ... Hoje no Mundo Militar - YouTube ️NOVA DATA PMSP/POLICIA MILITAR SÃO PAULO, PARA GTA SAMP ... Conheça o treinamento que o Exército Brasileiro dá para ... CHICO XAVIER FALA SOBRE O REGIME MILITAR - YouTube Aula de Exercícios de Estatuto dos Militares CE - Prof. Andrew Ramalho - Antecipando o Edital: PMCE Pack de skins Militares USA para GTA San Andreas ...

IBM launches SkillsBuild Cybersecurity program for 9k ...

  1. Military Size Comparison - YouTube
  2. Militares (EUA) confirmam Chico Xavier e Data Limite
  3. 'Novas' datas das Provas Militares - Por Leonardo Chucrute ...
  4. Hoje no Mundo Militar - YouTube
  6. Conheça o treinamento que o Exército Brasileiro dá para ...
  8. Aula de Exercícios de Estatuto dos Militares CE - Prof. Andrew Ramalho - Antecipando o Edital: PMCE
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  10. Especial Jogos Mundiais Militares 2019 - 19/10

Canal especializado em temas militares contemporâneos. Notícias relevantes e vídeos apresentando em detalhes as armas que compõem o arsenal moderno dos princ... E no segundo de competição saem as duas primeiras medalhas do Brasil nos Jogos Mundiais Militares. A judoca Rafaela Silva, campeã olímpica em 2016, garantiu o primeiro ouro brasileiro . Antes ... Militares atestam acerca da intervenção extraterrestre quanto às armas nucleares desde outrora já em curso em nosso mundo. ... Militares (EUA) confirmam Chico Xavier e Data Limite Espiritual ... Aula de Estatuto dos Militares do CE: 30:30 último concurso, 52:23 exercícios de estatuto dos militares. #AEP #AulaGratuita #EstatutoMilitares Cursos Gratuitos Agenda de ... Chucrute resolveu fazer um vídeo com as datas que ele que as Forças Armadas vão usar para os concursos militares! Ainda dá tempo de estudar! Então, levanta a... A ideia do treinamento é ensinar aos militares estrangeiros práticas de combate na floresta. Em meio a Amazônia, eles têm de os bichos, não tem cama, banheir... We compare the military strength of 172 countries/nations! From how many active Soldiers they have, to the number of Tanks, Armored Fighting Vehicles, Planes... reeditando esta postagem porque o vÍdeo original acaba de ser apagado. por sorte ou intuiÇÃo eu havia feito uma cÓpia do arquivo original no youtube. program... =====Ábreme===== Links del Pack, Esperas 5 segundos y saltar Publicidad: MEGA: Mediafire: Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.