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The San Diego Convention Center is meeting planners' top choice for hosting major conventions, trade shows, meetings and special events. Holland Partner Group Plans 37-Story Tower The $400 million mixed-use project on W. Broadway in downtown San Diego would include office space, commercial space and 431 apartments Preferred Financial Partner of the City of San Diego. Official Beverage and Snack Partner of the City of San Diego. Preferred Service Line Warranty Partner of the City of San Diego. Official Golf Equipment Partner of the City of San Diego. Official Car Share Program Provider of the City of San Diego. Partner Services is a free, voluntary and confidential service that values the needs of the individual, and is an important part of preventing new HIV infections. Please call 619 692-8501 or visit our website, Know and Disclose , for more information. Business World: San Diego Selects Internationally Known Partner To Transform Sports Arena And Surrounding Property - Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer announced today that a City of San Diego selection ... Saturday, August 29, 2020 - NEWS RELEASE SAN DIEGO, CA — Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer announced today that a City of San Diego selection committee has picked a proposal by Brookfield Properties and ASM Global to redevelop the Sports Arena property into a vibrant destination that incorporates a mix of entertainment, housing, parks, and office and retail. San Diego Regional Task Force for the Homeless. San Diego Rescue Mission. San Diego Workforce Partnership

$BOXL - Detailed DD- A company you should be invested in for the upcoming growth. $22,000,000 Funding, multiple acquisition, strong analyst ratings.

2020.09.27 19:58 varun22486 $BOXL - Detailed DD- A company you should be invested in for the upcoming growth. $22,000,000 Funding, multiple acquisition, strong analyst ratings.

Hi Guy's. I made a brief post on Friday on BOXL, here is the detailed DD and why you should be invested. Read through, The most important part is LATEST NEWS in LAST WEEK. Good luck. Follow me on twitter for more DD

Company Overview: Interactive Learning Technologies: They develop, sell, and service interactive classroom technologies for the global education market. They are a vertically integrated, total solution provider with hardware engineering and manufacturing, software and content development, and comprehensive services including installation, training, consulting and maintenance.
Presence: Just look at below and you will understand the potential.
Customers: San Diego Unified (17th largest school district in U.S.) and Montgomery County (14th largest school district in U.S.)
Recent Product Launches:
Recent Developments
Contracts before COVID:
Revenue/ Gross profit.
Analyst reviews:
My Personal review of this company. Company has a solid growth ahead, they got so much money in funding which is being used for acquisitions and expansion. The COVID is helping them to grow rapidly. I have friends in the school industry which tell me what is happening and what is about to come. I am ready to be patient on this and average down if needed because I am super bullish on this and I know this will pay off soon.
Price Target: As I have said in my other posts/comment this is a long term play which will pay off as the catalysts drop in. They have been doing this very often and with all these new acquisition they are suppose to be making more money and growth. They have said it clearly in there PR's. My price target on this is 4$ in next month or so.
Risks: The fundamentals of the company are solid and growth plan is all lined up, but every investment comes with a risk specially when it comes to penny stock. Things can go south quickly if so Be ready to cut your losses. If the stock price falls below 1.25, I will cut my losses.
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2020.09.26 21:29 golddragon88 Azur lane military police: Case of the Garbage Robber part 2
9 am
The morning had ended when I had fished, setting up the crime scene with help from two manjuu officers; Cluck Norris and Russell Crow, in police uniforms. Cluck Norris went to look for biological evidence, and Russell went to look for latent print evidence. I went to look at the tracks. Walking over to the grass I looked down at the prints. They looked like regular shoe prints except for two things. The thief was leaning inward on the step, and there were small holes on the outside of the pattern. Going on a hunch, I looked toward the stone pathway, and there were scratches on the pavement in line with footprints in the grass. The girl was wearing her rigging during the crime. Considering the mark’s nature, the first name that came to mind was Queen Elisabeth, but She would never dig around in the trash. Their direction was towards the Sakura.
“ Indianapolis, can I have a moment of your time?” I heard a refined voice say.
I turned around to see King George v behind me. She was standing with a bunch of other gawking ship girls.
Going up to her, I said, “ Sure.”
“ Indianapolis were supposed to work with the people who were assigned. You and Yoizuki should be working together on this case as a team. Even if she’s difficult, you still need to make it work. “
I shot up in surprise. Turning around, I saw King George V standing at the edge of the police tape. Next to her stood a bunch of other ship girls silently gawking.
“ Um.. hello, your majesty, what are you doing here, and how do you know about that?” I respond shyly.
8:30 pm
As the morning gave way to midday in town, Akashi and King George were having a tea party at an old abandoned park.
The table being used was an old wooden thing you would expect to be used by a small family. Not a royal tea party. On the table, four platters sat filled with mountains of treats; cookies, biscuits, scones, and finger sandwiches. After that, there was an in use fancy tea kit. Next to that was an open grey tea bag with Akashi’s face on it. Edinburg, in attendance, stood a respectful distance away.
King George, with one hand, sipped tea from an elegant teacup. The other hand was petting a well-fed dove that was eating a biscuit.
Akashi was sitting across from her, nibbling on a cat-shaped cookie. A look of happiness on her face.
“ What do you think of my new base grown Lapsang souchong? Not even on the shelves yet ...*Nyaa*. ” Akashi asked.
“It has a very … intense flavor. I think it could make okay Gunfire,” King George responded.
“Good, *Nyaa*. Wait, whats Gunfire … *Nyaa*?” Akashi said, her eyes erupting with greed and confusion as she began to nibble on her cookie again.
“Akashi whos that? “ Suffolk was pointing towards a cruiser running up the hill.
“ Her name is Yoizuki. Why is she alone ... *Nyaa*?”
Reaching the tea party, Yoizuki bowed as deep as she could.
“ Ohayōgozaimasu, HMS King George V. I’m officer IJN Yoizuki. Could you please tell me …”
Another dove landed on top of Yoizuki’s head. She spread her wings and did a pose. Akashi burst out laughing, and king George started chuckling.
In a surprise, Yoizuki stood up and flapping her arms as she tried to slap the dove. Escaping her attacker, the dove flew over to eat with the other dove.
“Sorry about that, Mary is a bit of a prankster. Come, join us.” King George apologized as she set down the teacup and ate a finger sandwich. Yoizuki, on instinct, complied with the request and took a seat. Kent began making another.
“ How do you know my name?” King George asked clearly, then eating a handful of scones in a single bite.
“ It’s elementary. Wales has been talking about her oneesan coming to base, and you resemble wales in a lot of ways. You wear the same clothing style, have the same type of sword, eye color, hair color, facial structure, and a bearing that speaks of royalty. All these facts together with points towards your identity.” Yoizuki explained coldly with just a hint of pride. King George stopped eating for a moment in surprise at the display. Edinburg set a cup of tea in front of Yoizuki spilling a little.
“ I see you’ve been playing all those detective games I sold you,*Nyaa* '' Akashi joked.
“You asking for a beating, Uragirimono?” Yoizuki threatened.
“ Girls were friends here. Mind your manors. “ King George reprimanded then inhaled an entire plate of cookies in a moment.
“ By the way, where is your new partner Indianapolis, *Nyaa*?” Akashi asked a hint of worry in her voice.
“ How do you know about that? Yoizuki inquired.
“Rumors travel fast… *Nyaa*” Akashi answered with worry filling her voice.
“ That lazy fool can do whatever she wishes it will not delay my investigation.” Yoizuki reciprocated in her usual coldness.
King George finally stopped eating.“ Well, that's no way to think. We are supposed to work with our fleet mates, not hold them in contempt. I’ve had to work with many inexperienced people before; Ark Royal, Norfolk, Dido, Sirius, San Diego, even my sister wales. Yet we still made it work. If you feel like this Yoizuki then you should seek to set a good example. If you do, I'm Sure Indianapolis will improve.” King George advised glowing with goodwill and cheer.
“Sure, I will keep that in mind. As for a reason, I came here. Do you know where Amazon is right now? “ Yoizuki consented with her usual emotionlessness.
“ She's at the academy. Room 169.” King George answered.
Akashi finished her cookie and went to look for another one. Only for her to find all four of the platters empty. The doves were already devouring the crumbs. With nothing left to do, she took a drink. She immediately started gagging.
“ Thank you,” Yoizuki said, getting up and began running towards the academy.
“ Wait! You didn’t drink any of your tea!” Edinburgh yelled before grabbing the cup and chasing after Yoizuki.
King George got up from her seat and took off at a brisk pace.
9 am
“And then, I came to see you. “ King George explained to Indianapolis. “ listen, I get
It can be hard at times to work with big egos. Sometimes I should tell you about my misadventures with Valiant in Sicily. It doesn’t change the fact we have to find a way to work with them. I’m sure if you get to know Yoizuki better, you will find a way to work together.”
“ Um... Yea… sure.” I mumbled, feeling the intense urge to end the lecture.
“Good.“ King George exclaimed before walking away.
Should have asked about last night. Chirp chirp Cluck Norris strutted forward, holding an evidence bag filled with a few purple strands in his wings. I took them from him with his wings as he gave a triumphant chirp. It was some of Unicorn’s hair. Russel Crow came upholding a small towel. It was black with the word 忍者 in dark red.
I heard a rustling behind me as the tape was disturbed. I looked to see Yoizuki pushing past the police tape stomping towards me. Her face was covered in poorly wiped off white dust and tea. She had a vein popping out of her head, clenched jaws, narrowed eyes.
“ Indianapolis, how has our investigation been going here?” Yoizuki stated as she attempted to remain calm.
“ Fine, how have your attempts been going?” I asked quietly.
“If you must know what happened,” Yoizuki responded.
8:45 am

Yoizuki ran through the white halls of the academy, looking for room 169. She found it. Its entrance was an old decorated palm wood double door. She could hear a lecture taking place inside. She threw the door open with a loud bang and stepped in.
“Sims, I said no firecrackers!” The teacher said before a blackboard duster was thrown into yoizuki’s face. Yoizuki fell backward and hit the floor with a loud thud. Wiping the dust from her eyes, Yoizuki got up and looked around.
The classroom was a large auditorium with wooden and desks with white walls. A massive blackboard
Next to her sat a destroyer. She had white hair and skin. She wore a black hoodie with a star-spangled tie and fake cat ears. Her head was tilted to the side, having dodged the eraser. The rest of the seats were filled with other destroyers. Sims, Downes, Fu Shun, Uzuki, and Eldridge being the closest ones. All had looks of surprise except Eldridge, who was asleep.
In front of the class stood another destroyer, and presumably the teacher. She had blond ponytails and blue eyes. She has an outdated looking brown coat/cape with a mini skirt and white button-up shirt. A gloved hand sat on a rapier while the other was pointed towards the floor, having thrown the duster. A look of anger.
“ What are you doing here, cruiser? Don’t you know how to knock!” The teacher yelled at Yoizuki, clearly more frustrated than angry.
“ I’m a destroyer.” Yoikuzi stated bluntly.
“ Class started an hour ago… “ the teacher started groaning before trailing off as yoizuki held up her badge.
“ My name is Yoizuki, and I’m looking for the one named Amazon.” Yoizuki pronounced with as much authority as she could.
The entire class started gossiping violently.
“ Which of you is amazon?” Yoizuki asked again.
“I’m…. Amazon. “ the teacher stuttered clearly worried.
Yoizuki, having realized the situation she had created, said ” I just need to talk about last night.”
“ Tried to sneak a call to Ambuscade again. Loose lips sink ships teach.” Sims teased.
Amazon drew her sword and pointed it at Sims.
“She’s my rival! you wan' ter go cheeky git!” Amazon yelled.
“ Sure, escort. Just try not to malfunction like your girlfriend. “ Sims said, getting out of her chair.
“ Aligh' class today were goin ter 'ave a practical lesson on floodin!” Amazon declared, stomping towards the door. The class cheered and got up to follow the two to the training area.
Yoizuki grabbed amazon's arm as she tried to leave.“Who was the person digging through the trash last night?”
“It was that crappy ninja.” Amazon snapped back before shaking the handoff.
Yoizuki, having gotten what she needed, lost interest and turned the other direction to look at the crime scene, when she saw Edinburgh running down the hallway a teacup held in both hands. “ You forgot your teaaaAAAAAA!”
Edinburgh tripped on a bench and fell onto it. The tea flew forward and splashed Yoizuki in the face.
“ AAAAAAA” yoizuki screamed.
“ After that, I came here to see the crime scene. You have done a pretty good job. “ yoizuki said.
“Thanks?” I responded.
“ Figured out who’s the thief?” youikuzi asked.
“Yes” Indianapolis admitted meekly.
“Let’s go get her. It would have been a lot faster if I could have found a royal knight earlier.” Yoikizuki exclaimed.
“Ah ... King George V is the head of the royal knights.” I informed her.
“WHAT!” Yoikuzaki yelled her cool personality breaking.
Authors note: Sorry about the long delay. College is taking a lot of my time. The updates will come every three weeks from now on.
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2020.09.26 03:12 Squillliam_Fancyson Fishing charter company recommendations for beginners?

I started pier fishing with my partner recently and I've been enjoying it, although we've only caught small mackerel. I was interested in going on a fishing charter, and it also seemed like a fun thing for us to do!
I looked up fishing charter companies in San Diego, and there's quite a few and I'm not sure how to pick one or the other. Do you guys have any experience with any companies and would recommend them? Especially if one company's crew may be extra friendly to newbies and would be willing to help us if we had any questions (which we prob will since we've never ocean fished). Thanks!!
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2020.09.26 01:42 schmeehoga2 28 [M4F] Georgia: Looking for a Partner

Hello All, I am 28 year old 6 ft tall guy looking for a partner. Liberal, non-religious. I am down to earth straight forward kind of person, the one that people go to when they need an honest an opinion from after painting their house a weird shade of blue. I own a little condo on the north-side of Atlanta (ITP, if it matters), but i have been feeling the call to pick up stakes and move somewhere new. I currently work in IT Security which is a job I enjoy for the flexibility it provides.
My Interest include:
Food, particularly cooking with and or for friends and family. Having and sharing cool food experiences is one of my personal favorite joys in life.
Board Games: I have a big collection and its one of my favorite ways to pass an evening with good company.
Travel: New food, sights, museums, not working... whats not to love?
Exercise: I am into fitness and just started at a kickboxing gym which has been great so far! I also enjoy hiking, beach volleyball, and kickball!
Houseplants: My quarantine hobby of choice has been gathering house plants, I love the vibe that they bring to my place.
What am I looking for? Someone who wants to share in my interests, someone who has cool things in their life that they want to share with me, to adopt a dog with, see the world, to spend a month in France and learn to cook French food from an old Grandma. Basically a person that wants to find out what life has to offer with me. Open to local, or major cities across the US (Portland, San Diego, Austin, Others?) Or Canada if you want to arrange what ever the Canadian equivalent of a green card marriage is (serious).
Send me a message and lets talk!
Here is just a small sample of what I look:
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2020.09.25 18:41 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 37 Jobs in San Diego Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
City of San Diego Communications Technician Supervisor - T11435-202009 City Of San Diego
Denken Solutions Microsoft Dynamics Architect San Diego- Ca
City of San Diego Plant Technician II - T11162-202009 City Of San Diego
Epsilon Epsilon: Principal Developer San Diego
Steadfast Companies Steadfast Companies: Receptionist - Villa Nueva San Diego
Wells Fargo Wells Fargo: Private Mortgage Banker San Diego
Brain Corp Brain Corp: Senior Electrical Engineer San Diego
Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance: Life Insurance Sales Agent San Diego
Brain Corp Brain Corp: Software Engineer San Diego
Midland Credit Management Midland Credit Management: Senior Manager, Benefits San Diego
BD, Becton and Dickinson BD, Becton and Dickinson: Staff Reliability Engineer San Diego
AVI-SPL AVI-SPL: Av Installation Technician I San Diego
Abbott Abbott: District Sales Manager - Customer Experience, West Coast San Diego
Qualcomm Incorporated Qualcomm Incorporated: Automotive Adas/Ai Software Test Engineer San Diego
Enterprise Medical Recruiting Enterprise Medical Recruiting: Permanent Obgyn Physician In San Diego, California San Diego
Epsilon Epsilon: Director, Production Support Engineering San Diego
Humana Humana: Chief/Principal Software Architect San Diego
ASML ASML: Release Train Engineer – Manager San Diego
Epsilon Epsilon: Lead Software Development Engineer In Test San Diego
CDM Technology Sr. Software Engineer-Mobile San Diego County
Visvero Senior Software Engineer- San Diego County
United Support Services, Inc. Shipboard Network Engineer San Diego County
APN Software Services, Inc Embedded C++ EngineeArchitect San Diego County
Indecomm Digital Services BID Digital Budget Consultant San Diego County
West Coast Consulting LLC Data Engineer - Carlsbad, CA San Diego County
Caelum Research Corporation Data Scientist/Management San Diego County
Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest Medical Assistant Greater San Diego
Scalable Systems Project Manager San Diego County
Dudek IT Infrastructure & Operations Manager San Diego County
Foothills Consulting Group, Inc IT Business Development / Sales person San Diego County
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies Senior Systems Engineer San Diego County
Doeker Resource Partners Registered Nurse San Diego
Dudek IT Business Applications Manager San Diego County
Dudek IT Systems Architect San Diego County
UpStream Global Services Project Manager (Technical procurement, purchasing) in Carlsbad, CA San Diego County
USE Credit Union Real Estate Loan Processor San Diego- California- United States
USE Credit Union Retail Specialist San Diego- California- United States
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in san diego. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.25 03:29 BadTargetTest Been trying to date for almost an year now. This is how it went

Hey guys! Fellow 26/M from California here. I wanted to share some of my experiences that I had while trying to date since February. Maybe someone can take some lessons from it or idk entertainment ? Tbh I'm not really sure what I'm trying to achieve by posting here but I just wanted someone to know how I feel about it at the end.
So a little about me, physically I'm tall with an average body with an average face. For some I'm pretty cute, for others I'm weird and not attractive in the most stereotypical way.
  1. Miss O. And I started talking through Bumble and she gave me her snap and we talked a bit before she just ghosted me. I think she probably found someone else. She did say she likes to talk to a bunch of guys so I wasn't surprised.
  2. Miss V. And I met on Hinge and boy oh boy did we hit it off. Instant banter and connection. Edgy, dorky and we would get each others jokes. We made plans for date and she said yes and then thr next day she just panicked and told me she couldn't do it and just stopped texting. I tried asking if I did something but she said that she isn't looking for anything now. (Was a little sad after that)
  3. Miss M. Now this girl was a fellow redditor who responded to my reddit post that I made after having a miserable time on OD apps. This is the one who was just amazing in everyway. Fun Fact we didn't see each other for the 3 months we were talking. Yes we did share pictures and we made sure the other was of the said gender. I being a romantic asked her not to show me her picture as I'd like to see her in person for the first time. Plus I thought it was romantic. This is the one that got away. We had strong feelings for each other and this was just before Covid. She lived 2 hours away from me and she was supposed to move to San Diego for college. Eventually after a tearful night we decided to part ways because she said she couldn't handle a LDR. She still liked me but I guess this was something more important for her. She has my number and my social but I don't have any way to contact her. So idk if she'll ever contact me again! I hope she's doing okay with her 50 pairs of shoes lol.
  4. Miss L. My best friend who would always bring up that how we're the only ones not dating and were just so unlucky to have so much in common but never finding anyone. In her words "We complete each other". I asked her out if I could take her out on a date and was shot down with a "you'd be the perfect bf/husband but I just don't see you that way". I think I read too much into things but idk I still get the feeling she probably wants to date me. But for now yeah we're still friends and we just never brought uo this topic again.
  5. Miss MM. I don't believe in leagues but this girl was just something else. Everyone assumed her to br a model and we matched on Tinder and our convo went from good to fucking the best over our love of Step-bro/sis memes. Gives me her number and for a whole night I was just dumbfounded like "What? Why? I bet it's a bot". Anywho we talked and decided on a date. The day before tha date she didn't reply and after the day if the date she said she was sorry and she doesn't know what she's looking for and that she doesn't think it's the right time for her to date. We stopped talking after that even though I texted after to check up on her. I believe she's still not dating anyone rn. I wish her the best cause she was the best step-crush lol.
  6. Miss E. A local comedian. Funny and cute. We hit it off and gave me her number and we set up a date but then I got ghosted again. There aren't much words I can use for her because she didn't put in any effort.
  7. Miss J. Another fellow redditor. We talked over on discord and after 3 weeks of us fooling around I was told I was too much cheesy and romantic. I mean if we both love Overwatch, ofcourse I'm going to make jokes about Junkrat and his love for bombs. Anywho she had some good taste in music and introduced me to a cool band.
These are some of the major girls who left a big impact on me during my search for a partner. I did talk to other girls but none of them stood out like these. I'm not saying I'm perfect or these girls were wrong but I just wanted to share with you guys what it is to date.
Just to be clear, I did have actual dates but none of them panned out. My friends still tell me I'll found someone who like me for who I am and I know I will. I know the kind of guy I am and the kind of girl I want. It just gets a little scary sometimes when you put yourself out there and you don't get any positive responses.
Fellow men, don't worry about rejections. Every rejection has taught me something or introduced me to something new. I'm salty about some of the girls ghosting me but I'm also thankful to them for teaching me something new about myself or the world. Don't worry about the physical aspects. Just be a better person than yesterday and You'll find someone.
For the fellow single girls, well Idk what to day. Don't settle for anyone? I suppose but just be yourself. If you don't like someone, that's fine. We're all just travelers on this journey of life trying to find a shoulder to rest on. We'll find someone as long as we respect ourselves and try to be the better version of ourselves.
This concludes my Ted talk. Hopefully I didn't offend anyone ( I didn't mean to ;_; ) Good luck on your search and I hope everyone on the sub get themselves in a loving relationship soon!
P.S I'm on my phone so there might be a lot mistakes. Sorry for them ;_;
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2020.09.24 08:43 AnecdotalSoup Anecdotes from the AFO (Ramon and Benjamin). I may have the translations of some phrases wrong. Source: "The Extradited: Benjamin Arellano Felix" written by Juan Carlos Reyna.

Emilio Valdez Mainero met Ramón Arellano at a posada before Christmas 1986 in the Lomas de Aguacaliente neighborhood. Fausto Soto Miller presented the interiors of a Cougar parked in double file, where they pulled to inhale white powder without Lina Literas, the first's girlfriend, knowing. In the passenger seat was Kitty Páez, whom Valdez Mainero had already met at a roast beef from Mexico Institute graduates in Chapultepec. The Mon wore a printed silk shirt and a mink coat, under which he wore a Guadalupano gold medallion; As he got out of the car to return to the party, he showed off some white denim shorts and tennis shoes. Valdez Mainero, who was the son of an austere colonel who had served on the Presidential General Staff, found the outfit ridiculous; However, something in him dazzled him: his insolence was covered by the fear he inspired in the rest of the guests. Soto Miller had warned him that he was crossing the mota to the other side and that his brother was running an organization of gangsters from Culiacán; He didn't say: “The bato is chill”, but he did say: “The bato always invites a few shots of champagne”. The Mon's brother, whom Soto Miller was allowed to refer to only as the Lord, directed the movement to the United States of shipments of up to 20 tons of marijuana a day. After the December anniversary, the heir to the presidential bodyguard began to entertain himself with his clique and, after a dizzying streak of revelry, he decided to work for the Mon. This is how he learned that his brother Benjamín Arellano Félix also crossed cocaine and distributed it in the corridor between San Diego and Los Angeles. The alkaloid was provided by Ismael Zambada García, who flew it from Colombia to the Pacific coast with the help of Amado Carrillo Fuentes, a heavy trafficker who operated alongside Rafael Aguilar Guajardo, leader of the Juárez Cartel.
On May 6, 1987, Ángel Gutiérrez was arrested along with the migration inspector José Barrón and Óscar Páez, Kitty's brother. Gutiérrez had seven days of having returned from Nimes, France, to California, where Julio César Chávez had defended his championship against the Brazilian Francisco Tomás Da Cruz. The DEA identified him as the operator of Javier Caro Payán, Manuel Aguirre Galindo, Jesús Labra Avilés and Benjamín Arellano Félix, who made up the council of leaders of the Tijuana Cartel. While the first three supplied marijuana to the organization, the fourth provided the transportation routes to California. On June 7, undercover federal agents arrested the first of those leaders in Montreal; Police accused Caro Payán of bringing 100 tons of Mexican marijuana into Canada. The San Diego prosecutor's office requested his extradition on September 4, accusing him of handing over $ 650,000 to Barrón for allowing the passage of 13 loaded trucks. Óscar Páez, on the other hand, was sentenced to two years in prison at the Federal Correctional Facility in Phoenix; There he met David Barrón Corona, who had no relationship with the customs inspector, but who recommended his brother to join the cartel's army as soon as he was released. The same day his brother was arrested, Kitty left his San Diego apartment and moved to the Mon house in El Paraíso, a subdivision where the offices of the weekly Zeta were also located.
On June 30 of that year, businessman Jorge Hank Rhon and directors of radio station 91X organized a music festival at the Caliente Racetrack. The Mex-Fest, according to the Los Angeles Times review, brought together 30,000 music lovers from both sides of the border. The concert was headlined by Oingo Boingo, The Bangles and Chris Issak, whom the Mon began to listen to on the recommendation of Soto Miller and whose songs he hummed alone while driving his Porsche Carrera of the year. On the day of the concert Valdez Mainero organized a party on the roof of his house, which was right in front of the stage, across the street from the racecourse. Despite the fact that it was Tuesday and the festival had ended before midnight, the makeshift terrace was packed with wealthy drug addicts living in Lomas de Aguacaliente and Chapultepec. The birote was interrupted at two in the morning by a patrol that came to answer the complaints of the neighbors. Evangelina Casillas Higuera, who was Mon's sentimental partner, heard Valdez Mainero say that people had to withdraw: "There is going to be a big problem with Ramón." She heard shots, ran to the exit and as she was outside she heard that her boyfriend had killed one of the policemen; he went on a raite with Lina Literas and did not see Mon until the next day, when he visited her smiling and hearty. Evangelina asked him about what had happened the night before; and he said: "Nothing, that some guests had gotten angry because the agents covered the concert and it was not possible to see". In her statement to the Southern District Court of California on May 27, 2003, she assured that until then she began to suspect that her boyfriend was engaged in illegal business.
On August 17, a month and a half after the Mex-Fest, Kitty Páez sponsored Ramón's fake wedding with Evangelina. El Mon had bought a fictitious marriage license from a judge at the town hall so that his girlfriend, who was 17 at the time, could leave the Instituto México (her high school), leave her parents' house (which was in Las Palmas, the same division of the school) and move to his in El Paraíso. Evangelina thought her in-laws were from Guadalajara, where she had made a fortune in the construction industry.
The following year Kitty Páez Martínez proposed to the Mon that he sponsor her wedding with Angélica Bustamante González, granddaughter of Alfonso Bustamante Labastida, owner of the Torres de Aguacaliente, and niece of Carlos Bustamante Anchondo, who would become mayor of Tijuana for the PRI in 2010. The in-laws found it suspicious that Kitty, who did not come from a wealthy family, owned a liquor store in Rosarito at 22 years old. However, they consented to the wedding (which was real) in March 1988. According to the chronicle of Anne Marie O'Connor published on July 28, 2002 in the Los Angeles Times, they got the also PRI member Federico Valdés to officiate it, municipal president at the time. At four and a half months Angélica gave birth to a pair of twins.
At the end of the summer, when Kitty was giving birth to their children, Mon and Evangelina went out to party with Valdez Mainero and his girlfriend Lina. They drank at Tillys, a bar on the second floor at the corner of Avenida Revolución and Calle Quinta. On the way out, a policeman stopped the Mon to ask him to please empty the contents of his beer bottle into a plastic cup. "You are not going to tell me where I am going to drink," he replied. The policeman offered him the plastic cup and Valdez Mainero, in anticipation of the inevitable, pulled the women toward the car and said: "Let's go." Evangelina heard a detonation that made her turn towards where the policeman was bleeding, covering the wound in his stomach, lying on the floor in the middle of the fleeing crowd. She saw her husband crawl and get on the motorcycle of the escort who always looked after him from afar. Valdez Mainero took his home. The Mon slept that day at the home of Min. Evangelina could not sleep and shortly before dawn she wondered if she should fear her husband. Months later, Evangelina asked the Mon to speak; This led her to an area in the Chapultepec neighborhood that was not yet urbanized, from where she could see the entire city. Minutes after arriving a patrol came to inspect them; The Mon rolled down the window and shouted: "Eleven eleven", then a police officer approached, answered: "Ten four" and left. The woman asked him what that had meant. The Mon replied that "eleven eleven" was a key to tell the police that he was "from the same team" and, therefore, everything was fine. Evangelina, who had summoned the Mon to question him about what happened at the Tillys and even at Valdez Mainero's house a year earlier, had no need to ask. The Mon revealed to him that his father crossed over to the United States a lot in the early 1970s, where he bought expensive liquors to sell to drug traffickers in Culiacán. That was how his brother Min had made friends with people like Rafael Caro and Amado Carrillo, but also with many policemen who now worked in Tijuana.
The Min transported 10 tons of cocaine per month for the Mayo Zambada from spring 1987 to summer 1988. He received the shipments from Mazatlán at an airstrip in San Felipe and crossed them into the United States in tanks that had previously been filled with propane. The alkaloid had been wrapped in the Colombian jungle with black rubber, like that of the inner tubes of bicycles; Upon arrival in Los Angeles, however, it was vacuum packed and in carbon paper. Arellano Félix's work was painstaking and meticulous. At that time, Mayo paid him $ 1,200 for each kilogram exported and proposed that he not only transport, but also associate with him in the importation and distribution of cocaine in the United States. He asked him to be the best man at the wedding of his daughter María Teresa Zambada Niebla and two years later to baptize his son Serafín Zambada Ortiz.
Ismael Higuera Guerrero, alias El Mayel, who had worked with the Fifth Month and was responsible for the daily operation of the cartel, received the merchandise in clandestine ports throughout the peninsula; Higuera Guerrero, also directed the transit of fishing vessels loaded with cocaine that left Colombia and landed in Ensenada. His brother Gilberto Higuera Guerrero, alias El Gilillo, was in charge of unloading the planes landed on clandestine runways in San Felipe and Valle de Guadalupe, after supervising the transfer of cargo along the Mexicali route. Efraín Pérez Pasuengo and Jorge Aureliano Félix, a former agent of the Judicial Police, supervised the daily operations in the Tijuana plaza.
On Sunday, January 1, 1989, the Min celebrated his two-time friend's 41st birthday at the renowned Club Britania in Tijuana. They were accompanied by Ramón, who was then 24 years old and six years old from working in his brother's business. The celebration was attended by drug traffickers from the rest of the squares and escorted by judges who worked in the administration of Xicoténcatl Leyva Mortera, governor who would be removed from office four days later. Armando López Esparza, alias El Rayo, appeared at the party on behalf of Chapo Guzmán, leader of the Sinaloa Cartel. The first had grown up with the second in the Badiraguato mountains and knew the brothers from when they lived in Culiacán. He used to run into them at Los Rebeldes, the jukebox scrap shop in the Guadalupe neighborhood.
El Rayo arrived at the christening drunk and accompanied by a woman. The policemen denied him entry, claiming that he had no invitation. The insults of Chapo's friend caused an uproar among the agents. Then the Mon went out to the parking lot, identified the Lightning, and heard him yelling. He walked over, drew his pistol, and shot his head off. Although there was no need, he shot her four times again as soon as she hit the ground, splattering blood on the companion's cleavage. Ramón, who was 1.88 meters tall and weighed 100 kilos, threw the body on his back and carried it to the pan of his picop. Then he threw it at the beginning of the road to Rosarito and returned to the party to convince his brother of the need to avoid revenge. Florentino, Rayo's brother, and the rest of the family had to be killed. El Mayo thought it was fine.
On January 1, 1989, Valdez Mainero went to the party that the Lord had organized for Mayo at the Britania Club, above Lomas de Aguacaliente. As he ate, he saw that the Mon got up from the table pissed off and walked towards the parking lot of the room. He was going slowly, but with a hardened jaw. Seeing his employer this excited, Valdez Mainero felt a shameful mixture of empowerment and humiliation: he had sold himself to a narcissist with bizarre tastes who exploded with a kind of lust, the same with which he wasted on motorcycles, clothes and women to his friends. (The price he had to pay was absolute submission.) He silenced the thought by downing his beer in one gulp and followed. Before reaching the door he heard a shot and felt a rush of adrenaline explode in his face. He unsheathed his 9mm Beretta and ran: on the way out he saw a bloody Texan on the floor and next to her boss shooting a man one, two, four times between the legs. Fifteen years later, when he entered the WITSEC program, Valdez Mainero declared that the Mon swore that Rayo López had kidnapped one of his sisters while he was living in Guadalajara. The Min denied this version.
Páez Martínez was not accompanied by his wife at the May party at Club Britania; He also did not see when the Mon shot Rayo in the parking lot, but he did help him plan the death of Florentino López Esparza on February 15, 1989, when Rayo's brother was escorted by municipal authorities before he was admitted to the Culiacán prison. This is how the Kitty followed the roll to the Mon, whom he made compadre despite the fact that he had killed the Nelo and chased Sandra, whom he revered for having taken him off the street and put him in the business. Páez Martínez felt fear and revulsion at the most violent of the Arellano Félix. He believed that he could take him on his own until the summer of 1989 he ordered him to kill the agent of the Public Ministry Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Moreno; Kitty was very fond of the Public Ministry agent, but if he did not break him, the Mon would take revenge against him. "Ramón doesn't give a shit that we're compadres," he told himself in a sudden outburst of obviousness. In November 1989 Evangelina gave birth in the United States. The Mon did not appear at the delivery of his daughter, nor did he limit his campaign of executions. Some of the executions were not authorized by the Min or by his brother Eduardo, who had just arrived from Guadalajara to join the company. Güalín, which is what his brothers called him (Doctor is what the subordinates should call him), was something like the producer of the Tijuana film: he got the properties that would be used as safe houses or warehouses, he negotiated the acquisition of police uniforms , acquired weapons and automobiles for the company. The Doctor also participated in giving the green light to the enemies, which is what they called the permission to kill the rivals of the cartel. Most of the communication between the brothers, at the behest of the Doctor, was exclusively through radio frequency; he assigned himself the code 13 and when he communicated with the Min he announced: "Code thirteen to seventy-seven", with the Mon he said: "Code thirteen to ninety-nine." Gerardo Juárez Biberos, his bodyguard from 1989 to 1997, told the WITSEC program that the Doctor was nervous and apprehensive: "He made this strange noise with his mouth," he said. Every time he failed an execution he coughed and cleared his throat, mortified as if his air were being cut off. When I commented on this statement, the Min was upset and assured that Eduardo had proven to be together with Ramón the bravest of all the members of the company, including his brothers. After being apprehended defending himself with bullets on October 26, 2008 in a house in Chapultepec and being extradited on September 1, 2012, Güalín, as his brothers nicknamed him, was the only member of the cartel who did not testify. against him or anyone.
Evangelina Casillas Higuera did testify on May 27, 2003 against the Minister. In her statement to the Southern District Court of California, she identified her brother-in-law's partners: Chuy Labra, Mayo Zambada, Mayel Higuera and Caballo Aguirre, as well as Amado Carrillo Fuentes and Rafael Aguilar Guajardo. She claimed to know her mother, Alicia, whom she nicknamed Mama Licha, including the siblings who were not involved in the business. Luis Fernando, son of Norma Isabel Arellano Félix, said that she had been involved in the company of her uncles since she was a teenager. Evangelina stated that when Mayo worked with Min, Ramón traveled to Mexicali at the request of his brother. Evangelina was about to give birth, but she accompanied him. The Mon spent the night at a ranch owned by the Mayo and the next day he picked up his wife at the Hotel Lucerna. He did not get out of the car, his clothes were dirty, torn and smelled a lot of sweat. The Mon started the car and told him that as soon as his daughter was born, they would have to move to Guadalajara. In her statement, Evangelina reported that in early 1990, a week after moving in with the newborn, Victoria Barrionuevo visited her. The wife of her brother-in-law Pancho was very angry because she had discovered that her husband was unfaithful to her with Rocío Lizárraga Lizárraga, a puberty of 17 who on February 2 of that year would become Queen of the Mazatlan Carnival. Pancho, who had already entered forty, had withdrawn all financial support to force her to divorce. Victoria was pissed off: he had helped her get off the ground in the drug trade in the late 1970s and that was how Pancho thanked her. Evangelina testified that Victoria ranted about how involved the Min and the Mon were in drug trafficking. He also revealed that the López Esparza brothers were his enemies because Rayo, who was a protégé of Chapo Guzmán, had kidnapped one of his sisters in 1980. The López Esparzas' father ordered the woman's release the following week because he did not he wanted trouble with the Arrellano Félix. However, that did not prevent the Mon from taking revenge nine years later and, consequently, El Chapo had a pretext to fight the place against the Min.
On the morning of February 26, 1990, Benjamín Arellano Félix and Ismael Zambada García were machine-gunned by a commando who was traveling in two Suburban Federal Police. The Min had proposed to meet at the Lavamática Campestre in the Rio Zone, where the Mayo arrived with two bodyguards who occupied the back seats of the armored Grand Marquis that the friend, partner and host, was driving alone. Why should he carry a driver if he was so good at driving?
The Min left the car running, as he always did when he met to discuss business. He saw the vans slow down in the middle of the street and his crewmen get off quickly, pointing semi-automatic rifles at them at half a meter. He pulled the Mayo by the head, yelled at him: "Get down, buddy," and watched as a burst of shots smashed through the bulletproof glass. The guards tried to go out to repel the shooting, but the Min locked the door lock, accelerated in first gear and as he could, he crossed both Suburbans. He maneuvered toward the Fast Track, where they were still followed; he felt the cart buckle as if it were floating on a rough tide, but he stepped on the Marquis, righted it, and managed to lose them in the November 20 neighborhood. There he took the first street to his right, went into a passage and cornered what was left of the boat; the defense was broken and the tires, despite the foam that protected them, were smashed. The four of them came down fast, then jumped a fence; one of the gunmen took Zambada away, the other accompanied the Min to arrest a motorist who heard him in shock: "Take us to the boulevard."
The four met an hour later in the house that the compadre, despite being in Sinaloa, had in the Hipódromo neighborhood. The Min ordered his boys to be brought in and they pulled them all to Playas, where Commander Fulvio Jiménez Turegano lived. Other vans began to follow them as they approached the home, but no one wanted to start another wax bullet. The commander received them with a broken face and took them into the room. The Min told him: "If you want to kill us, we are here so it doesn't get complicated for you." The policeman dropped onto the couch: "I didn't do it, it must have been a mistake." Then there was an uneasy silence. And then he asked for their forgiveness. The Min, then, said goodbye not without first reminding him to be attentive "because here there was only a boss. And, if he didn't understand, he was going to be fucked and the rest of the federals attached to Tijuana.
Three days later, Jiménez Turegano called Benjamín Arellano Félix by cell phone. He offered him a rapprochement with the heads of the other five companies that controlled drug trafficking in Mexico. El Min moved up to two tons of cocaine a day and, together with Labra Avilés and Aguirre Galindo, had managed to weave a network to operate in complicity with officials and politicians on both sides of the border. Surely someone wanted to take over his route.
After the shooting in front of Lavamática Campestre, Arellano Félix spoke by phone with Rafael Aguilar Guajardo, former regional commander of the DFS and now head of the company that operated in Juárez. At first, his counterpart assured him that neither he nor the rest were aware that El Chapo had ordered the attack. None of the leaders wanted to put a finger on him and the Min felt that they were covering up the Sinaloan capo. He remembered the meetings in the lavish bungalows of Acapulco or in the opulent restaurants of Mexico City, where he had been invited and in which he heard the advice of the friendship of this or that to be able to kill him even after learning to work his place. Very soon he gave up seeing them in a group; He looked at them separately, inside his armored Marquis and only when necessary. Because he was also moving cocaine for his interlocutor, he hinted to Aguilar Guajardo that it would be convenient for him to take care of himself, "or do you think they won't look for you after me?" For now Arellano Félix would take revenge against Guzmán Loera, "your compadre, just because he seems to be the least attentive." The next day Aguilar Guajardo called him on the phone to let him know that El Chapo had confessed that yes, that he was the one who had ordered the accounts to be settled. "Sure he got mad because I said he was the least attentive," thought the Min, and then he laughed self-absorbed.
From 1989 to 1992 the Min consolidated control of all transfer routes to California and Arizona. To get the business off the ground even more, he paid a payroll made up of officials from both sides of the border: attorneys and deputy attorneys, federal commanders and state group leaders, members of the Mexican military, and US customs inspectors. Arellano Félix believed that the bites brought order to the plaza, while also offering government officials an opportunity to "truly win". If they committed themselves to facilitating, protecting and promoting the operations of the company, they would earn a remuneration complementary to their salaries more than profitable. Prosecutors, agents, police officers, and soldiers obeyed the Lord's orders: they watched the arrival of shipments of cocaine and marijuana in the Mexicali desert, in the Guadalupe Valley, and on the San Felipe beach. They escorted Gilillo Higuera not once, but every time so that he could take the shipments in peace to the warehouses that the Doctor had acquired in Mexicali.
Every year and a half, when there was a change of directors in the PGR, the Min was introduced to the incoming commander by the outgoing one. The Min gave him $ 500,000 as a welcome gift. The gift was repeated every month, as were deliveries of $ 250,000 to the squad leaders and the director of the Judicial Police. Division directors received regular payments of $ 200,000 every eight weeks. This was the case of Enrique Harari Garduño, former director of the Federal Preventive Police, who was arrested on August 17, 2000. The official would die for unknown reasons four years later, three months after being released from Cefereso. The delegates and sub-delegates of the PGR were the only ones who did not receive a monthly fee, but one-time payments of up to one million dollars. This was the case with Guillermo Robles Liceaga, who was shot on May 1, 2002 while driving through the Interior Circuit in Mexico City; He was ambushed by two Jettas and a motorcycle on his way to the Ministry of Public Security, where he served as director of Mixed Operations. The Min established a similar relationship with high-ranking members of the military, who were paid $ 250,000 a month. Declarations of other witnesses indicate that this is the case of General Alfredo Navarro Lara, who was imprisoned on March 17, 1997, accused of wanting to bribe General José Luis Chávez, then in charge of the PGR, with a million dollars.
According to Páez Martínez, Arellano Félix maintained this bribery model throughout the 1990s. Kitty was busy with Chuy Labra to negotiate with government officials; Mayel Higuera, who was the strategist and coordinator of the transfer operations, connected the Ministry with police and advanced military. El Mayel ended up winning the place that Javier Caro had before his arrest and continued as operative chief until May 3, 2000: at dawn that day he would be arrested "fortuitously" by the army, according to the note published by El Universal. He was drunk and shot a Goat Horn into the air in a house behind the Autonomous University of Baja California, in Ensenada.
The Min's word was the last as to who could or could not cross non-company shipments. The cartel had control of the routes and without the approval of the Lord, the disrespectful risked being assassinated by the narcojuniors. Arellano Félix received a request from Emilio Valdez Mainero in early 1992: Miguel Ángel Bazán Padilla wanted to cross remittances of mota through Tijuana. José Albino Bazán Padilla's brother, captured on April 4, 1985 in Costa Rica along with Rafael Caro Quintero, had bought a ranch in the Eastern Zone to store the merchandise. After dictating the charge for the floor fee, the Min told him: "Go and let him know that he has the approval." When Valdez Mainero arrived at the farm, he noticed that they were unloading about 500 kilos of coca. The narcojunior experienced a heat in his forehead and his pulse quickened; He saw Ramón maddened in his head, pointing his gun with its golden handles. He asked to speak to the boss, who received him in a makeshift hut at the back of the property: "The product is from Amado Carrillo," Bazán Padilla snapped without greeting him. I think that with his permission is enough, right? "
Three days later the Mon passed by him to his house next to the Hipódromo taqueria. She led him to a corner in the La Mesa neighborhood, where a black Grand Marquis picked them up. Already climbed, he noticed that the Min was driving, Ismael Zambada was the co-pilot and in the back seat was a bearded man who he did not recognize. They saw him without greeting him. El Mayo played a recording on the boat's cassette player: Bazán Padilla asked Chapo Guzmán for permission to eliminate the narcojuniors Emilio and Gabriel Valdez Mainero. Then the Mayo put on another recording: Emilio urged Bazán Padilla to desist from moving coca without permission. The Min watched him silently for 30 to 40 seconds. "The only reason these gentlemen have not killed you - (he warned, pointing to the rest) - is the second recording you just heard." El Mayo then intervened: "Whose product is it?" Valdez Mainero stumbled that of Amado Carrillo Fuentes. Suddenly the man in the back seat of the Marquis leaned over and articulated slowly, looking into his eyes: "I am Amado Carrillo Fuentes." Before asking him to get off the Marquis, Zambada informed the narcojunior that he had permission to kill Bazán Padilla. The Mon promised in front of the chiefs that he would help him.
Six days later, a hooded commando, disguised in military uniforms and distributed in three vans, picked up Valdez Mainero. All three were equipped to store Goat Horns and grenades in their rear boxes, in addition to the passengers. The narcojunior recognized the Mon by his high-pitched voice; He did not know who was in the group for the ski masks, with the exception of his childhood friends the brothers Alfredo and Alejandro Hodoyán Palacios; plus Fabián Martínez, another young man from the Mexico Institute who was nicknamed Jaws. They went to a warehouse in La Libertad, where they saw Bazán Padilla and his gunmen get into two pickup trucks. The commando stopped them a block and a half from the warehouse: they pointed their guns at the gunmen forcing them to fall to the ground and yelled at Bazán Padilla to come down slowly because the Commander wanted to talk to him. They put him in the van that the Mon manned with Valdez Mainero. They started off, but the Hodoyán and El Tiburon kept pointing their guns at the gunmen on the ground.
The next morning, while drinking orange juice at the Chapultepec house, the Min read in the newspaper that Bazán Padilla, a member of the Sinaloa Cartel, had been found dead along with a dozen gunmen: federal agents had seized three tons of cocaine and one of marijuana. The Min put down the newspaper without finishing reading the note and got on the treadmill. An hour and a half later, he was seen with Mayo and Amado Carrillo in another armored Gran Marquis, but this time blue. Valdez Mainero arrived at the meeting without the Mon and got on the car waving everyone's hands. He informed them that he had recovered two tons of marijuana from the dead man's ranch. The Min told him: "Keep them, sell them and keep them as a reward."
On November 7, 1992, a day before he turned 40, Benjamín Arellano Félix traveled to Puerto Vallarta to take a vacation while the business was cooling (Fulvio Jiménez Turegano had seized four shipments). El Min landed in a private jet and his brothers Pancho, Mon and Javier arrived separately: one from Mazatlán, the others from Tijuana. All were distributed in three complexes around Playa Las Glorias. El Gualín waited for everyone to arrive to fly with his guards from Mexicali. Fifty of the Min's boys arrived between the 5th and 6th of that month, including Mayel and his brother Gilillo. The Kitty waited to travel with the Doctor. Valdez Mainero had not been invited. The following day, the Min received his second wife Ruth Serrano Corona and their two minor children, who had flown on a plane belonging to their compadre, at the Las Palmas Hotel. Despite the fact that they had prepaid the rooms, the Min told his family that they would not be staying at the hotel; He moved them to a huge bungalow with its own private pier and beach not far from there, where he spent the afternoon with his children collecting shells in the sand.
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2020.09.24 00:18 tijuanablonde Thinking of moving here to save money? Read this (PART TWO)

Hey all. Some of you might have read my last post about moving to Tijuana. I wanted to do a follow up to that, focusing more on cultural differences, how to not be a total asshole, experiences with staying safe, etc. so here it is. Hope this is useful info to someone out there.
1) Time works differently down here. I'm not just referring to the infamous "Mexican time" - which is a real thing by the way, I have yet to have any of my friends from here show up earlier than 30 minutes late to anything - I'm talking about general life pace. The pace is much, much slower, and running errands will take you longer than you think it will if you're coming straight from the US. Going to Oxxo for a soda more often than not involves around 10-15 minutes of actual in store time, which can be incredibly frustrating to adjust to. Just chill, breathe, plan more time for errands. It's been a year now and it doesn't even register with me anymore.
2) People WILL hate on you, out loud and in public if you are obviously a gringo like I am. I believe that many of them assume I can't understand what they're saying so no harm no foul but that shit does cut deep until you grow your thicker TJ skin. I had many days where I would get in the door from walking my dog and just cry for a bit. Now I understand that A) most people aren't like that B) they have faced racism from people that look like me for a lot longer than the short time I've lived here C) clowning on each other is a weird cultural thing here that people do all the time and D) literally every one of those people change their tune if I get the chance to talk one on one with them and treat them with respect. No hate to the people who are from san Diego and move here but it DOES make things a lot less pleasant for people like me, as folks automatically assume I'm from there too, maybe a diff post subject.
3) REDACTED - I was going off of incorrect information here.
4) Choose your part of town wisely, I cannot stress this enough. It has taken me moving FIVE TIMES to finally find what I've been looking for in a neighborhood, and I found it in the Zona Norte of all places. I could have saved a ton of money if I had just did a monthly hotel at first while I got a feel for the different areas. I was looking for someplace where I'd have people to talk to, where I would get to know the neighbors and become part of a community and I also prefer a bit of grit in my surroundings so the Zona felt like I finally had made it home. However, if I was moving here with a partner and was not confident in sketchy parts of town I would have gone with something like Santa Fe...there are just lots of things to consider. Feel free to DM if you need advice on this.
5) Tijuana has not once felt unsafe to me, and I don't exactly lock myself in come nightfall: I cross the pedestrian bridge to the border at all hours of the night, I walk my dog down coahuila regardless of time of day, I ride a bike around my part of town if the mood strikes me, I've run out of gas on a deserted highway at 11 pm...seriously, as long as you know how to trust your instincts and you carry yourself properly my experience has been that I've felt much more unsafe in the US late at night than I ever have here. I do always have a tazer on me and having a scary looking dog definitely helps, so those are some solid suggestions if you're worried about being safe. But the point is that if you don't look like a total mark you have no reason to worry about being safe. Feel free to ask me more about this in DMs
6) That being said, you should absolutely under no circumstances trust people here or ANYWHERE until you know them very very well.
7) FUCK THE POLICE. Like, I thought I understood that sentiment living in Canada and the USA but man, the police here are actual villains committing actual crimes against humanity and getting paid for it. You will get bullied for your first little while in town, if you keep your nose clean they can't do much to you but I didn't keep my nose very clean and I got so screwed. When interacting with the cops here forget everything you have ever been taught about how to talk to an officer of the law, because none of that applies here. If they ask for something, say no, feel free to politely stand your ground, don't be a pushover. Tell them to take you to jail so you can talk to a judge about their treatment of you and mean it when you say it. They are ruthless, but after your first 6 months or so here they will start to bother you much much less.
8) traffic lights last FOREVER here, and no one knows what to do at stop signs. It's complete chaos when four cars roll up to a four way stop at the same time, try not to get too frustrated as the licensing system is totally different here, knowing standardized information like that isn't part of the deal.
9) People here are very friendly, and everyone greets each other when out and about. For this reason, I recommend leaving your headphones at home, and make a point to greet people first as they might just assume you don't want to be bothered. Engage in small talk with people, be warm, respectful and receptive to what they have to say.
10) Mexico isn't for everyone. There are some types of people who simply won't be alright here, and there are other types (like myself) who will be astounded that the perfect place actually exists and that they found it. Mexico is extremely free, you have options here that simply don't exist elsewhere but the trade off is that you have to be able to take care of yourself. If you're the kind of person who calls the police for anything, you won't be okay here. The police won't respond to your 911 call half the time, and there are some parts of the region they aren't even allowed to respond to at all. It's a place that almost feels like there really isn't a government, which some people are really uneasy with. For the rest of us, this is heaven on earth as long as you treat it with the respect it deserves.
11) I've said it before and I'll say it again: LEARN SPANISH IF YOU WANT TO LIVE IN A SPANISH SPEAKING COUNTRY.
Thoughts? Shade? Additions? Lemme hear it all
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2020.09.23 14:49 CostBenKMA Politics disrupts San Diego's pursuit of an energy transition partner amid dissatisfaction with SDG&E Utility Dive

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2020.09.23 12:03 remote-enthusiast 53 remote jobs from various job boards

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2020.09.22 16:07 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 31 Jobs in San Diego Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
City of San Diego Plant Technician II - T11162-202009 City Of San Diego
City of San Diego Power Plant Operator - T11199-202009 City Of San Diego
Agilent Technologies, Inc. Senior Product Manager San Diego
City of San Diego Contract Specialist - T11430-202008 City Of San Diego
At&t Sales Executive Fiber 2 Rancho San Diego
Enterprise Solutions Hardware Applications Engineering - Engineer, Senior San Diego
Peregrine Semiconductor Peregrine Semiconductor: Senior Engineer, Product Engineering San Diego
NEOGOV NEOGOV: Power Plant Operator - T11199-202009 San Diego
Qualcomm Qualcomm: Adas/Autonomy Platform Sw – Os/Bsp San Diego
Survey Junkie Work From Home! Paid Survey Participant San Diego
Pfizer Pfizer: Principal Scientist, Immuno-Oncology - Translational Pharmacology San Diego
Humana Humana: Senior Software Engineer San Diego
AveXis AveXis: Scientist Ii, Analytical Development - Chem San Diego
Bristol-Myers Squibb Bristol-Myers Squibb: Principal Scientist, Cheminformatics San Diego
Takeda Pharma Vertrieb Takeda Pharma Vertrieb: Tdv Investment Partner San Diego
McCarthy Building Co McCarthy Building Co: Estimator San Diego
Cubic Corporation Cubic Corporation: Program Planning Manager San Diego
Alere Alere: Manager, Regulatory Affairs Labeling San Diego
TransPerfect TransPerfect: Director Of Business Development - Life Sciences San Diego
Alere Alere: Sr. Clinical Research Associate San Diego
STM Consulting, Inc. Device Engineer (L1/L2/L3 Protocol Experience) San Diego- Ca
BrightStar Care Registered Nurse San Diego
Rady Children's Hospital San Diego Registered Nurse San Diego
Elizabeth Hospice Registered Nurse San Diego
Bridge Home Health and Hospice Registered Nurse San Diego
Pride Transport Class A OTR Truck Driver - 55 CPM - $5k Sign On Bonus San Diego County
Sherlock Heating and Air Conditioning Inc HVAC Technician North County San Diego- California- United States
At & T Sales Executive Fiber 2 Rancho San Diego
Sherlock Heating and Air Conditioning Inc HVAC Technician San Diego- California- United States
Charter Health Holdings Registered Nurse (RN) San Diego- California- United States
Sherlock Heating and Air Conditioning Inc Automotive Technician San Diego- California- United States
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in san diego. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.22 07:54 sandiegocountyroofin GAF Energy Certified Solar Contractor

San Diego County Roofing & Solar, the best performing GAF Energy Partner, is a pioneer solar contractor. The company is providing comprehensive roof-integrated solar panels installation services. The cost-effective solar energy solutions make the roofs your earning member.
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2020.09.22 06:46 sandiegocountyroofin Solar Companies in San Diego

GAF Energy solar system is being hailed widely for producing the electricity comparatively cheaper than the regular utility company. San Diego County Roofing & Solar, a certified GAF energy partner, offers turnkey solutions to help the building owners produce more than sufficient energy that they need.
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2020.09.22 01:08 dwhawkin Looking for partner to do San Diego Stagecoach 400

I basically live on this route. Wanted to do this for a long time, but not willing to travel alone. 41 years old, male. Some experience touring and bikepacking in the past. moderate to slower pace. I know about a quarter of this route like the back of my hand since it is my backyard, but the rest I have never done. PM me if interested.
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2020.09.20 18:33 LeavesFallingSlow J-1 Visa, CR1/IR1 Visa & marriage of US citizen to a Chinese

My partner (30f) is from China and I (26m) am a US citizen. We met in a graduate program for teachers (we are both teachers) and we have been together for nearly one year. We both are very committed and regularly discuss marriage and starting a family.
She is currently working in the US on an OPT visa (Optional Practical Training) which she was granted after her F-1 student visa. It expires in July, 2021.
Her current employer offered to sponsor her for a J-1 Visa but she and her employer have not discussed the details or timeline of the sponsorship yet. The issue is we both would like to move from our current city (Miami) to somewhere we feel is more appropriate to raise a family. My first question is this: if she is sponsored as a foreign teacher with a J-1, can she quit her work and apply to another job while still holding the same visa?
The other option I have thought of is to propose to her, but I have not yet met her parents in person (only over video chat) and in her culture, it is very abnormal for a couple to get married without both partners meeting and receiving a “blessing” from each other’s parents. I don’t necessarily want this to be the reason I propose to her either. My previous plan was to wait until after traveling to China and meeting her parents, then to propose in the city where we first met (San Diego). The urgency of the visa is taking away what I felt would be a more natural progression of our relationship.
I am thinking that the marriage must take place soon because of the CR1 visa processing time (I have heard it can take 7-10 months), otherwise she may have to leave the country. We are very much trying to avoid that due to the uncertainty of these times, with COVID, as well as with US and China relations politically.
If you have any experience with obtaining a J-1 or a CR1/IR1 or if you have any advice in general, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for reading my story.
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2020.09.20 16:35 KarieNewsom [HIRING] 25 Jobs in .net Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Geico Senior Software Engineer - .NET Chevy Chase
Ledgent Technology .Net Developer Agoura Hills
HII Mission Driven Innovative Solutions Junior .Net/C# Web Developer - 241 Fort Belvoir- Va- Us
Seneca Resources, LLC .NET Developer Tuscaloosa
Katalyst Technologies Inc. Sitecore Architecture With .Net Brea
AbleForce Senior .NET Developer Carlsbad
The Silicon Partners Inc. Senior Developer (C# .Net) Folsom
AbleForce Senior .NET Developer Orange
AbleForce .NET Developer San Diego
ATR International, Inc. .Net Developer C# WPF *w2 San Leandro
Projas Technologies, LLC .Net Developer (work from home until COVID) Walnut Creek
Sempera Sr. .Net Engineer Aurora
BridgeView IT Senior .Net Software Engineer Greenwood Village
Ascent Services Group Full Stack Developer ( .Net / Angular) Westminster
I.T. Software Solutions Full Stack .Net Developer with MS Teams (9+ Yrs exp) Norwalk
Orangetheory Principal Software Engineer (.NET) Boca Raton
APN Software Services, Inc Sr. Developer (.NET) Jacksonville
Saiana Technologies, Inc. .Net developer(Analyst) Lakeland
Scalable Systems .Net Architect Maitland
DISYS - Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC Full Stack .NET Developer with Mobile Odessa
Proficient Business Systems Inc .Net Developer with Cloud Duluth
Tephra Inc. .Net Lead developer Yorkville
Torque Technologies Llc .Net Cloud Azure Architect with APIGEE Carmel
Pinnacle Partners .Net Developer Indianapolis
Arthur Lawrence .Net Lead / Developer Fairfield
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.19 15:40 robmak3 Huang’s Law Is the New Moore’s Law, and Explains Why Nvidia Wants Arm -- WSJ
During modern computing’s first epoch, one trend reigned supreme: Moore’s Law.
Actually a prediction by Intel Corp. INTC -0.85% co-founder Gordon Moore rather than any sort of physical law, Moore’s Law held that the number of transistors on a chip doubles roughly every two years. It also meant that performance of those chips—and the computers they powered—increased by a substantial amount on roughly the same timetable. This formed the industry’s core, the glowing crucible from which sprang trillion-dollar technologies that upended almost every aspect of our day-to-day existence.
As chip makers have reached the limits of atomic-scale circuitry and the physics of electrons, Moore’s law has slowed, and some say it’s over. But a different law, potentially no less consequential for computing’s next half century, has arisen.
I call it Huang’s Law, after Nvidia Corp. chief executive and co-founder Jensen Huang. It describes how the silicon chips that power artificial intelligence more than double in performance every two years. While the increase can be attributed to both hardware and software, its steady progress makes it a unique enabler of everything from autonomous cars, trucks and ships to the face, voice and object recognition in our personal gadgets.
Power Surge (graph)
Nvidia's latest microchip tailored for AI is many times faster andmore efficient than it was in 2012.Speed and energy efficiency of Nvidia's chips as a multiple ofperformance in 2012
Source: the company
Between November 2012 and this May, performance of Nvidia’s chips increased 317 times for an important class of AI calculations, says Bill Dally, chief scientist and senior vice president of research at Nvidia. On average, in other words, the performance of these chips more than doubled every year, a rate of progress that makes Moore’s Law pale in comparison.
Nvidia’s specialty has long been graphics processing units, or GPUs, which operate efficiently when there are many independent tasks to be done simultaneously. Central processing units, or CPUs, like the kind that Intel specializes in, are on the other hand much less efficient but better at executing a single, serial task very quickly. You can’t chop up every computing process so that it can be efficiently handled by a GPU, but for the ones you can—including many AI applications—you can perform it many times as fast while expending the same power.
Intel was a primary driver of Moore’s Law, but it was hardly the only one. Perpetuating it required tens of thousands of engineers and billions of dollars in investment across hundreds of companies around the globe. Similarly, Nvidia isn’t alone in driving Huang’s Law—and in fact its own type of AI processing might, in some applications, be losing its appeal. That’s probably a major reason it has moved to acquire chip architect Arm Holdings this month, another company key to ongoing improvement in the speed of AI, for $40 billion.
The pace of improvement in AI-specific hardware will make possible a range of applications both utopian and dystopian, from the end of automobile accidents to ubiquitous surveillance. But it’s also enabling, right now, a less fantastical application with huge implications for how we shop and the fate of millions of retail jobs: cashierless checkout.
Standard’s checkout technology tracks customers and the products they pick up using cameras and a Nvidia-powered system in the back of the store that performs tens of trillions of calculations a second. Photo: Standard AI
San Francisco-based tech company Standard recently announced a deal with Circle K to turn some of its stores into “grab and go” experiences in the mold of Inc.’s Amazon Go stores. The three-year-old startup installs cameras throughout stores, then routes video from them to Nvidia-powered systems in the back, which perform tens of trillions of calculations a second. As shoppers grab objects off store shelves, the system tallies it all, and bills them through their mobile devices as they walk out.
For perspective, a system performing this many operations a second is faster than the most powerful supercomputer in the world was as recently as 2012, at least at AI inference tasks.
“Honestly we could do nothing and just wait and Nvidia will drop our prices every year,” says Jordan Fisher, Standard’s founder and CEO.
TuSimple’s autonomous truck has some of the latest AI computing power installed in its cab. Photo: TuSimple
Another category that Huang’s Law affects is autonomous vehicles. At San Diego-based TuSimple, a rapidly expanding autonomous-trucking startup, the challenge is making a self-driving system that can fit the power and space limitations of a diesel-powered semi-trailer truck. On a typical TuSimple vehicle, that means cramming the entire system, which can’t draw more than 5 kilowatts, into an air-cooled cabinet in the sleeper cab.
Given such power constraints, what matters most is performance per watt. TuSimple is seeing performance double every year on its Nvidia-powered systems, says Xiaodi Hou, the company’s co-founder and chief technology officer.
Similar boosts in performance have been occurring since the mid-2000s in a very different area of AI: our mobile phones.
In 2017, Apple introduced the iPhone 8, which included its Neural Engine. Apple designed the chip specifically to run machine-learning tasks, which are important to many kinds of AI. (Its chip-manufacturing partner is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.)
Apple’s decision to make the chip accessible to any app on the phone—as well as the introduction of comparable chips and software on Android phones—allowed for new kinds of AI businesses, says Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz, co-founder and chief technology officer of Nexar, a company that makes AI-powered dashboard cameras for cars. By processing on users’ phones streams of video captured by dashboard cameras, Nexar’s technology can alert drivers to imminent hazards.
Uses of mobile AI are multiplying, in phones and smart devices ranging from dishwashers to door locks to lightbulbs, as well as the millions of sensors making their way to cities, factories and industrial facilities. And chip designer Arm Holdings—whose patents Apple, among many tech companies large and small, licenses for its iPhone chips—is at the center of this revolution.
Over the last three to five years, machine-learning networks have been increasing by orders of magnitude in efficiency, says Dennis Laudick, vice president of marketing in Arm’s machine-learning group. “Now it’s more about making things work in a smaller and smaller environment,” he adds. Arm’s smallest and most energy-sipping chips, tiny enough to be powered by a watch battery, can now enable cameras to recognize objects in real time.
This movement of AI processing from the cloud to the “edge”—that is, on the devices themselves—explains Nvidia’s desire to buy Arm, says Nexar co-founder and CEO Eran Shir. Nvidia has a near monopoly on AI processing in the cloud. But where two years ago, Nexar performed 40% of its data processing in the cloud, Arm-based chips have enabled it to do much more of that processing in mobile devices, and faster, since it doesn’t have to be transmitted over the internet first. Today, the cloud is doing only 15% of the work. In addition, some functions, like a vision-based parking assistant, were not even possible until recently, when the chips in phones became much more capable.
Experts agree that the phenomenon I’ve labeled Huang’s Law is advancing at a blistering pace. However, its exact cadence can be difficult to nail down. The nonprofit Open AI says that, based on a classic AI image-recognition test, performance doubles roughly every year and a half. But it’s been a challenge even agreeing on the definition of “performance.” A consortium of researchers from Google, Baidu, Harvard, Stanford and practically every other major tech company are collaborating on an effort to better and more objectively measure it.
Another caveat for Huang’s Law is that it describes processing power that can’t be thrown at every application. Even in a stereotypically AI-centric task like autonomous driving, most of the code the system is running requires the CPU, says TuSimple’s Mr. Hou. Dr. Dally of Nvidia acknowledges this problem, and says that when engineers radically speed up one part of a calculation, whatever remains that can’t be sped up naturally becomes the bottleneck.
It’s also possible that, like Moore’s Law before it, Huang’s Law will run out of steam. That could happen within a decade, says Steve Roddy, vice president of product marketing in Arm’s machine-learning group. But it could enable much in that relatively short time, from driverless cars to factories and homes that sense and respond to their environments.
Copyright ©2020 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
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2020.09.19 06:02 IntrepidResource 38 [M4F] San Diego - activity partner

Looking for a working professional enthusiastic about living the active lifestyle for hiking/biking/general exploration after work and weekends. I'm looking to build a relationship for the long term with the right person as opposed to a momentary high (although those are nice too).
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2020.09.18 17:59 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 40 Jobs in CA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
McDonald's Crew Team Member Banning
Acuity Healthcare Physician / Family Practice / Outpatient Bieber
BlueCrew Assember Jurupa Valley
Burns & Wilcox Assistant Underwriter San Francisco
YRC Freight CDL A Truck Driver Anaheim
YRC Freight CDL A Truck Driver Bell
YRC Freight CDL A Truck Driver Blue Jay
CompHealth Physician: Emergency Medicine Physician Is Required for Locums Assistance in CA JOB-2540969 Eureka
CompHealth Physician: Part-Time Internal Medicine Physician Needed in California JOB-2649291 Fresno
CompHealth Physician: Long Beach, CA Outpatient Pediatric Opening JOB-2650916 Long Beach
Cardinal Logistics CDL A Truck Driver Moraga
Cardinal Logistics CDL A Truck Driver Walnut Creek
Dignity Health - Sierra Nevada Memorial ICU RN - Bonus eligible up to $2500! Grass Valley
The Home Depot Warehouse Associate Livermore
Roche Senior Principal Data Scientist (Python/R) Pleasanton
FedEx Ground Package Handler- Warehouse s San Francisco
FedEx Ground Package Handler- Warehouse Sacramento
Walmart CDL-A Regional Truck Driver - Walmart Transportation Chico
Juniper Networks Software Engineer 2 Sunnyvale
Walmart CDL-A Regional Truck Driver - Walmart Transportation Woodland
Aflac Regional Office Insurance Representative - Ontario, CA Ontario
Yardi Systems Associate Account Executive Oxnard
The Home Depot Warehouse Associate San Joaquin County
The Home Depot Warehouse Associate Tracy
Reddaway Trucking Truck Driver CDL A - Home Daily Brandeis
Dyson Store Manager, Valley Fair Coyote
Reddaway Trucking Truck Driver CDL A Firebaugh
Reddaway Trucking Truck Driver CDL A Guinda
Nokia Front-end Software Development, NSW San Jose
Aveanna Healthcare Licensed Vocational Nurse-LVN - Non Covid Need Stevenson Ranch
Walmart Seasonal Warehouse Associate NV1 (Mon-Fri Days) Make up to $18 Downieville
Bell Partners Maintenance Technician Ventura
Rtx Digital Engineering Lead Anaheim
Colonial Life Insurance Representative - San Diego, CA Bonita
Colonial Life Remote Sales Manager - San Diego, CA Bonita
Adt Small Business Sales Representative Brisbane
Colonial Life Insurance Representative - San Diego, CA Cardiff By The Sea
Centra Healthcare Solutions Occupational Therapist (OT) - SNF / LTC Porterville
Northrop Grumman Principal Software Engineer (Clearance Required) Azusa
Northrop Grumman Principal Electrical Engineer (TS/SCI Clearance Required) Azusa
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ca. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.18 14:55 KarieNewsom [HIRING] 25 Jobs in product manager Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
RAKS Group LLC Product Manager -NEED LOCALS ONLY Bybee
Deegit, Inc. Product Manager Oak Hill
BayOne Solutions Product Manager-Payments Alameda County
TekPartners Product Manager Marin County
ALLStem Product Manager Rosemead
The Judge Group, Inc. Product Manager Rosemead
Xoriant Corporation Product Manager(Contract to hire position) San Bruno
Britech Group, Inc. Product Manager San Diego County
Trimble, Inc. Product Manager - Survey/Construction Shasta County
Britech Group, Inc. Product Manager Vista
Software Management Consultants, Inc. Product Manager - Data Architecture, Product Lifecycle, ETL, Batch Processing Bristol
ezone staffing LLC Senior Product Manager- Industrial Internet of Things Olathe
Pan Asia Resources Pte Ltd. Digital Product Manager-(Navigation) Olmsted County
Performix Business Services, LLC Digital Product Manager Olmsted County
Performix Business Services, LLC Digital Product Manager (Remote Work) (W2 Only) Olmsted County
The Methodist Hospital System Mobile Product Manager - Corporate Texas County
Lowe's Companies, Inc. Product Manager Iredell County
Lowe's Companies, Inc. Product Manager - Payment Services Iredell County
HireNetworks Product Manager New Hanover County
Alltech Consulting Services, Inc. Product Manager Hudson County
Arrow Electronics Product Manager Islandia
Ztek Consulting Product Manager Long Island City
eDataForce consulting LLC ServiceNow Product Manager Darke County
eDataForce consulting LLC ServiceNow Product Manager Ohio City
CDK Global Product Manager III Multnomah County
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.17 19:55 watrm3l0n San Diego Open Water Partner or Group

I moved to San Diego a couple of weeks ago from the middle coast (Michigan) and am looking for an open water training partner.
I’m a 21 year-old guy that graduated college in May and is working as an engineer out here. I live in PB, so I’ve gone out north of the Pier towards PB point for a swim, but I’d also be looking for someone to do La Jolla Cove to Pier with.
I can hold a pretty solid pace (~50 min 2 mile was the last open water race I did) but am cool to swim with anyone. Been swimming since I was 6 and transitioned to more open water training a couple of years ago.
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2020.09.17 17:24 IndieheadsAOTY Album of the Year 2014 #17: TV Girl - French Exit

Album of the Year 2014 #17: TV Girl - French Exit
Howdy y'all! Welcome back to Album of the Year 2014, our September writing series where we look back at some of our sub's favorite albums from the year of our foundation! (Not ranked, all pitched by our sub's users!) Today we have u/mko0987 discussing TV Girl's French Exit!

June 5th, 2014 - Self-Released
Formed in the halcyon wake of the chillwave summer of ‘09, TV Girl started as a collaboration between San Diego sk8r bois and high school friends Trung Ngo and Brad Petering. Despite initial modest expectations, things really hit the ground running when their Todd Rundgren-sampling track “If You Want It” got a writeup on Pitchfork’s Forkcast column, which led to a brief whirlwind of attention culminating in Rhino Entertainment wiping the track from the internet with a copyright takedown notice.
Several EPs, a 7” pressing, a SXSW appearance, and a move to LA later, the group released their first full-length mixtape - The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle, a rough-around the edges, shimmering record full of saccharine retro pop samples, Trung’s dazed out vocals, and a vibrant hip-hop flair. This ended up being the last project involving Trung, as he stepped away from the band leaving Petering to continue the project as a solo effort - and eventually a three piece with the addition of Jason Wyman and Wyatt Harmon for live touring support. Their Lonely Women EP piloted out this sound and lineup, with Petering taking over vocal duties and polishing up the production.
If Lonely Women was the warm-up round, French Exit was the real deal, arriving in 2014 with a “debut record” billing and a refined pop sound that brought more buzz to the project than ever before. Suddenly, seemingly overnight, TV Girl became “America’s favorite indie band” - if their social media is to be believed - and the rest is history.
Review (by u/mko0987)
Have you ever fallen in love? Chances are the answer is no, according to the Gen-X Balloon Guy on twitter. But even if you’re somehow under the perception that crushes aren’t real, emotions aren’t real, our eyes aren’t real, etc, you’ve probably had feelings for someone at some point in your brief confusing life. Maybe those feelings were reciprocated, or they weren’t and you stayed friends, or you had a great run that ended amicably, or a partner was hurt or betrayed. Or maybe you’re still together in spite of it all, living your best life (bless your hearts).
In the throes of all these lovelorn scenarios resides the thematic world of TV Girl’s French Exit, a thrilling yet fully “vibed-out” and “chill-ass” record of sample-heavy indie pop tunes. It’s a perfect record for riding your bike to a friend’s house on a sunny fall day, which is exactly the scenario in which I fell in love with it back in 2014. And yeah folks, this record is all about love. Even though in high school I had a head-ass contrarian aversion to love songs (therefore writing off about 70-80% of recorded music), fortunately that was a short lived phase. The tunes on this record serve as testament to the fact that love songs come in many shades and can ultimately be about a lot of different things.
The opening track “Pantyhose” serves as a good example of this. Taking inspiration from a chapter of Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried, the song depicts the story of a soldier using his back-home sweetheart’s garment as a good luck charm. Even though she’s moved on - the last chorus revealing that he’s been sent a Dear John letter - he maintains the superstition and is protected from bullets, mines, and heartbreak. This preoccupation with the artifacts of relationships, and the various significance we ascribe to them, is something that comes up often in TV Girl lyrics. As does the notion of unrequited love - which is especially prominent in the song “Hate Yourself”:
”And how long will it take?
Before you start to hate yourself
And go straight to the arms of someone else
And I'll just wait
'Till those arms belong to me and I'm not
Saying that you love me, I'm not saying anything”
Now before we really get into this - I’m aware that as of late there’s been a bit of a critical re-evaluation of TV Girl’s lyrics. I can see where it’s coming from. Frontman Brad Petering can come off quite bitter and asshole-ish in some of his more acerbic lyrics, or hedge close to the “nice guys finish last” victimhood trope in some of the more lovelorn ones. While I can confidently say that 82.6% of TV Girl’s fans are not incels, I can see how viewing the lyrics through that particular lens might sour listeners to the project. It’s 2020 and people understandably have a low tolerance for hearing about white hetero male woes anyway.
Petering’s been forthcoming about taking cues from the blunt honesty of Bob Dylan’s meaner, pettier tracks. “The Getaway” contains references to “Lilly, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts” to make that connection all the more overt. That Dylan-esque lens of personal stories and petty confessions are likely more along the lines of what he’s going for when he brings the snark, rather than some kind of overarching vendetta. Even the chorus of “Birds Don’t Sing”:
“Birds don’t sing, they just fall from the sky.
Girls don’t call and they never tell you why
that’s just how they say goodbye”
reads more as bemoaning a personal experience with ghosting than the sweeping generalization it could be perceived as at face value. He even dishes it back to himself in the same song with the line (spoken by his ex-lover):
“I think that all you ever really ever wanted was a reason to complain
That never stopped you before, don’t let it get in your way”
I’m not saying the man’s a saint, but I’d argue that these tunes are mostly just trying to be frank and humorous about the more ugly, selfish emotions that can crop up in the turmoil of relationships. Notions that I imagine are somewhat relatable to most people.
Even when the record is taking digs or lamenting lost love it still often conveys the warm minutiae of caring about someone else. Album closer “Anjela” has a soft spot for the titular character’s uncertainty, as she buries her head in her pillow and the narrator claims in obvious denial that he “didn’t like her anyway”. “Lovers Rock” depicts a vignette of two friends and would-be lovers sharing a kiss while listening to records. Even when feelings are getting hurt and things are going sour, the album still leaves the impression that navigating those choppy waters is worth it for those subtle affectionate moments with someone you care about. The bright instrumentation and Petering’s bemused, deadpan vocal delivery absolutely contribute to this impression. Even the more bitter lyrics on the record come across as playfully sardonic in the context of breezy instrumentation and sing-songy melodies.
So yeah, let’s dig into the music a bit. The rough formula goes something like this: mine 40s-70s pop records for sugary samples, layer in skittering hip-hop drum loops, throw in some old movie & radio vocal clips, and pass it all through dreamy filters. The result puts us somewhere at the crossroads between chillwave and The Avalanches-style plunderphonics. Jagged, chopped up drum loops and basslines bring an energetic, throwback hip-hop sound into the fold that recalls the bouncier tunes of groups like The Pharcyde and Souls of Mischief. “Daughter of a Cop” in particular has such a classic hip-hop energy going on, with that thumping “I’ll Take You There” bassline. The stuttering, flanged-out ride cymbals in “The Getaway” are a big highlight as well, essentially serving as the song’s hook. The whole vibe basically makes me really want to play Tony Hawk Pro Skater - I’ll chalk that up as a win for TV Girl’s skater cred.
More synth-heavy tunes like “Pantyhose”, “The Blonde”, and “Come When You Call” lean into the chillwave side of things, with reverb-drenched seventh chords and echoing percussion that are reminiscent of bedroom acts like Millionyoung and Planetarian. The vocals certainly take some cues from chillwave - though the Beach Boys harmonizing frequently encountered in that genre is mostly absent, replaced by doubled or octaved vocal layers to keep things straight-forward and pop oriented. I’d honestly be remiss to file the whole project under that genre tag. The vibes are certainly similar - hazy, sample heavy, deadpan - but the sound feels more rooted in the 50s “bop-bah, la la la” era of pop than the melty 80s panache of your average chillwave record.
Beyond aesthetics, the retro-pop palette pays off thematically. The songs sampled for the record tend to depict simple, rose-tinted versions of love and heartbreak. Products of their time, they strike a careful balance between innocence and innuendo, and end up revealing quite a bit about those decades’ romantic expectations.
For example this line from “Seven Minutes in Heaven” by The Poni-Tails (sampled in “Birds Don’t Sing):
“I need seven minutes in heaven
Mama, Papa please give me
Mama, Papa don’t be mean or I’ll scream.”
A bit disconcerting...or these lovesick lines from “The Dance is Over” by The Shirelles (sampled in “Lovers Rock”):
“Now I know I’m not to blame
and we may never meet again
and I feel so ashamed
Please can we still be friends
I know I’ll love you until the end
The dance is over and you are gone.”
An interesting contrast emerges with the inclusion of these samples - their melodramatic romanticism pitted against the cynical tone of Petering’s lyrics. It highlights that no matter how much the conventions of dating have changed, those core emotional experiences still resonate. It also creates some meta-contextual insight into how pop music can shape these experiences as a product that we consume. The malaise of the characters appearing in the songs on French Exit often stems from this, which is acknowledged explicitly in “Lovers Rock”:
”You like a pretty boy
With a pretty voice
Who's tryna sell you something
Something that you already have”
This lyric highlights that French Exit isn’t an exception to the commercial aspects of pop music, even when it’s commenting on how those aspects affect us. The term “pretty boy” acts as a stand-in for any number of pop singers or actors depicting love stories in art/media, including TV Girl themselves. Though the record tends to deal with the fallout of expecting real relationships to measure up to the idealized romances of pop culture, it’s still selling its own set of expectations by doing so. If you were to base your perceptions of love on this record alone, you might come to expect inordinate heaps of disappointment, yearning, and heartbreak. The cycle just continues forward in this way, in a process that’s folded into both the form and content of the tunes on French Exit.
Or put more crudely in “Talk to Strangers”:
“Lust turns to boredom, boredom to lust
Diminishing returns with each and every thrust”.
And with that, I’m gonna leave this review to the dustbin of history, to be critically re-evaluated in ten years time during the chillwave revival of 2030. Go cop a 6th anniversary repress, give the record another listen, and get ready to either fall in love all over again or be heartbroken. As for me, I’ll be on my bike bumping these tunes like 2014 never left.
Favorite Lyrics
The sound of mass confusion
Reverberated down the hall
Into the ears of a stoic roommate
Who put her headphones on
  • "Come When You Call"
Because love can burn like a cigarette
And leave you with nothing
  • "Lover’s Rock"
Louise never heard about puppy love
'Cause they don't know that term in France
  • "Louise"
Talking Points
  • Is this record a chillwave album? What characteristics make it fall into that genre category?
  • What are your thoughts on the discourse surrounding TV Girl’s lyrics? Appropriate callout or a misplaced reaction? Both?
  • How do you find the samples contribute to the sound and themes of the record? Are they successfully integrated?
Thanks again to u/mko0987 for the writeup! In the meantime, discuss today's record down below in the comments, where the schedule for the rest of the series will also be posted.
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Just having fun UCA NATIONALS Hello guys before you press like and comments please do watch the full video so your comments wont be in the spam area so i can get back to you :( Mga kaibig... You never know whose life you're going to donate blood TODAY. Thank you to all our volunteers. Together, we're saving lives today and improving lif... The San Diego Unified School District Board of Education voted Tuesday, December 8, 2015 on a Resolution to partner with the Common Black College Application... 2017 Live Well San Diego Annual Partners Report Video highlights what Recognized Partners have accomplished between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 to advance... San Diego State and the San Diego Opera created a new joint program for the schools of music and dance to help students get professional experience. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** San Diego, California – On January 24, 2020, at approximat... Deaf Community Services of San Diego Partners with SDPD for Cultural Competency Training - Duration: 3:59. Deaf Community Services 386 views. 3:59. PSA Package & Delivery Tips for COVID-19 ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.