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2020.09.24 14:18 clemfandango12345678 Job Search Help

I'm a PTA that has been laid off since Spring. Daily, I make the rounds on all the job search sites (indeed, glassdoor, google jobs, etc.). Since I started this whole process, I've become a lot more open-minded about what jobs I apply to. Initially I applied to strictly OP, but have now started applying to other settings as well. I have had poor luck even getting an interview, which is so different from a year ago where I had several interviews and a few offers before I even graduated.
I'm thinking there may be a more effective way to search. I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck finding jobs from places other than job search sites? Do you think it's worth my time to just start sending resumes and cover letters to local clinics?
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2020.09.24 11:00 bestusernameicoulddo [C] How to pitch salary when switching to biostatistics?

I wondered if anyone could help me as I feel absolutely lost. I'm applying for a job in biostatistics in Berlin at a large chemicals company and apparently over there they ask you in the application what salary you want (in the UK I've been used to applications showing salary ranges as part of the offer, which is much nicer!)
Now, I've looked at Glassdoor etc but I really have no idea even how to view myself because I have lots of relevant experience but no actual biostatistics experience, let alone how to gauge the market for someone like me. My background was a PhD in AI, self taught mathematics, then good MSc in Applied Mathematics (Oxford, distinction), five years mathematical modelling at a Wall Street bank, seven years as a statistics support educator at a local university (in which period I've spent a lot of time covering basic stuff but a good amount of time helping people with a wide variety of more advanced stuff for their research, too, including staff research and over a thousand dissertations/theses).
I earned big money at the bank (noughties banking boom) and very small money in education and I imagine I'd be somewhere in between here. But can't even work out if I'd need to view myself as someone at entry level as it's really a career switch or someone more in the middle. I feel it's rather sadistic asking you to pick your salary!! Can anyone help me to place myself? Thank you!
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2020.09.24 08:51 auto-noob44 Industrial Operations Engineer

Hi, I am a senior about to graduate as an industrial engineer. I heard about the industrial operations engineer position after talking to a recruiter. Does anybody know what the interview process for that position is like? I can’t find anything online on Glassdoor or reddit.
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2020.09.24 05:23 sonygoup Evolve Mortgage Services? Ever heard of em

Applied for a Support Engineer role and got the interview but during researching it I could hardly find anything.
Anyone every work there or know anyone?
The Glassdoor and Indeed seems forced from the employer
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2020.09.24 01:18 saufoles At career crossroads- almost 40?

I am almost 40 and have not much clue what I need to do with my life. Over the past years I was raising my daughter plus ran my own online businesses but they were never profitable. One of the business was packaging and I did my own designs. Also I taught myself some basic coding HTML, CSS and have used Wordpress, Shopify and a few other shopping carts. Have also used Google web analytics and done some digital marketing. I studied a degree in Business with Computer Science and also did a Diploma in DigitaI Marketing .I can also use Photoshop- basic. I have also volunteered for a large non profit where I helped with improving their brand presence and engagement on sites like Indeed, Glassdoor and the Dots. Over the years I have tried to apply for jobs, had lots of interviews but never got hired.
Fast forward I am now doing a Masters in Psychology but wondering if it’s really what I need to do. I have a creative and entrepreneurial side to me. I feel like I have wasted half of my adult life without anything tangible and secure coming out of it. Any advice?
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2020.09.23 23:52 pinkypeanut Golfnow

Anyone worked for / at golfnow? See they have lots of positions available and the perks look insane. Would you recommend it if so and why would that be? Happy in my job and before applying and wasting a few peoples time would be good to know. Reason being they have one of the worst glassdoor reviews I've ever seen lol
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2020.09.23 20:26 boobimane Your software fucking sucks

i dont wanna give you my salary i just wanna see if this fucking job is any good. your software is slow and garbage.
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2020.09.23 19:29 EhUWot Job-hunting in Switzerland... and a few more questions!

I used to live and work in Geneva for some time last year but my career secondment came to an end, sadly. Had to go back to London. I loved my time in Geneva. It was one of my happiest times. With the lockdown in London, it convinces me that I want to go back to Switzerland as soon as possible! But need a job first!
To cut a long story short, I am looking for opportunities in la Suisse romande due to my language skills and having some connections in Geneva and Vaud. I'm about to start learning German but it will be a while before I'm confident enough to apply for jobs in Basel and Zurich, let alone Biel/Bienne or Fribourg!
Anyway... I wonder what are the main job sites that Swiss companies and recruiters use to advertise good jobs? I often apply jobs through LinkedIn, Glassdoor and neuvoo, but are there any more sites that I've overlooked? Any good recruitment agencies that specialise in PR, media and communications jobs? I'm a bit wary of using them due to bad experience in London!
I know that some Swiss recruiters/HR people would not consider British candidates due to Brexit and that they prefer to hire local talent or people who hold the right kind of work permit. Is it still the case? Cos some recruiters asked where I am staying at the moment. When I told them I'm staying in London, I get knocked back a few days later.
Maybe it's do with lots of talent with many workers losing their jobs due to the pandemic that the employers are lucky to have plenty of candidates to pick from. Is the pandemic affecting the local economy? I read that some cantons, international organisations and multinational businesses have to cut staff and budgets.
Anyone want to hire a deaf guy with some media and PR experience?! I'd buy you a pint of Feldschlösschen if your advice helps me to get that dream job!
Mods - sorry for the long post, I hope this passes the test! Danke/merci!
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2020.09.23 17:47 Dralkyn Has anyone ever worked for / head of chetu inc

I just got a job offer from them and it seems too good to be true (they're offering too much money for my level of experience). The only reviews I found were on glassdoor, the sales people seem miserable, but the software engineers seem pretty happy. They're listed as working from Noida India though. Just wanted to see if any of y'all have worked for them.
Title should say "Heard of" I'm an idiot
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2020.09.23 13:25 CreepingWax Why are a lot of companies “updating” their user agreements right now?

I just got emails from Uber, Venmo, Glassdoor, and now Reddit... all saying they’ve updated their user agreements within the past day or so.
Why all of a sudden? Did I miss something or is this normal and I just never pay attention?
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2020.09.23 11:02 jsiddiqui85 HELP! NO LUCK w/Job Search - Provide Resume Critique

I have been out of work for about 3 years now due to some medical issues that arose, however, I've been on and off looking for a new opportunity for about 6-8 months now with no luck. None of the 100+ jobs that I have applied to in those last 6-8 months have ever called back. I am beginning to think that either I am looking for gigs that out of scope with my experience, or there issues with my resume and/or even both.
Also, since I have been out of work for so long, I have a fake job listed to cover the huge gap - is this okay or do you suggest leaving the gap? (this job can be 100% fully verified if need be)
I use several tools in my search such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, Zip Recruiter to find jobs.
Please provide some feedback and criticism regarding my resume below and any tips and suggestions to have better luck even getting a phone call back.
I am looking at jobs that are related to my experience as Space Management Analyst with a large CPG retailer. So basically applying to jobs with titles such as "Senior Category Analyst" or "Merchandising Analyst" within the CPG market (ex. Pepsi Co, Walgreens).
**Please note: I paid a professional on Fiver to create this resume for me a couple of years ago.**
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2020.09.23 09:35 Revolutionary_Army60 Has anybody previously worked for a company called LiveTiles?

I am currently considering my employment options and was wondering if anyone knew whether the company was a good one to work for? Some Glassdoor reviews are disconcerting but most bad ones a few years old and I know startups can be tough.
Would likely be in sales role if relevant.
Thanks in advance for any help, PMs are open if uncomfortable replyinig publicly :)
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2020.09.23 03:40 TheVaza No Interview before they wanted to Hire

I might be overly suspicious, however, I find it odd that after getting a vague rejection letter from someone who'd not addressed which company they were rejecting me from and offered a sudden second position as a 'Personal Assistant'. The person who emailed me was using a Gmail instead of an official company email.
I'd replied that I would like the job description and had gotten a reply from someone else saying that I'd be assisting them with their 'Chores' and that they wanted me to start immediately. Also wished for me to put in my information in the email. The company has very very little reviews (Only one I could find which was negative) or information on it and I had to check the President's personal Facebook (most likely a family member as they have the same last name) and based on that I couldn't even find the person who'd emailed me on the guy's public account.
No LinkedIn account, no account on the BBB or Glassdoor so I am feeling more and more suspicious. In the email he'd mentioned bank information and a starting weekly rate and how "It is my intention to use an upcoming corporate social event to put your ability to test." and how they were out of the country and wanted me to start without an interview which among other things makes me question this.
I don't plan to reply after this but I wanted to know about what you all think?
I'm also judging them based on how the company's president has a picture of the Confederate Flag in a positive light on Facebook so I think that I'm dodging a bullet here.
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2020.09.23 02:53 Suishou Rant on editing all your damn essays

I edit college application essays on the side. It's okay extra money, even though it's not as fun as some of my other weird writing jobs (probates from hell, short fiction, grants, eulogies, bizarre appeal letters).
The Challenging Experience
The most challenging experience many students seem to face is getting out of bed in the morning. I work with lazy students every year. I get it. You're a 17 or 18 year old virgin with insane helicopter parents; you have very little real life experience, tons of pressure, endless distractions, and nothing to write about. There's nothing wrong with that. The entire process is phony for most kids. Because honestly, real adult life doesn't start till you're 35 for most people. So asking you what challenges you have endured is basically gaslighting.
One of the recent essays I edited was about a kid who grew up with a debilitating disease (Leukemia). Now, he's gonna get into any school he wants; his two page common app essay weighed about 3 pounds. You don't have to compete with that kid, because, chances are, you can't. But think about it carefully when you consider your "challenges." You might consider that you're living like a king/queen with hot water, soap, indoor plumbing, electricity, a place to sleep, and regular meals. Billions of people live on less than $5 a day.
Here are a couple thoughts on the "challenging experience" prompt. Where do you really need to grow as a person? Terrified of talking to people? Get a retail job where you have to talk to people everyday. You will grow more in 6 months than in 16 years. Rich kid? Do some manual labor gigs to see (and feel) how hard some people work for their money. Live your entire life in a city? Find your nearest family farms and see if you can do a summer internship there. Strict religious upbringing or no religion at all? Go "join" a church that does Ayahuasca ceremonies if you need a "challenging and profound life experience." You will definitely have something to write about.
The person reading your essay has probably read 5,000 other applications over the last 5-10 years. They have seen it all and they are probably bored to death at the prospect of another round of it. I haven't edited anywhere near that number of papers, but I always see the same thing every year. Avoid overly enthusiastic language in your essay; it comes off as ridiculous. I see this with every student. You might be 17 or 18, but the reader still thinks you're 14 mentally.
Don't use language like, "I would absolutely love to immerse myself fully in this field of study" or "it was the most profound experience of my life." Unless you've taken LSD, or at least gotten laid and had your heart broken, chances are, you haven't had any profound experiences yet. You also need to temper all of the grandiose "plans" you have to "do world changing research." It may be true, but comes off as eye-rolling because every third essay says this too. This is where you need an editor, because you won't be able to identify what enthusiasm is realistic from the perspective of a 30 year old.
I suppose there is no incentive for you to be totally honest about your extracurricular activities. You are competing with people who will hire editors for $100 an hour to say anything. But the closer your story can be to reality the better. You're doing this for you, remember?
Volunteering at a homeless shelter may actually help your local community, but seems very uncreative on paper. Everyone else did the same thing, or -- if they were too lazy to do it -- just wrote down that they did it. There are a tremendous number of volunteering opportunities that can really demonstrate your insight, drive, curiosity, etc. Going overseas and imposing your "wisdom" on the unwashed masses is also cliché, but it works. I guess it works since it shows that your family is rich and that you are a "world traveler."
Obligatory Grumpy Old Man Section
Unless you are going into STEM, college is a total waste of your time and money, in my opinion. Are you applying to a school that will give you hard skills that are desired in the real world? Will those skills be relevant in 4 years? How lazy are you really? Be honest with yourself. Have you considered the jobs that you will be able to get if you fail at your chosen field? You'll go into QA if you fail at Engineering, for example. Can you handle that? Did you research what it's like?
Consider a trade job. You won't have all the debt. You won't have all the brainwashing either. When I went to college everyone knew that you played a kind of game and there was a lot of BS. Now the professors seem to be brainwashed to a far greater degree; they actually believe the BS. Are you applying to a school that will brainwash you instead of give you real skills? The planet is rapidly changing and you need to ask yourself what you really want to be doing. You don't have time to graduate and find out you have no interest in your field of study. You don't have time to party for 4 years. Those days are over.
The boomers were the most selfish generation on Earth and have totally trashed the planet. At this stage in the game, I would worry far more about your long-term water security than I would getting into college. Yeah, things are about to get that real soon. Do some research on what is coming in the next 20 years. It isn't pretty. Aquifers are going to collapse and entire cities are going to be displaced.
Do you think the boomer's institutions have the answers or more of the same debt slavery and infinite money printing? They just want to hold on to sky high asset prices another 20 years till they kick the bucket. They are incentivized to stay deluded. Think about it. What is your plan for inflation? You think that the $100k of debt you are gonna take on to get a degree will be easily paid off with your dream job? Look at the long term wage chart. Wages have been stagnant since the 1970's. Oh, and groceries and gas aren't included in the inflation stats. I guess that means you don't have to worry about eating or driving then! That's government logic. Better learn everything you can about finance and investing ASAP; we are on the cusp of a debt super-cycle and reserve currency change-ovecollapse.
40 million people are out of work from COVID-19; that's more than the Great Depression. I would be scared to be you right now. You need real skills. You don't have time to play around with trigger warnings and critical literary, gender, or race theories; the world is literally burning. Have you seen the infrared wildfire maps for Africa and South America?
A degree is just another wealth extraction mechanism. One of many. Too many to list here. But the entire system we live in is all designed to extract wealth, from options premiums to payday loans to property "ownership." They get everyone at every single point in each cycle and transaction for the most they can. You could write an entire 50 page essay on that alone.
Are you researching the employment space and what is really going on there? Do you know what companies are a black mark on your resume? Amazon is one; other tech companies know their culture is toxic/unhealthy and will avoid hiring people who worked there. I knew a top PM who worked at Amazon. Eventually he quit. Conditions there are brutal. Did you know that Apple monitors every minute of your time including your bathroom breaks and managers will "have a talk" with employees who are in the bathroom "too long?" Glassdoor is a great resource to find out what really happens at your "dream job."
A few years ago, I worked at a job where my colleague (Allen) and I both had degrees. One of our other colleagues didn't have a degree. She said she was leaving work to pursue her degree. Allen and I looked at each other like, "Huh? We both have degrees and work here already."
In the real world no one cares about your degree, GPA, or SAT scores. I knew a guy who worked at a dot com company (long gone now) and he lied about going to Berkeley. No one asked because no one cared. He had dropped out. Eventually, he went back and graduated. But at the time of his employment no one was the wiser. He's in prison now. The entire status-seeking obsession that drives students and parents to try and get into the best schools is largely pointless. No one else cares except you. Obviously, that is just my personal opinion.
Do some reading and research on hiring practices. 80% of new hires are referred by someone inside the company; that means a degree alone won't get you a job. You will have to make tons of friends and colleagues. Learn the difference between the two. Hiring managers spend an average of SIX SECONDS looking at your resume. Eye-tracking studies show that they look at your name, employment dates, and education. (Side note: you will be discriminated against based on how your name sounds. Never put your graduation date on your resume; in 10 years time it will come back to bite you, because then you will be discriminated against based on your age.)
Additional Thoughts on Editors/Readers
I have helped students get into some of the top schools in the country. One thing I noticed is that the students with parents who are always trying to interfere and write their essays for them (or "fix" the essays) seem to never get into their choice school. If you hire an editor and then ignore their feedback you might as well just throw your application in the trash. Give your parents the copy they want to see and submit the one that your editor finalized. Unless you know a reader at the school you are applying to consider that you are actually clueless. You need to identify who your audience is and what they want, and don't want, to hear. Do you at least know the politics of the school? What about the politics of the readers? (Less likely, but may be possible to discover with research).
As an editor, I am a little bit more informed (obviously not as much as faculty or readers); find yourself someone who has edited many different kinds of essays (not just applications), done at least a few years of application essays (graduate school or business school is good too), and has worked with people from all walks of life. It will be difficult to compete with the kids who have great ghostwriters.
I am surprised that every single year I have at least one student writing essays to religious schools and then making it incredibly obvious that they have no religious upbringing or even interest. WTF? I feel sorry for the readers. I HIGHLY DOUBT THEY ACTUALLY "READ" every essay. Skim, peruse, scan -- sure -- but not read in full. They are just trying to figure out what pile to put your essay in. If your essay is really good they might put it in the "hey, honey listen to this" pile and a single paragraph helps you get admitted because some reader's girlfriend was in an amiable mood that night. That's how the real world works.
Choosing a School
Being a young adult means you likely have not thought about what you really want in a school; there is so much pressure overshadowing your own thoughts that it makes it hard to see clearly for yourself. So you end up avoiding it or feel like you want to give up. Do you want to live in a big city? Or do you like to be around the forest or water? Do you want a school with 25,000 people (an entire football stadium) or 1,500 people? In a school with 1,500 people everyone is going to know who you are. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Are you prepared to deal with the reality of a big or small school? As an introvert, you can hide in a big school, but will that help you? No. The challenging experience prompt doesn't end when you get accepted to college. It just starts there. Maybe I should have put this under the cliché section.
The worst part of the entire process is that no one will tell you the truth. Parents are obsequious and in total fear. Tutors, k-12 teachers, and editors don't want to lose their jobs, so they won't speak up either. The gravy train of tenure and the total fear of job loss has made college faculty self-censor the truth; bloated endowments, and ever-rising tuition, also ensure that college administrators never utter the truth in public. The desperation at the community college employment level is so bad for adjunct teachers that very few have any incentive to tell you what is really going on. Sorry that everyone is lying to you to make a buck. Hope this helps someone out there. Good luck.
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2020.09.23 01:56 basqueinginthesun Job interview red flags - how to know it's not a good fit

It should be said that I've learned most of these the hard way.

It's so easy to overlook red flags during a job search, especially when you've been at it for awhile. Heeding the warnings early will save you SO MUCH time and headache in the long run.
Some of my top red flags to look out for are:
  1. They are disorganized in the interview (scheduling or on the actual interview day)
  2. Employees you speak with are lackadaisical about their job
  3. They have a trend of negative reviews on Glassdoor
  4. They over-emphasize the "potential" to make a ton of money, when the base salary is low
  5. They aren't able to articulate what success looks like for the role
These are just a few of my favorites, if you'd like to see the whole list I put together an article and video here:
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2020.09.23 01:55 Procrastinator_MD Am I too paranoid about this job offer?

I recently resigned from a company that is now under investigation for fraud so my gut is telling me to be hyper aware (and suspicious) of all companies I interview with.
Last Thursday, I had a phone interview with a digital marketing agency. I researched the company online and they seem to have a legitimate website, LinkedIn profile, multiple reviews on Glassdoor, etc. I even looked them up on BBB and they have an A+ rating.
I received an official offer letter today after a second short call with the hiring manager who informed me that this position will start off as a 1099 position and supposedly turn into a W2 position after 3 months. This was not stated on the original job posting or in my phone interview. The pay isn't that great but I was excited to get the experience, if only for 3 months.
Am I being overly concerned about this? The two things that make me hesitant are the ease of the hiring process and the fact that the type of position wasn't initially disclosed. I'm so accustomed to having multiple rounds of interviews, I just don't believe that a single interview would be enough. In addition to the offer letter, I was also given a W2 and direct deposit form so I just want to make sure this is absolutely legitimate before I send over that kind of information.
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2020.09.23 01:53 basqueinginthesun Job interview red flags - how to know it's not a good fit

It should be said that I've learned most of these the hard way.
It's so easy to overlook red flags during a job search, especially when you've been at it for awhile. Heeding the warnings early will save you SO MUCH time and headache in the long run.
Some of my top red flags to look out for are:
  1. They are disorganized in the interview (scheduling or on the actual interview day)
  2. Employees you speak with are lackadaisical about their job
  3. They have a trend of negative reviews on Glassdoor
  4. They over-emphasize the "potential" to make a ton of money, when the base salary is low
  5. They aren't able to articulate what success looks like for the role
These are just a few of my favorites, if you'd like to see the whole list I put together an article and video here:
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2020.09.23 00:40 etherealcreation Struggling for months I hope you can give me advice

Hello all, my name is Ana, I came to NY (the city of my dreams) 2.5 years ago to study my masters in Industrial Design at Parsons School of Design. I know we have to be humble but I want to be very straight forward with you describing myself to get better feedback; I am extremely committed, I have a large sum of skills because I am obsessive with delivering results, thus if I don’t know something I’ll learn it and I’ll do so fast. I own a design studio in Mexico where I manufacture mainly furniture but whatever the client wants I figure out a way of making it happen, I know machining (CNC, laser), CAD, photorealistic rendering, I’ve taught to graduates and undergraduates as a TA here in NY, I was also a research assistant for an innovation company. Before coming to do my masters I was offered to be National Coordinator of UberEats in Mexico City where I ran live operations and optimized processes, I have an industrial engineering background as well that’s why they hired me, but I didn’t know anything about the job at first, however by the third week I was already adding value to to the team, I have excellent letters of recommendation from all of my superiors there, but no one asks for those anymore.

COVID happened right when I was about to graduate from my masters, my network in the US is limited and I can’t find someone to give me a chance, sent hundreds of applications on Glassdoor, indeed, LinkedIn — ZERO response, except McKinsey who said no thanks, and Disney who said we’re not hiring due to the current situation. Now I’m freelancing as photographer and video producer one of my greatest joys, but it doesn’t pay well enough and I know I have so much more to give and contribute to society. I hate feeling like my knowledge and drive are not being put out there to help or improve aspects of this world. Any advice you have to offer I’d gladly listen, I’d take courses, study new skills, whatever I have to, I just want a chance. Thanks for reading me, looking forward to your feedback.

Also, this is my website:
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2020.09.22 23:38 impulsetrick Difficulty staying motivated while applying for jobs

Does anyone have any advice regarding this? I left my job working in Operations for a large bank on 7/1/20. I didn't enjoy working in Operations, and have been searching for an entry level position in either Capital Markets, Asset Management, Wealth Management, or Private Banking. I graduated from The University of Pittsburgh in Spring of 2019 with a degree in Finance.
I only have 1 year of working experience post-college (a valuable experience though) and it has been very difficult to find something in any of the areas previously mentioned that doesn't require 3-5 years of experience (which I don't have). I interviewed for what seemed like the perfect Capital Markets position (same bank) and had high hopes, but unfortunately I wasn't selected. This was pretty demoralizing as you can probably imagine. Usually I deal with setbacks fairly well, but this one definitely got the best of me.
The majority of job postings I'm seeing online just don't appeal to me. I don't want to sell myself short by taking something that I'm not genuinely interested in for the interim, but its been tough to stay motivated. Luckily, I now live at home with my parents, so I'm not struggling financially. I just can't stand not having a job.
Does anyone have any advice to help me stay motivated? I'm not the most outgoing person, but still willing to reach out to the right people if it means getting what I'm looking for. I also hate asking people for favors because I feel like I would just be pestering them (maybe this is my problem). All I've really done up until this point is browsed and applied for jobs via the main websites (LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed). Does anyone have any other sources or methods they would recommend? I'm all ears at this point. Anything input would be helpful.
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2020.09.22 21:27 MontanaMooseMaurader Someone Hacked into my MacBook Pro using the Clipboard/Malware. What are the next steps?

I believe my MacBook has been hacked into for the following reasons.
  1. I fell for a phishing website in which I attempted to purchase an online subscription (I proceeded to cancel the card I entered for this fraud transaction and notify my bank)
  2. My computer is randomly opening apps and programs that I have not clicked on or used in years (chess etc.)
  3. Most Importantly, I created a profile for a new Barclays business CC online and entered my payment account info from another bank on a new web page. 5 minutes later, I then proceeded to go to Glassdoor and copy 2 words from a sample interview answer. When I then went to paste these 2 words in a doc my CC#, name, acct name, bank name, acct #, routing #, last 4 SSC were all pasted without spaces. This info came from multiple web addresses so I don't know if this is a keyboard tracer or clipboard hack.
This leads me to believe that my computer is sending out info to some other source. I wasn't using my VPN during the process but I have turned it on now along with adding Little Snitch and Avast. I then notified my bank, stopped the cc, and added a new credit karma account from my phone. So my main questions are:
  1. What other safety procedures should I take?
  2. Is there a way to remove this malware quickly and effectively?
  3. Are there any other resources or subreddits I could find help with this issue?
Thank you!
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2020.09.22 19:12 untothedawn0fdarknes Indeed/glassdoor employer reviews

Are these really anonymous? If I left no real identifiable information in my review would they know its me? I dont know how honest to be.
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2020.09.22 16:32 itsmemariotime Do you ever get the feeling that there is something "off" about a company?

That you're interviewing for? For example, they started with one employee 10 years ago, but now they only have 5 employees? They're Glassdoor reviews seem kind of questionable? Or they had a lot of turnover? Do you ever get into one of those interviews for companies like that?
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